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Can you upload them on Imgur? ^^

Happy Necro-Threading^^

Login still broken on http and "https"



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Fixed it! Thank you Sir!

logicalNegation wrote:

Shoot us an app at Ethos. wink

Hey Mate,

what are you doing all day, how many active Member do you have (some germans there?)
Do you have Coms?

Hey Boyz,

I bought perpetuum a few years ago. Since then I barely played a bit.
Now i got hooked again and want to come back.

I'm an old EVE player which is the reason for me playing Perpetuum.
Looking for a Corp with full spectrum game access, i mean with wich i can
discover every aspect of the game. PVP PVE, Fleets, Indy all of that stuff.

In RL I am kinda busy so i can get into the game for like 2 times a week.
I would be really glad to find a leading Corp wich helps me trough the first steps.

Due to the fact that I'm a german guy, i would prefer a german Corp.
But every other english Corp is fine a well as long as its EUTZ.

See you in Nia.


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Got the Same Error right now. Tried reinstall from steam and tried verification of the game data. nothing works. ^^
What do?