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Aww, I was really hoping to get your approval. You mean everything to me.


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Hey, I really *hic* parish...appursh...I'm glad you like it. An another thing...when *burp* scuse me...how come i havn leveled up yet? thash ridiclus! *hic*


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I got tired of travelling between Alpha bases to see what is in local storage, so I created 2 alts, but I don't ever want to spend EP on those alts.

Can I lock the Extensions for a character, so I don't accidently spend EP in a drunken stupor?

I totally get the resistance to not buying a 2nd account. I've had alts (on the same account) in every MMO I've played for one reason: to experience more of the game.

You can see just about everything in the game without buying extensions in PO, but extensions make a huge difference. Even the starting extensions you get for making an Indy vs Combat spark are a big difference. So once I settled into the role on this character, I bought a second account to see what it'd be like to be a pure combat drone.

There is no need to buy another account. You can do everything on one. But if you want to see what it's like to be focused on combat AND industry AND logistics, you'll have to get more accounts. And yes, there is a huge difference between a pure combat drone and an Industry spark that likes to pew pew every once in a while, even if they use the same bot.

Mara Gossep wrote:

Have you ever played EvE?
If you did, you should know that the comparisson with EvE is quite valid.

Have you ever played EQ?
If you did, you should know that most fantasy games are EQ clones, not WoW clones.

The similarities are obvious. But here's the thing...this isn't EvE.

Using EvE or WoW or EQ as a reference is one thing, but it's tiring to endlessly read QQ about how it's better in EvE because...or why don't we do it like EvE because...etc.

Because again...this isn't EvE. Of course it's different.

commiedic wrote:

Things I predict:

1.) This game will forever live in the shadow of EvE no matter how much it tries to duplicate it.

I predict that one day people will stop comparing every sci-fi game to EvE. They'll also stop comparing every fantasy game to WoW.

But I'm really bad at predictions, so probably that won't happen.

To the OP...maybe take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and think about something before posting.

For example, being unable to delete all cargo before you're destroyed isn't magical, it's realistic. Magical would be..."I'm being attacked, let me push a button and have all my cargo magically disappear."


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DEV Gargaj wrote:
Honelith wrote:

Yep, true. But then why allow multiboxing? A player then becomes a scientist commando economist. But that's probably for another discussion.

Technically that's multiple players.

Multiple accounts, definitely. Multiple players? No way. Multiboxing is one person playing a game with multiple accounts at the same time.

There is no technicality about it.

Or, they can simply not allow people to respec...holy crap, is this topic still alive?


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Yep, but why limit yourself to sweat shops, if you can program bots too?


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Heh, yeah. I think it was a day after release and people were asking how to multi-box, and would it be possible to auto-program your bots to do actions for you when you weren't online, etc.

They should have just asked, "HOW MAKE GOLD TO SELL FOR MONEY?"

Skeena wrote:

WTB Arkhe Mk0 vanity sparklepet

Would it leave a trail of daisies growing where it walks? And sing songs to me when I'm bored? And also transform into my protector Gojira when I am in danger?

I highly encourage everyone to delete their characters and restart them with the same name. *Hee hee hee...soon I will have more EP than anyone on the server. My plans for world domination are...* Dammit, how do you think in private on these forums? sad


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I'd like to friend you on Facebook to follow all the future games you quit. You're my hero.

BizzyBeast wrote:
Foo wrote:

Your EP's do not define your abilities.

Actually thats precisely what EP does. LOL.

Oh Fool, how you amuse. Dance for us.

You're so cute. Like watching a little salamander taking its first steps out of the swamp.

Your Extensions do not define your personal abilities at all. If you have trouble navigating your character around obstacles in the game, an extra 200k EP won't help you.

Oh darnit, I can see you still don't understand. Don't worry about it. Why don't you run out and play while the adults talk. So cute...

Come to think of it, the Alpha triangle missions will eventually be unavailable, once you get past 3.0 rep, I believe. That can be mitigated slightly by taking the 4 Attalica -> Daoden -> New Virginia missions and then switching to the 4 missions that go the other way.

But I believe you'll eventually outgrow the Alpha triangle missions no matter what you do simply because you gain more rep than you lose.

Sequer has 80.00U of storage in its cargo. By comparison, an Arkhe has 3.75U

Oops, GreyEagle beat me to it.

Hate to break it to you guys...but skill is still more important than EP at this stage.

There are going to be players who join a month from now who will kick everyone's butt because they simply play better.

And there are people right now, with all the extra early release EP who are still getting out-locked at spawn points using their full combat spec and tricked out assault bot.

Your EP's do not define your abilities.

