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My Steam avatar is EVE-Onlne character.
That's would be funny to see it in my Perpetuum character sheet lol

But no, Perp avars are cool. Need some improvements though.


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I've typed in the captcha, and now site is displaying normally.

I wonder why is that happened... roll


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The entire site and forum looks like this to me, for rhe last week or two.
From different devices. Android, Win8...

Indon't have problems with any other sites. It's strange...:rolleyes:


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Akva wrote:

and when relaunch Perpetuum 2.0? screenshots are?

It's in the distant plans. And it's nothing to do with the wipe.

Don't take this hysterics thread too seriously.


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Rolafen Azec wrote:

I thought that it's only alocal effect and the sentients are in far off inslands trying to contain the damage.

All these points make the overall picture all that less uplifting. It's like way way past the Game Over bad ending of most games.

F and I thought Total Annhilation style of sterilization and mechanization of life was bad.

Yes, our map - it's just a part of the planet. The other part is still populated by Nians.

But what did you expect from Terrans? roll

A good idea for an expansion. Nian content. To help them sabotage the plans of those parasites roll
Like in this popular movie, The Avatar big_smile

Gwyndor wrote:

Maybe boosters you could buy once per week and once per month that allow you to cash in chunks at a time but you stillccant instantly have uber skills?

Better if it'll remain as simple as now:

As long as you have the booster, you can make big breaks from game(months, or even a year), knowing that your characters will train at maximum speed.

...And for some of us, it's short breaks from reality. Not from the game cool
Skill progression in this game allows it even better than EVE-Online.
So it's sacred big_smile

Different type of boosters is good. But not additional complicated stuff that requires attention and logging in when you don't want to.

Sounds interesting.

Well, at least it's good to see people on forums. Before this patch it's was pertty much dead lol

I'm the noob. With 70k EP which i haven't even spended yet smile. I've made a plan, bought a half-year boosting, and sometimes loggin in to chat and do some mining.

I can't see how this patch boost me as a new player. Instead, decreased significance of extensions, and nerfed mechs just sounds BORING.

As a new player, i want a better goals.
A motivation to train my character and became a vet one day.
Some cool, large-sized tech.
Features, content, graphics...

If you want to do something for the new players, then make their life more interesting.
That's means improvements of the Alpha island, graphics, missions, features(things to do for a player), and overall quality. Because it's the lack of that that makes people bored and quit. It's not because they're sad that they don't have 2m of EP. Isn't it obvious?
Boosting new players by decreasing the gap might be useful to the type of players which don't want to do or wait someting in the game, which just want to try it, and quit after a few months.

Well, that's reminds me of CCP. They've tried boosting the noobs too. I remember the starting 800k SP, and double-speed training for a month. But now it's 80k again, without any benefits. Looks like they're finally fugured a dissatisfying fact that this isn't helping, and the game either interesting for the new players(and the others), or it's not and it's doesn't matter if they have some free stuff in the game that they didn't liked, even it there isn't ANY gap. So they're started to improve the game instead. Exploration, graphics effects, and a lot of the other stuff you can do or see without investing huge money or years of training...

I know that it's takes a lot to add such things and actually improve the game. But sorry, look's like there's no easy way or magic pill...

I haven't played much yet, but something not quite right here. So many changes, but is this an improvement? It's seems that there was already some interesting roles for most of the bots.

I don't understand why small bots should be able to fit medium guns. It's might be better to add some new bots of this size which can fit them.

Also, if you want them to fit medium guns, there is an alternative solution: instead of increasing reactor and cpu, add a bonus to those bots which decrease fitting requirements of medium weapons.

And anyway, wouldn't Baphomet look uncomplete without one of the weapons?


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Lobo wrote:

After watching kanogi spend over 1k euros on vanity items in dota I must say perp is doing things wrong. Paint jobs and special animations color changes on ammo effects for cash shop items.

And some stuff for avatars can help too. And changing the avatar might be a good cash option too.

And after all, why there's a costume option in the avatar creation with only 1 option fuuu and this is new player expirience...
I know, i know, there's much more important things to do... Soooooo many of those...:(


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Jita wrote:

At this point they need to just copy systems that work in other games. Archage seems to have the FTP method worked out and WOT does good too.

And maybe because of this, or because of something else, these games are crap...


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Gwyndor wrote:

I believe a kickstarter would not only provide some basic funds to hire a full dev team but also bring in new players. Big investors are not the same as a large community either. One leads to another but its chicken or the egg? Why not get both?

Of course is better to get both.
But we also should think about the odds. Which way is possible, and which is much more difficult(if possible).
One leads to another, sure: -> money -> better game and marketing -> larger community -> money ->

Finding big investors isn't easy. But i think it's easier than bringing a lot of new players in the current state of things.
Investors looking at the perspectives of the game(their investment, and chances of the positive result).
Players looking at the game as it is right now.


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Looks like you all understand too little about how it's works.

Most, if not all of the gamers are not wealthy people. Their "power" is in big numbers, when there are many players with some money. Currently there aren't so many players for cash shop to make a huge difference.

What i'd suggest is to think how and where to find investors instead of gamers. And not some mythic kind people who interested in charity. It's should be win-win to be interesting for anyone. Taking in the consideration that these people won't do it just because they want to play the game or some benefits inside it.


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First of all, i would focus on getting additional funding.
After all, it's all about money. money -> features -> players -> money
If you can't get more players then just get more money for the development from somewhere else at this point.


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You're playing since 2011 and such things still worrying you?
Shouldn't you have multiple bots/races on 10 already? smile

Anyway, it's sounds reasonable to refund EP. I know that this is very unpleasant to spend months/years of training on some fitting, and then suddenly it's get nerfed.

