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Lamor wrote:

What do you think? Which weapon(cannons, lasers, magnetic) is better? And why?
For me cannons is better. No real difference in distance, DMG modifier is good, less PAW and CPU, and Ammo can cover different types of DMG. Unfortunately there are no robots with bonus for that weapon.

Mags and guns are the best easy (guns have range issues but, with los in thsi game its not that big of a deal) Mags still have rather high ap cost but its live able becuase of the slower rof than lasers.

Lasers i would rate the worst (while they do more damage than missiles, they cost so much AP that you cannot run an armor repairer and lasers at the same time, effectively making you have to kill them b4 they kill you.) To make lasers viable they should double the damage mods and double the rate of fire from 4 sec to 8 sec [or something similar to this]. The dps should bb the same but it would allow them to actually repair armor. I cannot see lasers working in pvp when you can drain the enemy.
Tho i have to admit this seems to be less of a problem at mech level, where the AT mech gets 3k AP.

Missiles have low damage (only becuase of the very low rate of fire, people say the missile abilities are the weakest but that is only becuase they do not understand that 3% of 14 > 5% of 4, same with damage). Also missile bots are the easiest to run heavy AP costing equipment (like Armor reps etc.) making them effective tanks . Also missle show over hilsl which IS a MASSIVE bonus.

Neoxx wrote:

Optimal range has no effect on hit chance.  Anything under optimal range will do full damage if it hits.

I just was pointing out the effects of low falloff .. but ty restated in post.

In this game most aspects megacorps are similar to each other. In this way it does not matter which is chosen. However, their are difference in bots and weapons.

Looking at weapons:


Very accurate : they land, they have great range, low dispersion, and they have great fall off.
Long range

High rate of fire

AP (energy/accumulator) cost is sky high.

Lets put it this way you get a free bot for completing tutorial #10. It equips 4 turrets, even with medium level energy management extensions, just firing your guns (kill 7-10 bounty) will take most of your AP. If you run a sensor booster you can almost empty your AP and shield repairers + lasers DO NOT WORK. You may have the energy for 1-3 ticks of a armor rep + lasers

Ammo (unlike eve) you have to use ammo every shot. The reason why eve's laser cost so much to fire is that the energy comes from some where , well in perpetuum  you use energy cells to fire , + plus it takes a ungodly amount of your energy.

Weak damage modifier for weapons (just above missiles in medium size missiles)

High reactor cost for fitting

2nd highest ammo cost


High damage (best weapon mods, by a lot).
2nd best on ammo cost.

Tied for Least accurate
The small size weapons are the least accurate, and at medium they are more accurate than guns as long as you are firing at or under optimal range.
Hard to fit cost both higher levels of cpu and reactor

Slow rate of fire (2nd)


Almost no AP cost
Nice range with no fall off
High base damage
Cheap ammo costs
LOS oddities (shoot over hills)

High cpu costs
Lowest dps
   The issues is really the medium missiles which fire far too slow.

Guns (projectiles)

Fastest rate of fire
2nd highest damage modifier
Very little AP cost.
Highest DPS (The margin is so great that small gun out dps medium lasers)
Highest fall off
Low CPU and reactor cost

Tied for least accurate
Cost of ammo - the more you shoot...
No special bot bonus for damage etc. (Its not really needed, as stated before guns do so much damage that lasers would need a 80% bonus and missiles over a 100% damage bonus)
Shortest range
  This combined with the highest falloff means you can shoot farther away than the low optimal range and still land hits.
High mass

General weapon issues. All lasers are barely viable atm (and far too costly). And medium missiles don't seem to have much punch.

I will work on this more feel free to comment.

For a quick overview of bots

Asintec (AT)
Lasers, High reactors, accumulators are larger, ok speed high armor.

Like magnetics. an average of sorts

Missles, High cpu lower accumulator, higher speed

Linked is a great starting guide:
http://forumsbetaarchive.perpetuum-onli … perpetuum/

Weapon data gathered from: http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … lete-math/

The problem i have is that squads cannot share spawns/ tags. If one member in a squad tags something it should be tagged for all [Everyone in that squad sees o not a +].

This help combat kill-stealers and allows groups to actually do missions together.