BossMan wrote:

Save yourself the ep's for the seq. Grind transports till you hit level 3 transports. Do the alpha -> beta, then beta -> alpha. 135k a mission, 270 for a round trip, takes roughly 12 min. It can be done in a arhke (cargo is only 3u), so basically risk free, even though you go to betas.
Squad up with your main while doing, so he gets the relation bonus. Once he has the enough relation, put him on follow, get 540 for a round trip.

Approx. 2.5m an hour, risk free, mindblowingly boring.

Good thing is, takes no initial investment, or any ep whatsever.

/agree @mindblowingly boring.
But there is an investment...that grind to level 3 transports isn't very quick, and
arguably getting a Sequer is faster.

Good post though.

BizzyBeast wrote:
Foo wrote:

Anybody notice that the amount of EP we got for early access is increasing? By next week, we'll have gotten 200k EP, free Heavy Mech of our choice, one million NIC, and a secret button that allows us to prevent all damage for 10 seconds at any time.

Just add the L on the end of your name already, that way it will be easier to read your *** posts and just go 'Oh that guy's parents are blood relatives, no wonder why he is derp derp'.

Honestly, this is my favorite part of your rant. You think I'd create a character named Foo and not know that it's slang for Fool? That's kinda the point.

My post quoted you but wasn't about you. Like many people have said already, 20k or 40k won't make much difference in a few months. Sorry you missed out, but that offer is over. You also can't go back and vote in the elections last month. Coupons expire too.

1. Puchu III
2. Deolator
3. Tiak

DevilSlayerX wrote:
Foo wrote:

The NPC Attractor is an interesting idea, but would be exploited in that format.

I like it as a means to "tag" mission NPCs though. It essentially allows you to "mark" a certain number of mobs, up to the mission requirements. The "mark" could be a 2nd "tag" or it could be a new mechanic separate from combat tag. Suddenly, it's a good thing to have someone farming your mission area, because you can simply "mark" three mobs and let the kernel farmers keep going.

As long as the "mark" only affects you and your mission requirements, it's not exploitable.

The monsters which spawn will be marked only for you, other people can shoot em but you'll still get the loot. Like 2 mobs spawn, both green circle which means they will drop loot for you. After 5 minutes of non-combat they should just disappear.

I get it, I just don't like it.

I much prefer the idea of allowing both a combat tag and a mission tag (limited by the mission parameters) because it fixes a few issues at once. Kernel farmers can spend hours at your mission location and you can still get credit for the mission. Combat taggers get the loot. You get the mission credit and mission drop (if any).

Plus, I like logical reality point of view. You were hired to seek out and destroy 5 bots, then retrieve their data consoles. As long as your sensors record 5 bots being destroyed, and you return with the data consoles...you get paid.

franko wrote:

Wow community on this forum is poor, not arguing only trolling...
Of course people with early advantage will defend 30000 EP and say that it dosent matter, but double starting exp matters, its 3 weeks of playing, and big advantage to corp that have most early players.
Its not EVE with huge world and 300k  players...
few strong corps can destroy economy or rule alpha islands and you cant do nothing... because in few weeks they will have so much money, that smaller corps or corps without early advantage will dont have chance do be concurrent.
First few weeks should be balanced and without exploiting, in game that is created by players (economy, industry, pvp). and such small world.
But we will see who is wrong and who not...

No offense to you, but the "people who got bonus EP at launch have an unfair advantage" topics are getting old really fast.

At least yours is in the proper forum, but that's why people may seem a bit trollish about the topic.

I tell you what...read these topics first. If you're not tired of the issue by the time you're done, then I bow to you.

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … nt-option/
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … -all-time/
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … ttributes/
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … by-chance/
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … ot-skills/

And unfortunately, there are also topics like this covering many of the same ideas...
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … t-updated/

The NPC Attractor is an interesting idea, but would be exploited in that format.

I like it as a means to "tag" mission NPCs though. It essentially allows you to "mark" a certain number of mobs, up to the mission requirements. The "mark" could be a 2nd "tag" or it could be a new mechanic separate from combat tag. Suddenly, it's a good thing to have someone farming your mission area, because you can simply "mark" three mobs and let the kernel farmers keep going.

As long as the "mark" only affects you and your mission requirements, it's not exploitable.

I like the idea of a Market Ticker, but I also don't like the idea. It'll make it easier for everybody to see where to make profit, but that makes it tougher for people specializing in Finance.

I love the idea of Bonuses, but not just for certain missions. I'd like to see a bonus for missions I haven't done, or haven't done in a while. It should encourage people to branch out and try more missions, instead of the same 3 they do all the time.

More variety = less boredom = more happy player = profit

FYI, asking for Programmable AI robots is like saying "I plan on using a NIC farming mod when I'm afk."