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Do you plan on changing npc health and or loot to compensate for this drop in efficiency?


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upgrading to SSD?

beta 2 should not be connected to alpha.  u got a good list i would rank them:

1.  NPC Loot table rework (Or just manually update tables!).
2.  Add mode to Turrets to engage npc.
3.  Improve outcome for squad missions.
4.  Beta 2 assignment update
5.  Syndicate Supply Drops.
6.  Add Daily/weekly assignment ("Dailies").
7.   Robot Paint.

What was wrong with the old assignment system that if you spawned a ten man squad mission it paid the participants accordingly?  U gotta admit zoom its *** up im having to kill a 10 npc spawn with 5 heavies, Jammers, tanks, and all i get for my effort is one persons worth of payout.  I should actually put this first on my list since this would allow me a reason to play with people.  But ill take the loot table change since this "SHOULD" make TAPs worth wild again.


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i don't care about energy drain or damage to turret.  I can deal with that, i just need it implemented.  Yes i understand they will not drop loot i don't care.


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For the love of god Turrets vs npc's.  Seriously give gamma something.


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With the release of 1-3 not being worth a ***, are you really looking forward to it?  I mean the only reason the Echelon is being use is for a throw away bot.  Guess peeps are too lazy to produce, even though they have owned a beta island for a while.

Well it wasn't an essay and at least it wasn't two sentences...

People were abusing it during pvp.  It would have been a smart idea to allow follow bots during pve.  Maybe something like "Cannot auto follow during pvp" or something, but that would be too tough for the devs to implement.  Did you think this was supposed to be an MMO?  Everything outside of pvp is supposed to be done solo.

On another note, Zoom what have you done to actually "Help" the game?  I know you're spending a lot of time and effort on Syndicate Robots, but seriously on a whole none of them are worth a *** except for the Vector and possibly the Hermes.  However, both of these bots don't compare to the already implemented race bots.  You're wasting valuable time producing *** for the game.  You know what forget it im sorry zoom, everyone always talks about how much potential perp has and what it could have been.  I think we just have to accept the fact that the game is kinda set the way it is and this is the game we have to play.  Zoom feel free to contact me directly if you ever want me to test something or tell you what i think about the game.

Almost a year ago and nothing has changed.  This game is awesome.  Keep doing what u doing zoom i think its working.

So... this is gonna come off as a little heated i know just bare with me.  I finally got some quiet time to do some beta missions and i see a new "Complex Production" Mission.  So i like trying new things as im a glutton for punishment(im married).  Note im max relations for missions so i choose a level six and get started.  First objective: pick up 2 items a decoder and an item and reverse engineer it.  Second objective: Mine each of the following, 64K liquizit 225K HDT, and last but not least 62K epriton and submit these items to a different turnin point on the map.  Third objective: pick up 30K worth of crafting materials from 3 different locations, which weight .10 U each.  For those of you keeping count thats 3,000U worth of weight you need to move.  God forbid you actually try doing this with something other than a Scarab mk2, which no one wants to risk it on beta so that's what 10 runs with a lithus mk2 or 30 runs with a sequer mk2. Fourth objective: Mass produce 10,000 of a certain item from said CT and crafting materials.  I did not accept this mission in a full squad, as i was attempting to do this solo.  So what do i get for all my effort a measly 42M and 310 tokens.  This took me roughly an hour to do.  My Question is, Zoom did you seriously test this *** *** before you put this out.  How is this compatible to completing a harvesting mission that gives me 4m in a minute?  Seriously zoom this shows a serious lack of testing your own game and the level of incompetence is staggering.  People have already stated that they want content they can do with other people, which is supposed to be the foundation of an MMORPG.  U know what forget it, no amount of me *** and pointing out your flaws is going to change, as other people have already done that for many years.  I give up in thinking this is an actual game that is supposed to be a sand box or that i'm supposed to enjoy playing with other people.  Even gamma points out that this "Sand Box" doesn't play by "Sand Box" rules.  So keep on just doing harvesting missions, as any other mission is pointless.  Anyone who's made it this far ur awesome and i'll end on what i've been saying all along "Keep doing what you're doing Zoom i think its working". 

"In the Meantime, And as usual, go *** yourself!" - Les Grossman


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idk honestly that's the first time i ever saw "Eve gameplay" and i gotta admit, i can see why a ton of people say pvp in perp is awesome.  I don't understand the appeal of eve.  How is the TriEve(Trial eve) doing for the population?

Hiding? while you were playing in ur prime time you never 100% owned a sap.  Like beastmode you think i have to play in your timezone.  On a serious note i don't even know why yall wanted a beta island.  There was only two of you doing missions.  Only time i ever saw you was for a sap.  Your resolve was tested and you were found lacking.

@Chemist, all things being equal we had some good fights.  You gotta admit it was fun while it lasted.  Im sure we'll see you again.  GFs all around.

If you put a penalty on range extenders you take sieging gamma out of the picture completely.  Although, at this point in time i think it might already be out of the picture.

Just @ Game?

Just @ Game?


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Just @ Game?

Just @ Game?


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hmmm imho you forgot worthless.  actually its not so bad of a bot for traveling from place to place.  But if this bot was supposed to replace a sequer as an artifacting bot, the hermes failed horribly.  Idk zoom i know you're not trying to make the new syndicate robots over powered but over all there is 1 bot thats worth something the vector.  All the others server absolutely not purpose other than getting blown up and saying "Hey that didn't cost me much".  The Diadalos if it could traverse terrain that its tracks suggest would be the shiznit.  But in the end all its good for is what its description says... a hauler.  so i'll give you're effort on the new bots a 1.5/7 one point for the vector .5 for the diadalos.


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1 or 2 beta missions to pay for 200 ammo...

again, have you ever had to scan down a gamma island?


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Anyone else think syndicate ammo is way super over priced on the syndicate market?  2.4M for 200, Zoom what was the reason for this price gouging?  Do you need other nic sinks?  So glad i stocked up on all ammo types before the prices went sky high.

Ok after talking with my colleagues everyone decided it was OP.  So hows about a gamma module that enhances the range and tile scanning charges.  So Gamma only.  Seriously Zoom take ur herpes out and scan each and every single field on gamma and tell me how long it takes you.  Please pretty please with a cherry on top.

Have any of you scanned a gamma island? seriously have you? scanned all fields?

@Line how many arganos have died to scanning? not sap scanning field scanning.  There is no data to support your claim.