Saw you ingame yeaterday so im guessing its sorted, and not as much DRAMA as you professed!

Purgatory wrote:

My ISP finished testing my username, they confirmed there was an issue with how traffic was being handled on my account. They've fixed it and given it back and now all is working fine.

Finally, the moaning shall end.

Purgatory wrote:

A while ago I got most of my module research to T3. I then moved onto researching T5 assault kernals. I intentionally farmed the type of mob which I know gives lightweight frame research. A few thousand kernals later I could now produce many T4 modules - But one was missing, one of the best ones in my opinion - Lightweight frame research, i was still 0% progress through T4.

So after hearing a rumour that there's a bug with lightweight frame research I decided to do a test, on an alt I farmed some lower tier npcs of the same name/type as the tier 5 ones I was killing, and confirmed that these npcs are indeed supposed to give lightweight frame research.

What does this mean for me, and others like me? You're gonna have to research a few thousand more T5 kernals if you want LWF research, and this is only after the bug is fixed. There's nothing more for me to be had from these kernals except LWF, which I should have already got from it, so this is a real disaster for me.

It would be awesome if the devs have a way to check how many kernals you've researched, and then grant that research to those who should have already got it.

Such a sad story, i cried for hours after reading this!

Bugs happen, report them, move on.

How is X23's European base? I ask as im after a corp with a decent pool of EU players to play with.