JetNexus wrote:
Where's foil Mesmer? smile

I mean Kain smile
Where's foil Mesmer? smile

Got 6 cards, 2 or 3 of them were "Nia".

Make your daily sacrifices to the random gods.

How the foil badge looks? smile

Done with the achievement a few weeks ago, need to take all of these badges too. Quite expensive that will be, i think lol


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Kain with med EMs should have black "censored" circles on it, yes lol

DEV Zoom wrote:

This should be public knowledge but I couldn't decide yet where it's best to post this.

The two new sparks will always reappear in the redeem list until you have a character on your account that doesn't have those sparks unlocked yet. We made it this way so you don't have to choose which of your characters gets them.

If i'll claim them for all 2 characters, and after a while create 3rd one, will they reappear on him too?


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Well, you need to do something sooner or later.

It's not connected to EP gap. Bacause of couse we care about EP, but it will be not a big difference - between 5 and 6 levels of skills. Quite frankly, there's not such a big difference in Lvl-3 and Lvl-5 missions as i can see(test server). The rewards is much better, but the gameplay is exactly the same.
The NIC is also not a problem for a total newbie. Because if you expecting them to pay that much without a trial then it's not a miracle that they'll also buy one ICE, sell it on market, and buy everything they need, from light to heavy.

That so called "gaps" it isn't the reason newbies quit.
It's actually the same reasons the older players are complaining: the market, the online, the interesing PvE. Well, then fix the market, for online make it F2P which it already mostly is, and then deliver cool new stuff big_smile


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When switching between presets, i guess?


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Can't connect.
3.7.1 (Steam)


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Annihilator wrote:

given the posts above, can any1 post a single good point on the time based EP system that does not propagate "not playing".

Grinding != playing.

Example: Any interesting game. By the way, addictive not always means interesting.


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Ville wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

You all know that when you reduce the price permanently you can't ever go back, so it's not that simple.

Is this like an unspoken rule for customer service?  Or is there some feature not allowing you to go back up in price on Steam.

We aren't trying to be mean or belittle your product because let's face it, most of us think it's a damn fine game!  But we want people to play with! 

And at some point the model needs to flip to sustain growth.  Meaning Cheap Intro price into the game and heavy sales on ICE.  With ICE being $10/15:

Credits Being used on: Paint jobs, small vanity items, recustomization services and non game breaking items, cutting EP in half on non boasted accounts.

Once you have those items in place, get people in and make moneys off micro transactions.  win - win


Actually, we already have a half F2P model.
Because "buy and play" means that i buy the game and i don't need to spend anymore cash to be at the same level as everyone. Well, maybe only for DLC. This model is comon for singleplaye games.

But we have a cash shop atm. EP booster gives a big advantage. Because if you take a break from game(most people don't want to play even the most exiting games forever), you can return and see something like 200.000 additional EP. Which is far more than +50% and much more than player playing for free will achieve. Basically, the same as the other F2P games: either you pay and relax or play for free: login everyday to have some EP and grind for Mk2 instead of selling ICE.


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"Working class hero"
"It's covered, right?" (checked it a couple of months ago)


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Heluva lag right now...


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That's right, you broke it - you fix it tongue


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That's what happens when the game being mentioned somewhere.
Imagine if there were bannners somewhere all the time even without the sale.
Just thinking.

Sometimes i mine in comtainer for more than 6 hours straight.
And afk scarabs is a nice feature too. I really like it. If someone is AFK mining with 50 accounts then it's another problem and not my fault.

Race Drones wrote:

+1 TO FILTER TELEPORT ANOMALY (not all people do beacons and missions every day) in the Landmark, and Teleport Anomaly NEED TO BE RANDOM. Every jump send you to the same another anomaly teleport.

They should be random, but one anomaly should lead to the same another one until one of them is closed.
Because it's logical and sometimes fun to have temporary alternate shortcuts to send squad into.


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Perpetuum's icon in Steam have good resolution, but in non-steam client is pixelated.
My suggestion is to copy the icon from Steam.

It'll look much better on desktop.

Have created an alt, and decided to go through all tutorial. To have free stuff, i don't have much on my main lol

1) Docked at terminal(when i was told to select it, before(spoilers!) going on suicide task), but there was black screen with some graphic parts on it, disconnected after a short time. Reconnected. The Steam client was disconnected too, so it might be just connection issue.

2) Hauler drones were flying through walls and being somewhere else where they shouldn't be.



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I suppose these depends on what teleport and location you choose at the training island.
But they aren't tell you exactly which ones you'll have after you leave the tutorial.

Well, it's ok, because it doesn't affect the gameplay much while can confuse newbies. Even more.

But what if i want to to choose something interesting for second character? For a little better looking info page, or for RP(lol) purposes.
Is anyone have a list of those and what to choose to have them?