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Race Drones wrote:

More than beatifull robots, i prefer see natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes,...) ingame with effects on robots parameters.

By example, 5 kms diameter tornado: -5% sensor strenght, +3% masking, -5% speed.

Occasional damage from being hit by random pieces of someone's structures is the least of your problem when you found a tornado in your neighbourhood smile

Is it me, or Steam client haven't updated yet(3.6.6) and not connecting?


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You're talking about the effects, or the textures?
Because there's some pictures with suprisingly high detailed robots, like this forum's background.

I hate the bloom effects too. It's good for making screenshots sometimes, but it's ugly when playing.
As Zoom said, it was popular back in a day when many people didn't have hardware support for any shaders and any shader shadows were supercool.

But not that we have here too much shader effects (although i like shadows and lighting), so i'm not against the bloom option. Almost a decade ago i've played some mmo for a long time, and sometimes i've swithced the bloomon because it altered the image of which i've seen almost the same for a couple of years smile

Celebro wrote:

If there is no counter, new players will assume Devs have something to hide, which means you look bad. If online counter has low numbers, so what?. A read on the forums gives you an indication there is not much activity anyways.

How could an online counter further hurt the game in anyway?

All of the new players assume that General Chat is online counter.

So even if the actual online is only 10 people more, it's still much better.

It's good to see a healthy *** again smile

As for the people with 20 alts online... It's not something unusual, many games have these. Including the browser games and alt swarm in PvP. So again, counting them all as online players is fine, because everyone doing so.

Congrats smile

And my birthday is 18.11 big_smile

Ville wrote:

our squad chat was at 53 today.  General chat was at 19.

Secret society? roll

Chemist wrote:

No matter how many alts in the game. It is important to many clients started.

In every MMO "Online Players" means including alts.
So yes, there is no single reason to count people instead of windows.


I can support this with $20 or so.

It's looks like a kickstarter for the game.
Beause the first reason for low population is that Perpetuum is a top secret project.


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What i've noticed is everything is "okay" in this game. Really.
As long as you don't go to the forums and read all those losers about how screwed we all are. fuuu

On one of the fanfests(somewhere 2010-2013):
Some dev:
"some of our players still waiting for an update on walking on stations"
"Well, throw them some bone to chew for another year"

Fat son of a ***...

Celebro wrote:
JetNexus wrote:

Just read the "skills for money" article.

I've thought this game was just screwed with all the good ideas in the toilet. But looks like they're creative enough to make it even worse i wasn't able to imagine.

~5 years ago i had a vision, when i was in the future and accessed the Eve website, and there was a message that this project was discontinued. Most likely it was 2018, but also with lesser chance it's 2022. I didn't want to believe. But it's begins to look like true.

You can get more skills for money here too, and in Eve with character transfers you already could 'buy skills', they are just making it easier.

No, i can't. If i want 10 mil EP, i can't buy it no matter how i want. At best, i can make it a little faster with "subscription". And this is cool.

Buying character in old Eve means buying it's history and nickname.
And more importantly, it's wasn't just skills. It's also about the rating.
I remember myself chatting with Dr. Caymus (#1 in SP rating), it was very interesting. This guy carefully trained this char for more than 10 years. It's means much more than a 100 of 15 mil characters.
And now it's nothing. I can just buy all the skills, it won't be too expensive for a dream. And sell it back after a few months.

A total SCAM for all vet players. Maedoff-like.

I was in the first 500 smile Thank God, i've sold all accounts 3 years ago, so they won't pee on me along with all the vets once again.

What scares me is if one day this cancer of consciousness can reach Perpetuum's devs...

Just read the "skills for money" article.

I've thought this game was just screwed with all the good ideas in the toilet. But looks like they're creative enough to make it even worse i wasn't able to imagine.

~5 years ago i had a vision, when i was in the future and accessed the Eve website, and there was a message that this project was discontinued. Most likely it was 2018, but also with lesser chance it's 2022. I didn't want to believe. But it's begins to look like true.

In other words, nothing is changed for the last 3 years. Just some new ships, when they already have hundreds of them and skins.
Not a pixel have chnged in captain's quarters.
Missions are still boring.
Nothing being heard of any interesting planetside activities, like planetary flight or exploring on foot for various peaceful or combat activities.
Or maybe station combat instances.
Oh yes, all of this was canceled, along with vampire game that might been unique. BUT they finished their average console shooter, hooray.

What a waste of money and more than hundred employees...
At this rate Perpetuum can outlive Eve one day.


