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Line wrote:

why do we need chemo bombs at all now, when we can target and shoot plants

Once upon a time, we used plasma bombs to clear plants. Wasn't nic effective, but it was helluva fun and quick.

+1 for chemo buff, it's so bad I haven't ever even seen it in action.


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Regardless of the way the discussion is going, i believe we can all agree that the bonuses on scarab are just god awful.

Jita wrote:

After thinking about it my real suggestion to fix this would be:

  • Reduce NIC payouts by 80%

  • Drastically increase the tech in mission NPC loot so that the 80% of NIC lost you now gain in dropped modules

  • Change missions so that you only fight your equivalent racial enemy

  • Make all Mk1 bots, mechs and heavies available by NPC sell order on the market.

This will make NIC valuable again, increase the amount of modules on the market as people try to swap racial goods and provide the bot and mech backbone for people to buy what they need. Once a decent market starts back up i'd get rid of the heavy sell orders but right now we need them.

1) with reduction of NIC payouts, the already big players that have tons of NIC get even more wealthy and pretty much dominate
2) if you get much more dropped modules, then what's the point of production? Why would you even produce stuff if you could just blap some mobs
3) not too relevant to economic crash, but agreed
4) my suggestion is to make no bots available by NPC sell order. That would make more crafters get up and actually produce those bots.

Basically supply and demand here. If we get more NIC/hr with missions, then everything is worth more NIC, you just need time to catch up. The idea of NPCs selling you bots, even ammo, is counterproductive for me. Because if you could buy everything (exaggeration for point) from an NPC, why would you ever get an industrialist to produce stuff for you?

The biggest gripe i personally have with more NIC payout is that everything NPCs sell is just god awful dirt cheap. And there are indies, willing to craft stuff. IF there is a demand. I know my indie with 35 factory slots is itching to produce.

Also, by making more stuff available on the market and with more module drops:
mining and industry become a lot less relevant and the game gets even more themepark - one playstyle to rule them all.

Aye Pod wrote:

I vote to close this thread. The OP has the power to show the benefits of having open terminals on beta by opening those that his corporation currently controls but yet he chooses to not to. Clearly he does NOT believe any of his own assertions that he has made thus far so this is nothing more than a troll post.


Jita wrote:
Illiathos wrote:
BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

What I did and what Jita wants are two different things I'll have you know.

You just proved Jita's words on the forum are meaningless. Why would anyone listen to him if he can't even manage his own corp?

It's beastmode's corp and has been for months. Keep with the times bro!

Also this is features and discussion, try to keep personal and corp hate to a minimum.

There is no corp hate here. Jita stated Joke will have open outposts. There are none open. In the end, all that's changed is the credibility Jita's argument for unlocking outposts. Because if your corp is unwilling to open outposts, then why propose the change?

And I'm not going to argue anymore. If you think open outposts are the future of the game, you have no reason not to open them. If your corpmates disagree, then that simply means they don't agree with you. So far, noone has willingly open terminals. If we thought that open terminals were good for the game, they'd be open already.


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Mine is 2015-01-11 23:39:21    big_smile

BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

What I did and what Jita wants are two different things I'll have you know.

You just proved Jita's words on the forum are meaningless. Why would anyone listen to him if he can't even manage his own corp?

Chemist wrote:

Engaged in the transport of alpha-beta-alpha? Maybe, also alpha-gamma-alpha?

I am, but need to be provided cover for that/reimbursed in case of destroyed scarabs.

Jita wrote:
Annihilator wrote:
Jita wrote:

So now the political landscape appears changed, Joke has the ability to take whatever station they want (and has held Intitia for a while now) and stations are dropping all over the game this is still just as relevant (arguably more so).

Its time to at least see if changing the station locking mechanics would be beneficial to an increased population. Either Beta 1 or Beta 2, whichever, just switch them to unlockable and lets try it out for a few months.

so... how open are the joke outposts at this moment ? wink

If they are locked Beast is getting a mexican slap

Still locked to NSE. This proves how you wanted to just have the terminals unlocked because you didn't have access to them. Once the wind blows, you apparently forget whatever you were talking about a couple months ago

proof: http://prntscr.com/9n363g

Illiathos International Ltd. has offered hauling services.

Illiathos International Ltd. is proud to announce the opening of the new logistics division.

What we currently offer is a fleet of 14 scarabs for major corporate haulings.
Per run, we can cover a load of 10-12k units.

The offer stands for mainly alpha transfers.
IIL is however willing to go to beta and gamma terminals for a sufficient price.

The logistics department is currently politically allied with NSE

AS SUCH, hauling for non-friendly corp has been limited to ALPHA islands

For more information, talk to your nearest IIL officer.

Temporarily suspended due to extensive schoolwork and exam period. Will be back mid february.


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WTB Heavy Mech Cortexes.
Will give a better price for a bulk order.

I can mine more with my riveler mk2s in a couple hours than folks in afk scarabs can mine in a month. Why do you folks cry about afk scarabs so much?

Spark bonuses are so small I doubt I havethem installed on most of my accounts. I even forgot they exist lol.


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Naismith wrote:

We've had how many huge population influxes?

Did they work?

What's the point in redesigning the whole game trying to get another huge population influx, if the 5 before that didn't work?

