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Thanks for info and explanation. Applied in game.


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Your link leads to theme - "liquidation-of-avatar-creations". Does not looks like a place for applications.


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No one is playing anymore? Logging in a few times a day and always 0 from Ethos in recruitment channel.

Original subject was about PO becoming less player friendly, and account cancelation as a result. Not about "roaming" and pvp fits.
I don't play much now, but I'm still upset that the game went such way in development. Since it had good potential as more "visual friendly" game in comparsion to EVE. It also had a lot of place for innovations and changes, but those went, some not so player friendly way.

I was speaking about T4, as a clear example, because as a crafter I had a feeling, that I was "robbed". I was able to make some good things, and after patch came, it become almost impossible. I think "flower lovers" had almost same impression about maximum size cutdown to 12 for organic on alpha islands.

DEV Calvin wrote:

So you mean "toggle free look"?

Oki, I'll try to be more specific.

Holding left mouse button down, should put camera in "free look mode". So moving mouse while left button down should turn camera, while robot should head same way.

Tile selection should happen only on left button release, if that was a click on same place on screen.

There should be a switch (#1) "no camera return" (ether in interface, or just hotkey "toggle").
By default, on left mouse button release, camera should return to "forward" direction like now.
If named above switch #1 is turned on, then on left button release nothing should happen - camera stays in position I left it. It returns to "face forward position" on right mouse down.

This will change control to more common way, like in many others MMOs.

About speed. This is not as much needed as camera look change, but might be good to have. One, better two pairs of hotkeys to remeber current speed, and to set speed to one in memory.
Like I can assign Alt-3 to "remember current speed" and "shift-alt-3 to change robot speed to one I've memorized before. Hotkey to set speed to maximum should also be assignable.

Yes, I know that I can run manually. But thats unconvinient. Since I'm moving like 95%+ of time I'd like to be able to control speed and direction, instead of holding a key on keyboard.

In EVE there is no problem about this part. Even in most MMOs controls are better.

Gremrod wrote:

Which patch pissed people off? What elements of the patch pissed people off the most?
But my guess would be the new commodity needed for t2 - t4 items?

Not sure about T2-T3, but addition of some new rare grass to T4 items made me to cancel my production account, witch I played most instantly. Mining account wend same way, of course.

I was playing solo (multi account) crafter in some fun-to-craft games. Was doing well in PO too. But when T4 stuff becomes much harder to make, it become too much trouble.

1. why I still have to look forward on autorun?

Since, combat in PO is mostly about kiting mobs, not tanking them, in typical situation I run from mobs on my bot. Normally I run into empty area. So it would be logical to have an ability to face my camera the way I like and keep going on autorun.

About half year since release passed, and we still don't have correct implementation for this.
There is a "mouse look" button, but I can't asssign some mouse button to it, and it needed to be held pressed, to work.

In all other MMO when I press and hold right mouse button and rotate mouse, I turn myself the way mouse looks, while keeping moving on autorun. Here in PO this works same. But in typical MMO I can press and hold left mouse button as well and rotate camera around, while, running on auto in previous direction. And thats for MMOs where I can't shoot backword.

I've tried to hunt some bots after a break today - it's still very unconvinient. There is no hotkeys to remember and change speed, and there is no way to look back while kiting mobs.

2. Multiclient.

I did not tested recently, but since it does not mentioned anywhere, I suppose it's same bad.
A few months ago, like two, two clients on one PC were working not so good, performance and FPS was bad, and crashes/freezes happens not so rare.
Since game obviously oriented for multiclient play (in PvE) I wonder when this part of game will be fixed and improved? I'd like to hunt with one bot and ferry loot with another, or seek artifacts with something fast running, while having another heavy bot on backup, or have another bot as energy pump and so on. So far all those scenarios are unplayable. Two clients works well only on station for x-account trade. Even traveling on follow is risky - one client if not both can always crash, and you'l get killed by mobs.