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We need higher goals in game. Bigger bots for vets. Like capitals in Eve.
So players like me, who haven't been here very long will see it on videos, screenshots, or in squad. And dreaming about it in a future.
And when you'll have it, it'll mean something, and the game will mean something because of it.
These things don't need to be just better than smaller bots. They're just need to be more cool, more meaningful than yet another mech. Maybe it'll be for some heavy territorial and squad activities.

Right now it's not a big deal to train and buy a heavy mech. And there's nothing to train for above it. All you see after a couple of years of training is the same mech but with better stats. Maybe also mechs from another faction.

And after that, we also need some content to use these machines in.

So yeah, we always need more stuff to play with... Mid and high level stuff.


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If they not active then they aren't accumulate EP. And we(noobs) do, right now. Problem solved.

Vets are the pillars of community, newbs needs them. Because vets creates guides, answering questions, writing software, producing stuff, leading and teaching new players in PvP.
You don't need to be the vet to easily kill a newbie anyway. Or troll in chats which may spoil their experience more.

The good question is how to make game interesting for the new corporations though. There's may be some good ideas of content for them. But it's not connected to EP at all.


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There's two group of people, first is the people who doing something and go forward and second is a crybabies who don't want to do anything but bring anyone who's a bit higher than they down on their own level, so they won't feel disomfortable about how miserable they are.
Happens all the time in any game's suggestions forum and in real life.
For a normal human who is a total newbie it wont be a good news that devs nerfing the vets. Because they see the picture: "if i'll stay in this game long enough and spend money, i'll be devaluated somehow, so it's sucks from the begining to the end".


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Hunter wrote:
Naismith wrote:

The rules of the sandbox must be equal and clear for everyone...

- This.
So firstone thing that DeVs must do first - make equal rules and conditions for everyone. If old player have 2-3 millions EP, it should be able for newbies too.

They're able to have it. The same way as anyone. Everyone is perfectly equal in this aspect of the game.


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Almost new player here. Very glad that game haven't forced me to do PvE crap everyday for half a year every day to achieve an average server level, and haven't continued to do so even after to just stay at the good level. Saved me a lot of time and energy.
Maybe EP system is not ideal, but so do all the other leveling systems. I definitely prefer just wait and try to find something interesting to do while i'm suck than spend days doing necessary and often boring stuff while suck.

It's good to have vets, not just noobs, it makes game more interesting when you see someone who achieved something you may one day. And since you can pilot only one bot at the time, the vet's EP just gives them more choices.

And if they'll stop playing they stop accumulating EP after 3 days, remember? Logging in just for EP is already a lot: it's requires to have it installed remembering it almost constantly for months(years?), it's natural to play sometimes in that case. And if he have a booster and "quits" - well, he's a subscriber, he's paying money, so bother someone else smile

Eve had some brilliant features and ideas. Time based progression was one of the geatest. It's dying because of the last several years of failure, bad decisions and disappointment (overconfidence?). Because when people wanted something more that spaceships (walking on planets, stations, vehicles etc), and people knew that the developers were able to deliver it, but they won't with boring excuses. And now we have space games which almost from the start have things that eve devs and many players called a waste of manhours. And this exact same players going for this useless features, leaving these eve losers behind. It hav nothing to do with the character leveling. In fact, if not for the skills, eve might've been closed right now. Because it makes an amazing thing: many players get bored and stop playing, but still paying for the sub to train skills, and sometimes they're return from e these STOs, Elites, etc, because noone asked "are you playing or not?" just check your 2-year skill queue and do and play whatever the heck you want.

Annihilator wrote:

actually, it was implemented EXACTLY 4 years +1 day before you have asked:
Patchlog from yesterday, 4 years ago

I think it'll better to duplicate these options in the landmarks wink


Ordinary NPCs / Mission NPCs checkboxes.

Sorting by size, icon, or something else, to let's say buildings first, then all the robots(player and npcs separately), then containers etc. Sorting by type doesn't gives that.

Stop updating list order while mouse cursor on it or some key pressed. It's hard to target sometimes when it's jumping up and down on the list.


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Well, i've choosed this game because i can forget about it for a year or so and then return with no regrets. And this is the only online game i play. There's enough MMOs for the game addicts already.

This might help the game in general, but can't we help the game somehow without making it undesirable for "normal" people?

Or it might not help at all. Because there's may be people who don't mind playing rarely, but not intersing enough so they play other games or doing things. And then you telling them "Play or leave". Well, they'll finally make their choice very easily.

You are my heroes, Avatar Creations. I hope you have some mind mapping software to keep up with ever increasing complexity of the project and things to keep in mind smile