Where did you do the recycle at?
Different islands and different terminals have better values, with of course Beta and Corp owned ones being the best.

Also the terminal relations add to it at well.
So we have the place you recycle, the skill from the extensions and the skill from the relations.

Just FYI, food for thought.

Maybe some places get you higher then 80%??


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Crepitus wrote:
Inda wrote:

The current mechanic dont encourage teamplays, and squads to do missiosn together!

I just cry about it.

And just didnt mention to have to leave the squad at Beta.

PS: did I not mention the tokens?

It not only doesn't encourage team play it actively discourages it. I'm forced to leave squad every time. The rewards are kind of lackluster but since the NPC farming nerfs it's the only thing you can do on Alpha. I can make far more money mining/harvesting/artifacting on Beta/Gamma but when I'm tired after work on a week day and I don't want to have to think/worry about it that's where I'm going; back to 100% safe Alpha.

I agree with both here.

First comes squad then corp right??
It does not pay at all to run missions with more then 1 player, period.
The goals are harder and the rewards for all involved are a lot less.

I especially agree that if you do not play PVP, missions is the only thing you can do long term here in Alpha islands.


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It is done, been removed due to budget.
At least that was the answer I got in game when I asked.


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You don't have to even get kicked just join and then choose the option to leave from the corp menu.

However it is not a bad thing to earn relations with the TM corp either.
The default pellistal corporation you are assigned to outside the tutorial.
You can buy better sparks with higher relations and if you intend to do higher level missions you will need this as well.  Relations also affect industry.

If you are planning on staying in the area New Virgina, Hershfield and Norhoop it does not hurt you to stay in default corporation. 
If you later decide to join and stay in a player owned corp they might have their location on different islands all together.

Just something to keep in mind.

Annihilator wrote:

my vote:
Refining should be split into the two actual processes it currently does.

  • "smelting":

    seperating the raw materials from useless byproducts of the ore.

    I would even say there should be a way to do this step into something you can do deployed in a module of your robot.
    (a relative easy thing to implement actually).
    real-life example: harvesting grain - the machine used does both, the collecting, and the first step of "threshing"

    Refining extensions could then affect efficiency and cycletime of the module.

  • "refining/reprocessing":

    the step where you combine several materials into alloys and composittes which are then used in actual production. I would make this process taking time too, with extensions to improve.

I see where Rolafen is going with this.
Right now we have 99% of the players doing nothing but AFK mining in scarabs and sequers all day now.
Yes new people see them doing something, a small step up from having 1 player in general chat when they start out.

I think we have an opportunity here.
Lets make modules called smelters or new bots that have this skill.

Then we can have the actual refining process take place in the terminals over time. 
This time could be reduced with extensions.

This would break refine into 3 skills, not an infinite amount.
Smelting ores.
Threshing plants.
Reduce time extension.

All would be 1 to 10 so now we have skills for refine that actually make more sense and players could specialize in.

I think repair and recycle should be left alone as it stands now.
Maybe add a time component to them??
Damage 1-10% short time to repair.
Damage 11-20% longer time to repair?
Damage 21-30% longer time still.

I like Jita idea where the bonus ep you get goes into a pool to be spent in that category only.

I agree with Rolafen here.  As the current system stands it is not fair and is broken.
There needs to be risk reward measure here as well. 
If you can cancel order remotely, no risk at all, change price remotely, no risk at all it is pure reward.
At least add some extensions so players have to do something for that.
We are after all trying to get more players to go to Beta in game?!?! 

In addition to replying to his post I would like to also suggest adding new extensions for industry.
The post heading was more extensions. 
Specifically remote factory. 
Let me clarify.  I would love to be able to remotely start another batch of ammo, currently running 15 lines in the factory at 20 runs each if I am in the field and it ends.  Instead of having to come back and restart it manually.  That too me would be a good extension to spend all these extension points on as well.  Especially if I am on another island.  I understand that this seems to be the same problem now as the price system Rolafen is talking about.
I am saying you can add it and add extensions to use it at same time.
The materials are there in the factory, the CT is in the production line.  The only thing would be to add extensions where I can do it remotely as well.
Same could be done for CT and Prototyping remotely.
All of these would be valuable enough skills to spend EP on.


