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Homer J Simpson wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

Jesus, I make a post wanting to confirm a few events to catch me up to speed, and I go and create a threadnought.

Ah well, at least this means there is still plenty of forum pvp going on.


between 5-10 people .... YEAAAA. roll

Hey from what your all telling me about the game being dead, at least that's something.


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Everybody stand back!... CLEAR! *Uses Defibrillator*


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Jesus, I make a post wanting to confirm a few events to catch me up to speed, and I go and create a threadnought.

Ah well, at least this means there is still plenty of forum pvp going on.


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Zortarg Calltar: I owe you 125m nic? Remind me what for? I thought I settled all debts long before I took my break.

Lemon: While I know your just trolling, I'll give you an actual response, this isn't "my" news, it's information I've gathered from some 20-40 forum posts I've cobbled together. And this thread, (We're you able to read it.) is me asking for confirmation of the accuracy of it all. From the posts so far, seems it's all fairly accurate, with minor incorrect details here and there.


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Recently dropped in to check on things and had someone get me somewhat upto date on whats going on in perpetuum. Some of the rest I'm piecing together from the forums here, can anyone confirm/deny these?

1. Nebs and STC defeated CHAOS and PHM and CIR.

2. A Independent Gamma base was established.

3. Most of game's worst players like syndic and ville and the others we all know, now only troll the forum and play other games after getting temporary bans and losing all the fights.

4. Player population is really low, and not much fighting is happening.

Most of this is just hobbled together via forum posts. except the "game's worst players" part, that is established truth from before I left last.

Also a hello to all the vets still around. Been considering comming back with the new research patch. Since I was so damn close to getting 100% research.


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Rawr, I was first to 1mil \o/


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Ville wrote:

Aoe is fine.

See Annihilator? Even when I screw up, I succeed. lol

Annihilator wrote:

making PVE no-risk-start on will surely improve the carebear <=> PVP player conversion rate.

You smell that? I can swear I smell the strong odor of sarcasm. tongue

The one upside to 1000% (Yes it's over 100%) safe alpha islands is cheaper kernels at least. Not fond of the idea myself, but the devs seem firm in making alpha 1's macroable in every aspect. Can expect small armies of macro miners and macro ratters soon there after the patch. For the love of god... at least lower the rewards there if your going to make it Peace, fluffy puppies and Lolipop land.

PS: I also want to mention a recent(ish) ragequit in General chat. Where someone was "admittedly" macro mining on a alpha 1, came back 6 hours later and ragequit publicly because a roaming spawn had come along and destroyed his 2 termises and 40m nic in materials. Proof that all orange npcs will make this macro heaven.

I've already figured out a counter-exploit that 100% prevents this exploit as well as CHAOS's other exploit using the terminal undock. (There is always another exploit to counter an exploit. tongue ) However I believe it is best to remove this temporarily until a better system is implemented. As the solution is a pain in the a** to do.

(In the event that the patch is going to take a while, send me a pm in-game and I'll explain the counter-exploit design.)

Apexx wrote:

EP Acceleration:

now the problem will remain exactly the same as it is already. The only thing you are doing with EP acceleration is giving newbs more points right off the bat to skip more and more robots, but in the end they can never catch up anyway and they will know this.

So in my opinion you will not help newbies with this solution at all, but instead simply spoil them at the beginning. Also newbies might get used to the fast rate and might complain once their ep rate slows down.

So, take a look at my previous post:

low EP rewards for assigments is better (1 to 10 EP depending on the lvl)

Also: Yes give light bots a niche in pvp.

I understand what your thinking with the small ep gain per assignment. But thats will actually "widen" the gap, not shrink it. I can run WAY more missions in much less time than you can. Hell if that were added I'd macro it and come back in a week to 2mil ep. (Yes even at 1 ep per turn in.) For this and several other reasons, your "solution" would actually have the opposite effect.

A wise mmo player once said. "Whatever you add to the game to help newer players catch up to older players, will be used to greater effect by the older player themselves."

1. Love it, would make buying codes even easier. (And I can manipulate the market yarr )

2. Really bad idea. I see where your coming from with this. You figure this won't make vets lose an edge. Well your wrong. What happens when say I reach 2-4m ep. I have all skills in all combat bots at say level 10. Now random new player comes along and instantly gets 500k-1m ep. He now has "Exactly the same skills I do in any one combat bot." Hence he is just as good as me now, and on day 1. (Or however long it would take.) Obviously I'm a little biased here as the highest ep account in the game. But I genuinely think this is a bad idea, both for us vets, and you as the developers, as whats to keep most new players going when they start the game maxed out in their field of choice? Certainly not the bot grind. (You can get a fully fit heavy mk2 in a week.)

