No.  Walk you lazy hobos.


id like to see them stay in alpha but it can go either way
if anything it should be 24 timer like steve or skills to work at faster jump time

bring back observers to alpha islands
make pve a little more interesting with different drops such as maybe 1/2 hour ep boosters or something different in the form of loot
merkle suggested continuing missions out in field like a story line instead of going back to terminal to except new mission
maybe random instance raids where 5 people go to defeat a high level boss of sorts
like obi said also open world events , i mean back in the day when the game started there was events if i remember correctly

storage in particular field terminals

it says that its an option but it doesn't work for me maybe somebody else can confirm if it works or not for them itd be appreciated

Field terminals
Scattered around the islands, these provide the following services:
    Secure, permanent, private storage, just like in a base. Their contents are also visible through the "all items" tab of your private storage.

edit i see it now its under the particular zone


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my one pc runs it well , my laptop i made this tweek obi helped considerably

1. Launch Options

The first thing we can do to get a little boost to our FPS is to put in new launch options.

This can be done in Steam. Go to

Properties-->Set Launch Options 

Copy and paste in the following: 



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any of you fine folks playing ?


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a different approach lol … er-merges/


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on another note im expecting these upcoming server merges to be a total cluster fk

ah yeah no mans sky that too

this year looks pretty good

battlefront , Disney infinite 3.o starwars

really hopeful for battlefront

blade and soul which is probably another generic mmo , but still pretty hyped for it .. cabal 2

repop gets launch in 4 qrt .. hopefully things pickup towards end of year , right now the mmo market is totally stale

just got the witcher 3 today anybody else ?


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yeah i got to agree with you there burial
im on Calleil , my main is on Tahyang , population was definalty better on Tahyang but better chance getting land on lower pop server at this rate
i have yet to see the land sniping hack this time around , but it happened numerous times right in front of me in the early months of launch right around Auroria  . it was hard enough to get land if you weren't early alpha player . i dont think the greed is on Trions part though , it pretty much seems like they just the puppet behind XL


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i think with this last patch Dread Prophecies , playing through is a different experience

heres the patch notes obi if hadnt seen them
as well as blue salt quest line changes … ost1690616


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i have to agree with ville , the pvp in archeage is one of the best atm . put aside all the buy to win bs and dont even open the store page up , its a great game . i had been in aa since alpha prior 3 months to launch , then went a good 4 months after launch and burnt out . come back recently to a different server and its actually a lot of fun


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watch out man it could be a spy  tongue


seems better then before . my average ping was 250+ . its about 100 now with some random spikes which do jump to 2000 ms for a bout a min or so then it resolves itself