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Welcome to the game.
First off the bat make sure you grab Zortargs game guide found here under guides.
I too play Green Pellistal whoo hoo.
There are 13 tiers in the game currently.  To keep it simple for a new player lets talk only about T1 T2 T3 and T4.
T1 is basic T2 has same stats but lighter, T3 better stats but heavier and finally T4 one of the best in game heavier and harder to fit with extensions.  So that is the gear side of things.  Also you can raise the weapons skills.  On top of that for missiles the key is the seismics skill, basically means more of your missile damage explodes on top of the enemy.
You can increase your missile cycle time using extensions so you shoot faster.  You can increase the missiles range to shoot further.  Also you can put some gear on top of your head for each specific weapon type to increase DPS.
So look for missiles weapons tuning s on the marketplace.

Keep in mind there are 2 sizes of missiles small and medium.
Each robot in game has a different size, smaller robots are harder to hit and also well smaller.
You can find each robot size in the information panel in game.
Medium sized missiles do more damage but the explosion size is so much larger you actually do less total damage against smaller robots.  This can be reduced with seismics skill and the leg modules weapon stabilizer modules.

Hope that helps you out, good choice on the robots.

Edited 1 time because Jita was more accurate then first reply.  big_smile

We had a brand new player yesterday.
Popped up in GC for 10 seconds.
Asked if there was any way to bind keys, no one in GC knew how and could not find in settings.
New player raged quit 1 second later.
Maybe there should be something in settings???


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So by definition a comprise is something all parties agree to but nobody really wanted in the first place.
I have been scratching my head on this all day long and finally came up with a possible solution.
You guys can take it or leave it, kick it around a bit.

I think what we need is a daily cap.
Now here me out don't come looking for me in your big bots yet.

I was thinking okay what can we do so people still buy boosters??
What can we do so the people who have been paying for boosters or the DLC packs don't feel cheated??

Daily cap limits on the totals Extension points players can earn.
If you have no boosters the total should not exceed 1 day allotment so 1440 a day.
If you have the boosters the total should not exceed 1 day allotment so 1440 x ??150% = 2160.

I think this will be fair to all, no matter how they earn it.

Anyways very late here, had to come with something that might work for all.
Hope this is it or part of it.

Yes noobs Gecko, people who play for 10 seconds and do not like the mouse buttons and rage quit like today.  smile
Please do not take my earlier post earlier personally it was just easier to quote yours then retype it.


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Gecko quote "AFK scarabs are people too playing."

Technically true.
You know what else is technically true.
People logging into the game for 1 second every 3 days is also people playing.

I thought the whole idea was to get new people to play and have new people see other people playing the game.

For me this is a big exploit here.


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The original creator of the table top game battletech is launching a kickstarter for a new game.
It will be 2 years or more before it comes out but will have giant stompy robots in it.

Anyone interested can just go to kickstarter and look under battletech.


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Jita wrote:

Gamma is pointless currently. No epriton, no missions, colixium has no use (and T5 won't change that).

If anyone gave a damn about gamma they would clear come of the debris out there and settle it.

I'd rather have another six Beta islands than Gamma.

As a casual PVE player, not in a PVP corp I would love to see a ring of Beta islands between the current Alpha 2 and the current Beta ones.

Maybe then the hardcore crowd would not mind having someone go there to try to get some epritron or look for an artificat for a MK2 bot.  Maybe then there would exist the possibility of casual 1 vs 1 PVP without having a PVP player owned outpost 2k away from the gates.  Who in their right minds fights against a player in a group that shows 50 or more players in their corp, not saying they are active but you get my point right??
For the EVE crowd it would be like adding low sec space into the game.  Right now we have full high sec then 0.0 space immediately.