As much as I hate to admit it, it's the goal setting, the... distant finish line in a mmo that keeps people going. Sometimes you have to create your own. I've already pretty much reached every goal there is, so I created my own of 1 trillion NIC. Removing these goals is never a good idea. Especially in a sandbox. Imagine any standard fair themepark mmo, where you "start" the game at max level. Do you really think people would stay interested, let alone paying a sub for long?

Jelan wrote:

I'm still here!!! Join up, fight on the side of right!

He lives? Welcome back.


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Discrimination! Just because we've won every time doesn't mean we should be excluded. tongue

DEV Zoom wrote:

I would advise to wait with the purchases just to be sure, this could take a few days.

Blackomen: there is no way to separate gametime and the complementary package, if that's what you're asking. And yes, every account is pre-existing, otherwise you wouldn't be able to link it with amazon smile

Ok will do.

DEV Zoom wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

Does this mean all 14 of my accounts get 20k ep extra? XD

Edit: Note you didn't say "new" accounts. tongue

If you will redeem a kickstarter code on all of them, given you haven't done so yet, then the answer is yes.

Also can I even link that deal to a pre-existing account?

I'm just a bit puzzled on the method to do this. Order and link 14 of these pre-starts now, or wait till you have this working?

Does this mean all 14 of my accounts get 20k ep extra? XD

Edit: Note you didn't say "new" accounts. tongue


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Ville wrote:

If any one has extra supplys get them to the alpha 1 terminals ASAP.  And for the love of god get some buy orders up.  Im headed to ICS alpha tonight.

Yup, already got 18 billion in buyorders up in daoden, some sell as well, And am doubletiming the critical stuff. Racking my brain trying to think what else is needed asap.


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Annihilator wrote:

Social networks
A complex corporation founding and management system is available for players, with additional communication systems in- and outside the game.

hmmm, 8 levels of storage access and 6 predefined corp member roles isnt what i would call "complex"

Wait there are "8" levels of storage access? Where are those sneaky devs hiding the other 4? tongue

PS: Or are you counting the two options associated with each of the four levels?

Anyway, not trying to troll you. You have some good points here and some I think that are almost looking for a problem where one doesn't exist. Still, more features and options are rarely a bad thing.


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That's better, anyway been looking forward to this one for a while. smile


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

The extra market orders per extension level will be increased from 1/5/10 to 5/25/50 in the upcoming patch.

nice lets hope that in a small way this helps.

Just wish we had this along time ago hmm

We did, those were the old values for the extentions. At some point the devs nerfed them to their current values.

"Hungarian math." It's like math, but from the bizzaro universe. And is said to be able to drive the insane, sane. And the sane, insane. Stephen Hawkings tried to decipher it once, look what it did to him. sad

Well as I said, if the devs would just vastly increase sell order limits, I could sell every single T1 item in the game in orders of 1,000+ right this very second. (10,000+ in a week or two) The issue isn't the limit of producers, it's the limit of the producers ability to sell things.

Sundial wrote:

To fix the market:

1. Fix the commodities. You should be able to build 100% of stuff from one faction on just one island. Currently you need materials from all 3 regions to even build a light bot...
2. Buff Trade Extensions, allowing people to sell things on the market besides the most commonly demanded items.
3. Seed the market with expensive T1 items as well as lights / assaults.

These are all simple changes... really no excuse for this to go on so long.

I... Actually agree with with Sundial on this.

1. It is rather absurd that you need materials NOT present on the island for making that island's faction specific robots. Thelodica robots should NOT need materials found OUTSIDE thelodica islands.

2. Oh god yes please. Even with 3 characters nearly trained to max on trade extentions, I still can barely sell one faction's list of items on all the alpha islands. Trade extentions need to be reverted to the old values where basic marketing = 5 per level, advanced = 20 per level, and expert = 50 per level. That alone would let just me seed virtually every item in the game on all the alpha islands. Market problem solved. (I actually recommend higher values than this, shouldn't need 3-5 accounts to sell everything. Add more extensions if you have to.)

3. I'm a little iffy on this one. Personally I think T0 items should be seeded, not T1. If you fix the trade extentions, that will solve the whole T1 market issue.

Syndic wrote:

Stuff said that noone gives a crap about.


Zortarg Calltar wrote:

dont jump the gun guys. surely there might have been an mistake. but thats nothing that can not been corrected and im sure they are looking into the matter right now. and it might take longer then a few hours to set this right.

The entire reason I posted this here for everyone to see, was that we reported it and were "directly" told it's "working as intended". Hence the devs (Or at least the ones we informed.) had no intention whatsoever of "fixing" this as they didn't see it as broken.

Hanging out the dirty (Or in this case "broken") laundry seemed to be the only recourse, as is the case with far too many companies these days. I would have rather just reported it, and moved onto having fun.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear something will (hopefully) finally be done about it.