There might be some balancing changes that would make the vets op. Remember removing static spawns? made the folks with full research chain unlocked even more op.

On another note, unless you have those changes planned, there's not really any good reason to reset the game.


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As for the first paragraph, i tell you this: people are happily living on alpha, with the absolute highest bots the game can give them. That is a big no-no. It doesn't help the game's longevity and we can see that many players go to beta just to pvp. Which is ok in a sense, but keep in mind: if you were forced to go to beta to max yourselves out, then you would need to live in beta. And that creates content. PVP one for that matter. Remember you folks that pvp-ed with us on greens just because you knew that if you go to alsbale, you'll find action? yeah.

There should be a natural progression of the game. The highest and best players should be living in gamma. In their safe spots. Which players would assault, constantly. Just to bring them out of the best islands. Unfortunately, DEVS have disabled any prospects of gamma. Instead of either keeping it as it is or nerfing the turrets a bit to allow easier assaults, they decided to make it not worth for us to be in gamma.


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On the premium and accounts note: there needs to be a rule that a player may only play on one FREE account.

Also, there would need to be a buy-in for the skill cap (and allowance of multiple kinds of these), but not the premium - premium can bring goodies, that's cool. (if the game was p2p like eve, i would never have bought 15 accounts and the devs would be poorer by ~600 euros)

On the reset assets issue, here's the thing. I am a guy that owns a LOT in the game. I nowadays don't care about my assets. Reset if you wish, I'll happily play again. Others might not.

On the EP reset, fine. But the starter must be no less than 200k EP. I am not waiting again for months to get a riveler.

You could make EP purchaseable to a certain point (for example, the cap of purchased EP would be 100k).

But most importantly, without the balance changes, the game would not change by much. The old vets would know the game from inside out and dominate the grounds not by assets, but by knowledge. And the assets accumulation would begin again. If you need me to clarify: assets will accumulate unless balance is changed.

On another note, 2 hours of epi mining covers most of my rivelers (~80% the costs). Yup, it's that easy to build high end bots.

EDIT: my accounting skills were wrong.


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Baer Mowser wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Baer Mowser wrote:

I would think that you'd be a little worried that no one is playing the game.

How would that help?

So, you don't think there is a problem with players perceiving the game as "Dead", really? and You don't feel this is a reason for concern or being worried?, really?

You're telling me that I just purchased two accounts for $28.99 each, to play a "Dead" game and that I shouldn't worry about it?

I'd imagine that your Development team should be frantic, attempting to think of ways to dissuade your current and future community members that you are doing everything you can to bring new people into the game. Perception is key bud, if people think this game is "DEAD", it will be.

"How would that help?" Really?

How do you think i feel? I bought 15 accounts. And the DEVs flagged me an exploiter, because in all this time, despite all the botting and abusing the game mechanics, you have to attack the guy that's dumb enough to play the game legit.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Baer Mowser wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

I don't have time to panic about how many people are in general chat.

I would think that you'd be a little worried that no one is playing the game.

How would that help?

Because your revenue is tied to how many players play the game?


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Jita wrote:

This whole thread needs nuking. It was a 'why can't I abuse beacons' from the beginning and got pimp slapped by Zoom the very first post.

No, it was a 'why can't I legit farm beacons because you can't fix abusers'.


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Jita wrote:

The whole point of these changes is to make Beta more valuable. Value is relative. If half the game has abused the mechanics to the point that they don’t need to do any PVE any more how are we ever going to get back to the point where Beta industry and mining and missioning happens again? Its that kind of asset generation with risk / asset generation prevention by PvP that drives gameplay.

It's easy to talk big when you have all the research opened personally and in corp. Heck, if NSE and I had all the research open, I wouldn't care that much about beacons.

POINT IS: you have no use for kernels, you could care less about beacons. I still need kernels, so of course im furious. With the removal of VIABLE beacons and static spawns, am i suppose to attack roaming assaults with my seths to get a bunch of kernels that's gonna take me thousands of hours to fill up my research tree?


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Jita wrote:
Illiathos wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

Actually this topic was started as a question about why beacons have been disabled and you all did a better job than I could on explaining it, so thanks.

And yes it was Jita who brought my attention to the mass Sequer suicides, and I still don't know exactly what was done, but it doesn't really matter anymore.

It explains why beacons were removed from gama, it doesnt explain why beacons were removed from alpha. I too feel beacon pits are bad for the game, but normal beacons on alpha?

If a Dev watches you and says your abusing the mechanics then your abusing the mechanics.

*** deal with it already.

He had more than 3 times to tell me why slopes are abuse of game mechanics. He chose to stay silent. Also, just because you are unwilling to play the game for some god knows what reason, you aren't justified to blame me for whatever the hell you want just because i have a NSE tag.

On the other not, DEV Zoom, please tell me if the above are against the TOS and abusing game mechanics (because if slopes are abusing, then is there anything that isnt abusing the game??):

having 15 accounts
mining liquids with 11 acounts
attacking npcs with 2 combats at the same time
healing and buffing the said combats
producing at gamma
owning a whole island with 5 active players
allying ourselves with players above 100 IQ
buying ice with NIC we get from missions
using 13 accounts to run a scarab army between islands
outfitting seths with machine guns - broken pve balance???
farming nora in gamma
and so on and so on...