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Celebro wrote:

The starter experience is a boring wall of text that only the most patient aand dedicated will go through it. Perfect example of the kart before the horse. Players needs to get motivated first on a fun experience then they will invest time and dedicate it to learn by playing and enjoying the game.

I have tried the newbie island there is too much text to much to learn at once, add more visual cues and become more intuative otherwise just remove it and players start out on the main alpha  islands.

I suggested something like this on steam had to pop in here to repost again.

Just have the very basics on the starter island, like WASD move and target combat drones.
Then have the door open after the new player gets a chance to drive the heavy mechs from each faction.
If a player wants to learn more things like artificat hunting or mining or industry they can go back to the training island and do those.

It does the game no good to have 5 out of 6 new players start the game, quit after playing 1 hour and leave a negative review on steam because they can not or do not get through the tutorial.


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Guys and ladies.
If you also have steam can you take 5 seconds and repost these there??
Steam just changed their review system so nothing shows after 30 days but having some videos to look at would be a big help.


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Zoom, stupid Steam.
They just changed this.
It is because of all the early access things now, only reviews from players over the last 30 days show up.
Everything else is not showing unless you use the filters and go look for it

So even if we wrote a review before it does not show.
Even if people write reviews now they will drop off in 30 days.


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

gen chat averaging 30-40 in all timezones now instead of 0-5, things are holding alright for the time being, though devs would of had a bigger pop gain to get Syndicate robots done for the summer sale.

Also I am fine with the current EP gain tbh. Considering current state of game... who cares if newer players can catch up to veterans, not like most of us care to actively play anymore. Besides it encourages them to try more difficult, challenging, and profitable things if they believe they have the right gear and EP sent in the right areas to do things sooner.

All I am seeing here is veterans worrying about newbros catching up and being able to compete tbh. Although there is the risk that this patch could make the EP upgrade DLCs obsolete due to EP gain... Other then those though I think the current system is fine by me for now.

I am on the fence here.
Honestly I have been in the game for 7 months now, not quite a new person or a vet yet.
Today after playing most of the day and a big part of last 3 days I earned enough EP to get into something bigger finally.  I was waiting for something to come along and was going to quit due to boredom, can only run so many level 3 transport missions every single day for so long with 30 or 40 days of logging in left to go up one level.
What I saw after day 3 of the patch was what I was worried about, we had most players bringing out their sequers and scarabs and going off to AFK mine.
Yes new players will see more people in game, for GC chat though not so much. 
We did have more people in the GC then 9 people but no one was talking.

You already have 2x stuff on Beta so dinging the rewards on Alpha?? really???
The whole goal is supposed to get new people to play the game.

When I first read the post notes I saw 1 EP per point per mission.
I was sure that meant we would get 2 or 3 EP total up to 6 if it was a long long mission.
I almost quit right then and there, that would not really help me out all that much since I can not play 24/7 and doing the same missions over and over again anyways???

I agree that it might be too much with the handicap?? thing.
But do not make it so you only get 50 points a day total either, that won't accomplish what you want it too either.

What we all really really really really want is more content, things to do, robots to pilot stuff.

This will help in the short term, people are coming back but I think it will not help long term.

Just my 2 cents here.


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It would be helpful, as stated many times before if everyone who is logged in stays in general chat.
I know as a new player, I had no idea you could leave general chat, and was a bit depressed with the low number of players I saw.  In fact, this is the only game I have ever played, with even all my gray hairs on top of my head, where people can leave general chat.  If if no one talks at least you see there are more then 10 people in the game.

More PVE content, again as stated many times before.
Have some kind of contest or event on the Alpha 1 islands.  Arkhe races??  Easter egg hunt??  Explore the 4 corners of the island, win a prize?