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Sounds GREAT .... for you

I'll pass on 50% tax when others are doing 5%, you trying to make ETHOS look good??

Altera, thank you for your advice but I am getting mixed messages about NSE. To quote from chat

NSE, one of the elite corps in the game is looking to take on a few new people to nurture and teach the ways of PvP and other aspects of the game.  Please submit application to the corp, TS3 is manditory!

What is TS3?

Thanks for the advice, I think I will go out on my own for a while.

The AgentNine guide recommended joining the corp with the best bonuses for harvesting/mining but I haven't sorted out what they are and no one seems to be coming forward with any bonuses. I know there are benefits to joining a corp but is that what is meant by bonuses? Until I can sort that out, I will keep working away as I am.

Got research sorted out, just working away building nic and collecting kernels. Thank you for the advice, I was being held back by figuring out how to 'Research:Common Technology'. I couldn't find a node in the research tree called that, but once you mentioned spend EP I went looking in expansions and found it (eventually). Still falling off the steep learning curve every so often.

Advice to new players, all corps seem to want PVP players. You can play the game without being in a corp, but if you want to be in one you will need to be up for PVP.

The game is more heavily structured to PVP, if you mine you will find there are no buyers for the low level stuff. Check the market before you invest in location charges and mining charges. The NPC charges 10x more for what it sells to you compared to what it will pay to buy the same item from you. I think you can make a profit at it, but it's not a lot. As an example from the market players are paying 30 per for items the NPC will pay 0.1 per.

Same for harvesting the NPC pays almost nothing for items, so if there is no player demand on the market there is very little if anything in profit.

The only real money making is doing the assignments, it's a mixed bag some end up risky or tedious others don't but they pay very well compared to the other options.

You can mine and harvest to build stockplies in anticipation of future player demand, that can work, but you will have to pay for the 'ammo' you need to do so. You will run out of money fairly quickly so you will need to do some assignments to keep going.

OK, out of tutorial took the industrial exit, so not up for PVP yet. Any corp after miner/crafter/researcher. It's where I will start, and buy some Pelistal fighters as I get the nic. Does this suit anyone? Current guide I am using says the ideal corp should have a bonus for industry bots. Pls let me know what you have on offer as bonuses.