nah you need new account oh and ib4 all the trolling from the pros about how the game is hardcore so read fine printe etc


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all i see here is a bunch of 50k characters protesting a change that don't affect them


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Jelan wrote:
Moran wrote:

because its a stupid penalty it effectively stops you from deleting characters ever

Havent you gone yet drama queen, jeebus.

@OP, i think the devs should offer some sort of wildcard option, i.e. frack i deleted a character, can i get it re-instated EXACTLY as it was when i deleted it.

There is no messing up a character at creation unless you went politics tongue  You can train any skill my old EvE titan pilot is an almost maxed out miner/builder, guess what i respecc'd him.  Live with your choices, man up and accept consequence of actions

did someone from m2s just call me a drama queen? lol

BizzyBeast wrote:

It looks like a dead cat made this. I had to wash my eyes with bleach afterwards.

i felt the same after reading your bio


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this m2s blob/thing reminds me of the 133t  pvp guilds that set up on rp-pvp servers just to be the top dog among the hapless m'lady me thinks thou droppedest thy hankerchiefers and then rage about their own greatness on the forums. Sad to watch but even from the inside. the problem that through consistent arseholeness is they chased new people away from the server hence in the end being victims of their own "greatness" usually by the server being merged


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the islands are simply too small for optimal range of 200-300m how big would the locking range be, aggro range of npcs? you wouldn't be able to move without having a train on you


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one person with 20 alts writes all this ***?


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you make 3 combat chars to test all factions ( i do in most mmos) then after few days you realize you need a miner and a producer its not so hard to lose 2 days ep or more .ppl don't even bother doing the first tutorial that pops up in the game then ask stupid questions in chat you gonna charge EP for that too? and if you think the 4 days ep is not important why not ask the devs to remove the bonus ep you got for early access.


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I left because of the small world, repetitive boring quests rewarding only mindless no risk chores (like driving a string of trucks on 4 accounts or mining/harvesting on 4 accounts etc) instead of what I consider to be fun exploring/fighting stuff  (i can do mindless chores for free in my rl) horrible AI path finding (get enemy stuck = instawin won't even shoot at you) tiny population (the 13 ppl on my friends list turned out to be 2 ppl with alts and 4th accounts) and and yes EVE rip off.
this game ranks under tabula rasa on my list have fun i sure won't miss you


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the 500 ppl playing the 1kplus accounts is not enough to make it a MMO maybe a mMO


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lol M2S and axe whining about getting killed. L2p or gtfo