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yeah i knew it was about eve tongue just didn't know where the st came from.
thanks for the replies. one more question if i may - what's the viability of the ewar bots for solo pvp? if 2 of them took on 2 mechs, can 1 of them take on 1 bot or mech? if piloted well.


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hey all, new player here, just wondering if bots and assault bots continue to have a role after mechs come into play. say solo or smallllll group pvp, can they do any kind of damage worth using or are they purely used for tackle once people start rolling mechs onto the field?

ps also, what's the stEVE thing? i musta missed that =3

right. well, how's it run on the 460? cause i thought about 10 mins ago that maybe i should just bite the bullet and grab one. what kinda fps do you get with max settings? and in any other commonly discussed games when it comes to benchmarking?

yeah i know it's not good, but the fact is i get higher fps on crysis than i do on this game - explain that one to me?

shadows are off, too =/

tried that, doesn't work for me. poor fps whether i'm in windowed or fullscreen and pretty much whatever settings i use.

hey, just joined the game and so far i'm very optimistic from what i see smile reminds me of my first hours in THAT other mmorpg. problem is though, my performance is pretty terrible- i'm getting about 20fps, sometimes less than that, in the tutorial areas, and that's with vsync and AA off, AF only at 4x and shadows on medium =3

my graphics card is only an nvidia gt220 but i have 6gb ram on an i5, which seems like it should be able to do a hell of a lot better than this.