To the best of my knowledge, there is no button available to toggle on/off all UI.  I think that this would be nice.

Perhaps, even an option to keep different UI windows "invisible" while they are not in use.  When I am in combat, I want to see my combat log, but when not in combat I want that area of the screen to not be filled with a giant black box (empty combat log window).
Same goes for squad/target/etc windows.  Perhaps this option would be best as a checkbox for each UI window (there are some windows that I always want on my screen even if they aren't actively in-use - bot status, modules, radar).

Thanks for making a great game.


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So, lets talk about survivability for a sec.

Resistance > Armor(Max) > Armor(Repair) > Accum(Max) > Accum(Recharge > Sensor Strength

Did I get that right?  First focus on raising resists to ~60-70%, then raise HP, then Accumulator size (for repairs) and finally sensor strength for E-War defense?  Or would sensor strength be more important than Accum?

I'm thinking that for multiple mob tanking, higher resists are much more useful than higher HP, but for single mob tanking, perhaps higher HP would be better than resists?

Before the flames come out, I am new...mostly trying to build a good all-round combat char and trying to maximize my survivability as much as possible while tossing in some damage as well.

Using Gobla's data from another thread, I made a robot stat graph-set: … p;:tabs=no



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Using Gobla's data I made a semi-useful set of graphs. … p;:tabs=no

You can highlight one or more points/bots and see how they fit into all of the other graphs as well.  Highlight resists, pick slots etc.,
I hope it is useful...might be trying to cram too much into one view, dunno...but it certainly kept me entertained for a few minutes:)

And here is one for Weapons, again, using Gobla's data: … p;:tabs=no



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Thanks Gobla!  I'll make some graphics out of these as soon as I get a chance:)

Hey guys,

I used Gobla's data to put together a semi-useful dashboard for analyzing weapon efficiency VS weapon dmg. … p;:tabs=no

You can hover over data points for information, and highlight/click points or point-sets to see where they fit into the other graph.

Hope it is useful!