BUT i'm sure that this not the last rebalancing. So it's would be stupid to refund EP every time when it happens.
I know that in such old game as EVE they're still constantly boosting and nerfing something. Lots of people get mad everytime, mostly the "average" players. Some can even give an advice to a noob to train something that is garbage at the moment, so there's a big chance that this'll be boosted when he'll maximizes the skills for it lol

The ultimate solution is to became nerf-proof.

Interesting ideas.

I like when it's comes to any PvE improvements, and something for casual gameplay.

Because many players want a casual gameplay. Where they can rest a bit.

When i've played EVE, i was not carebearing all the time. I've lived with my corp in "dangerous" space, spending nights there. In the first half we've been doing PvE, and making A LOT of money, and after that we were searching for any PvP. It's was very cool, but there was one problem... TIME. And for some of us who has life it can be a significant sacrifice.

So my last 2 years were casual. In Highsec. In PvE and mining. A few hours on weekends.
And i remembered this as more pleasing way to play. Even though the profit was a joke compared to billions a day back then. It was not for money - i could buy anything i need for real money anyway

It's not always about risk vs reward. Gosh, it's not an investments >_<.
Sometimes it's just about how you spend your time.
Sure, everything in PvP gammas shoud be more profitable, but make better PvE content accessable for all players. Like better missions and rats. And just tweak the rewards(NIC) for it.
For the casual PvE gameplay to be more interesting. Not for the billions of NIC.

The casual player actually can be more interesting in PvP, because these people prefers their way of playing because they don't want to put too much time and effort in the games. So they won't be spending too much time doing "not so fair PvP" or using trash fittings. Although most of the time it's casual PvE from time to time.
Well, of course, this will work when PvE part will be more interesting somehow smile


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I've talked about the investors who invest for PROFIT after some time.
Not the gamers.

So they won't be asking to spend the money on useless stuff and reducing their chances to get profit.
And they won't have a reason to throw their own ideas, because there will be a plan written by the developers. Which they've read at the begining, and decided that it's can worth it.

That's why i'm talking about a bigger minimum for investments. Like $3.000-$5.000. Because this is the money that most people can use for investment and making a proffit for that. But not for playing the game. So they won't be whining on forums about something like "give me a special avatar and walking on station or i'll take my money back!".

The players can give some money, of course. But not much. Something like $10/month.
This might be a good money when there will be much more players. And for thet the game needs to evolve faster.
And for that, again, some investors are needed.

Get the money -> develop the game -> after 3-5 years return the money plus some % -> both sides have proffit plus the much better game, with much more players and revenue


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Have you thought about the additional funding from investors. By the kickstarter or startup scheme?

Write a plan for 3-5 years, which you about to accomplish with these money. And, of course, the proffit that investorw will have if everyting went as planned.

I'm the investor. And i'm constantly see a game developers with the investment proposal. It's not exactly my profile, so i've never invested in it, but i'm sure that many inverstors have made some proffit on those.

What i see in this game it's a HUGE potential, LOTS of ideas for EVERYTHING. But they can't be all implemented, because it'll cost a lot of the resources, a lot of manpower. A lot of, in one word, MONEY.

The good thing that, again, this game have big potential, and it's obvious. So it can be a very interesting investment possibility, and there will be investors.

And we'll see everything we've wanted in this game much more sunner then in 10 years smile

Just make sure that minimum investment won't be too low. For a real investments. I don't think it'll be cool if every second player here with $100 will call himself a "shareholder"...

(i'm not using English very much, so i probably screw up acouple of times with it here without realizing it yet sad)


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You know, it's very, bery boring to do PvE here.

And maybe one of the reasons for that is that there's actually no mobs... It's the same bots over and over again, on every island...

It's okay, but killing mobs that looks exactly like you it's not very interesting.

In other games, the repetitive quests is okay. But there's a variety of interesting creatures that you encounter...

Nia is the planet, right. It has flora, but where's the fauna?

I think it'll be awesome to put all these weapons to good hunting.

For some creatures like...

Sand Worms...
Assimilated Wyverns...

And any other creepy Sci-Fi aliens... Let's nuke them all smile

Final Fantasy XIII
Dreamfall Chapters
Alien Isolation

And also the another "MMO":

Although i prefer the Russian server as it is my native language, and it's an original server with more content to laugh at smile


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Yes, sorry, i've screwed up smile
I've looked at the "latest updates", notthe blog smile

The dev blog is very interesting. And only important things.
Unlike "other" developers with walls of text about nothing smile


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In dev blogs i've seen what wasalready done.

But it's also very interesting to know about the future plans of development.

What to expect in the next year? In two years?

I think it'll be very interesting if devs will write blogs about this, or maybe even a podcasts.

For example, when the graphics will be updated? a year, two, five?

Also the new bots, large weaponry. Capital...bots? smile What's this? Concept

Maybe new PvE content. Like more Alpha islands, or more interesting and difficult missions.

Basically, the question is: What to expect in nearest year, two years, three?


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Care ONLY about what your players think of themselves as a result of interacting with your creation.

I waited 3 years to be able to walk on stations, and it never happen.
I wanted to make a steady income without spending much time, maybe even with huge $ investments. But they provided me with full time job and a thousand way to lose my $.
I wanted some casual PvE, Mining, but they're cared only about PvP in game, and ISK loss. And more than that, i'm a fuggen carebear if i try to make this interesting in my way.

So good job so far, CCP lol Good thing i've quit 2 years ago, and looks like it's as boring as it was back then smile