med plates on light bots and arkhes were born in beta so it's an old idea.
actually U can put 2 med plates on arkhe (also on assault) and one on light bot if I remeber correctly smile


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Plated Arbalest meet Mesmer (auto equiped), Artemis & Kain. Mesmer dies and soon after arb was killed two. Still, bots are useful always smile


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well U need sooo many arkhes to kill for exmple plated assault so U need much smaller gang to defend.
on the other hand i would like the idea that if ur not in the corp owning outpost (only on beta) U can't set it as ur home station and ur done smile


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but this bonus applies to points, and... well it's working like this... i know it sucks tongue but this bonus is similar to rep bonus for exmple - with it Ur hards will have stats of named items...


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X Staax wrote:
Hadouken wrote:

I want 15 ep every time I kill something.

If you change this to every time I kill someone else!... I like it a lot!

the stupidiest idea i heard in my life...

stop whining - 1ep min is ok, the same problem with 2ep/min is... give us 4 ep/min... pfff
it was said a long time ago, there will be no ep buying, period.

but if U want 2ep/min, why not 200ep min or... give us all ext at 10 when U create char or leave just nic prices so more money U make more powerfull U get.... bunch of idiots...


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i'm also pretty nice smile
me want in.


Siddy is actually right - med aux accu solves accu problem when using smal rep (works best on assaults imo). Still without it U can still use rep but U have to use it wisely cool