worth the money smile


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only FED can make money out of thin air big_smile

players: dont makes stuff that are on the grey zone

devs: put your s**t together and plan better your features

taking this action is not good making nothing is not good  hmm


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that is not a valid excuse


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Voodh wrote:

Say NO to elitism.

what logic you use to get the conclusion ?

i dont have that problem 18 jumps until i reach the server whit 60 ping from my ISP the route jumps directly to interoute to see interoute tubemap

@topic the only problem i can see is the database and how much money they can save for some ramsan


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Alexander wrote:

The kill logs are in but the exporting of logs isn't.
If there ever is a killboard system implemented I would prefer if it was freely provided by the game and each corporation was given their own and could view it via the web/in-game interface.

Unofficial kill boards are just full of lies anyway.

Devs dont need to provide  epeen tools if ppl want some they should code some like in steve


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Laoshi wrote:
Outlaw wrote:
Laoshi wrote:


then ask Devs to send you more recruit codes big_smile

Not my job to recruit for the game tongue.

i want to take the task

devs plz give me all the recruit codes assigned to her

looking at connection speed on  Hungary beat USA so the server can remain is Hungary
stats ignoring corporations and schools


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Laoshi wrote:


then ask Devs to send you more recruit codes big_smile


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Seridur wrote:

I can agree with this, but on the other hand I recommended this game on an other, in the making mmo's forum and those who were interested turned it down because of the lack of free trial.

well if Devs will give us 3/5 recruit codes per month this problem can be fixed really easy smile


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plz Devs dont put a Free Trial yet, the last thing we need are a swarm of WoW kids spamming the chat

the recent recruit code is a good thing, maybe you should consider a affiliate code, free trial just let in ppl that have no interest, no idea about the game, ppl that take the trial just because they can 

my 0,02 €

hi devs you forgot to make a press release for the new buddy invites aka recruit codes

can you make a announcement so this sounds more legit



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WorkerBee wrote:
Dizi wrote:

PLEX just made it easy, anonymous and tradable. Mind, CCP do not sell any ISK or anything else of in-game items. They just made and item, that is equal to one month of game subscription, and made it tradable between players.

When a game company sells an item to players that CAN AND IS traded on the open market for real in game money then the game company is selling in game power for real world cash. It doesn't matter how many middle men there are.

i disagree whit you there CCP dont sell any item just offer player the option to sell game time and since all the trade happen on open market it will never sell game power because of offer and demand
the more "power" you want to buy less you will get because prices go down


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DEV Zoom wrote:

If you mean the topic called "to trolls that troll m2s trolls...", then it was removed because Siddy's starter post contained a link to some arbitrary image, followed by a troll link by Jelan. And that was it. Topics with no sensible starting content will get removed.

plz can you make forums bans to be apply on game account also


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i like cake

just saying

Deolator wrote:

did I win anything?

sry i promised stuff to the first loser big_smile big_smile big_smile


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hey OP what you use for voice effect ?

Moran wrote:

you really think that th3 500 accounts logged in represents 500 ppl? You're pretty naive then cos very many ppl are multiboxing

Neoxx is the only player on M2S the rest are just alts


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haters ganna hate
User Rating: 8.7 sad


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like i said i will give something to the first loser and here we got 2 so i will go a bit racist and pick Tiak we share same skin color and eye big_smile

prize delivered


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no gates
no windows

focus focus and create your own niche  dev's nothing more

Blossom wrote:

Have you ever played EvE?
POS warfare was one of biggest CCP mistake in terms of gameplay : utterly boring to deploy, to maintain and to destroy. If there is one thing Avatars must not copy, its the Eve pos warfare system as it was built in EvE.
That lead even faster to massive blobby lagfests.

that was because CCP put allot of feature in one go whit no feature testing there where to many stuff put on the POS feature
imo the way to do a thing like that is
1 put the POS like a "motel" for ships do anyone want to be a professional play that like a profession
2 the POS on  "motel" is fun to manage is hard/easy to kill can be exploited
after some time and feedback on that build more stuff on top
1 put a POS on resource gathering mode but whit no "motel" mode where only "workers" can get in check if this can be a mini profession if can be exploited get feedback wait some months to see how ppl use this new toys
2 put the sov mode whit guns and stuff but whit no motel or mining mode on

in one year you can have a good feature

better deliver a half good feature that a half arsed feature