I'll join the server which will have an old database of characters, at least of their EP, creds and boosters. Because i don't have much time for games with wipes, if for games at all.

There are many ways to do so without compromizing anyone's privacy. Like resetting all passwords or exporting characters from db on demand, for a limited time so at least those who still care can do it.

In any case, it was very interesting experience, thanks.

Well, looking back, it was better than Eve for me, after all. And not because of f2p, which wasn't so for me anyway roll

I suppose there's no people with development skills to drive this software forward, except for remaining players?


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Jita wrote:

Scarabs are a cancer that I would remove. Smaller cargo means more trips and bigger risk. If also encourages people to live on beta as to hell with moving all the stuff back and forth.

Smaller cargo means less risk. Because then it's just staticstics and most of the cargo will be safe. Instead of losing lots of stuff in one unlucky run.


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Deimos - highest post count in Russian chat, over 1000 days of online, and kicked from most of russian corps at least twice for chat reasons.


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That was my favorite ship class in EVE smile
Although I haven't flied Titans very often, but smaller capitals were the best part of my game.

By the way, i think those bots can also be done as flying tech. Like saucers, or some kind of barges in atmosphere. As an alternative way to deal with it's size. For the server it can be just another bot which can go through all mountains, buildings and trees.

... not gonna happen anyway.

In case someone cares, I think agent's statistics page could be an awesome feature.
Since devs already gathering statistics(and some of that can be seen in steam stats through certain software), it's shouldn't be to difficult to make it available for regular player, somewhere in character sheet.
For performance reasons, there can be limit to how often it can be accessed, like a week or so. Previous recieved stats are stored and can be viewed anytime without significant resource cost.

Could be cool to view your stats sometimes, achieved for all those years. And get dissapointed in your life smile
It can also give an additional reason to do things, for those who fap on numbers.

I'd vote for paint.


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That's must be because leveling is too hard!
Or price of death is too high!
Or tutorial is too long!
Or fitting is too complicated!
What else could it be? roll


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AFK miners, arise roll


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Aaron Sool wrote:
Mr 0 wrote:

Maybe a developer could explain their reasoning to me?

Good luck with that one. The DEVs seem to have gone to hibernate...

Yep, it's one of the reasons we have low online - because devs don't care... Or at least it's looks like it.
They could just post some random stuff or blog about their game even if there's no work have been done since the last contact roll

I can agree with territory warfare proposal.
But with finding targets there's a better things in perp. Instead of checking the pre-designated points of ratting and mining, you and your target has to use brains a little, because you have the entire island.
And it's not so hard to do, fit a detector to light mech, and you'll get a good speed plus ~1500 detection range(which also means they won't see you when you see them, when they don't have scout alt), an you'll be able to find ant tackle carebears fairly quickly.

Line wrote:

It's Vkontakte, new version

With updated Happy Farm app \0/


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Over 1000.

People don't like to change what's worked (fittings)... roll


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I guess they just don't like to communicate and maintain the community even a little.

If you browse the forum for a hour or so, you'll find amaizing fail stories about how players collected a money and ask an artist which worked on this game in past to create some new models, he agreed and done something, but guess what? Devs didn't even answer. There was videos of new effects and arms animation(holster weapons), a pictures of work-in-progress Shiva model. But potato.

And they reject Steam friend invites. Boring.

Don't get this post wrong, I like this game even as it is, and it's good to see someone is willing to help the game. But you see... People tried...


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Althoug I doubt it'll happen.

who would have thought roll
I'll check a robot shop for it smile

Personally i like the current graphics. It have some "spice" in it. Modern engines looks nice, but kinda boring big_smile
(Sometimes you just need a right light and angle smile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656 … pid=223410)
But of course, I'll be glad to se anything that god for game, and i have my list of improvements to dream of roll

I wonder, is Seth still best for farming, or there's better setups today?

Not a big fan of farming, but curious smile


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Website is qite laggy the last week or so.
Loading for several minutes and with errors - menus are clickable, but clicking does nothing.
Also forum often loads without images and with all links in vertical list.

Other sites works fine, so i assume it's not just me...

Siege artillery bots and drone carriers.

Bots are against EULA.
Prove you're not a robot.

Can also be done by ctrl+click on up button, to save space and time.