Currently the game only outputs 2-channel PCM stereo via my nVIDIA GTX 480 HDMI 1.4a output. Other newer 2010+ games output full 7.1 (I use an HTPC). Is there anyway to enable multi-channel surround sound in game? If not, then please consider upgrading your audio engine.



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I live in WA state (Pacific time zone). Looking for a corp that is active in the evening 930PM to 1130PM mostly during the week and maybe later on the weekends. I am a casual player, but dedicated.

When we are moving forward in our bot via the W key, please consider allowing us to hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse to move the camera around. This would be nice to be able to look behind our bot, visually scan the area, etc., while still moving forward.

Please consider upgrading the quality of in-game lighting and shadows. Im talking DX10 or 11 lighting which would make the world amazing. Also, it would be very cool to make night time even darker and have lights on our mechs.

I totally agree with this.


Please consider allowing a special character in our password for the website/game.

I keep getting an invalid certificate error when I try to login to the Perpetuum website on my MacBook Pro using Safari. No issues when I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer.