Logged out and deleted. Well, at least it's settled now.


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i'd prefer killing 5 arganos in 5 minutes to doing 15 missions smile


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Leary wrote:

You can buy all the characters or SP injectors you want in EVE if you are terrible you will still be terrible.
It doesn't change anything except some people can spend crazy amount of money/ISK to boost themselves or their friends, good for them, good for CCP.

Then there is the old players that cry because newest players will be able to have more SP than them. Bitter.

And if you terrible anyway then there's no reason to make ways to buy/grind SP.

Anyway, you can always buy the character, rename it and remap the points. Legal or not. Obviously the supply is larger than demand. People don't mind the character bazzaar because there is one anyway, in any game.

And it's good to be bitter (altough i'm not much). Since EP is not the main factor for victory, i don't see why bittervets and newbies both can't be happy.

It's time based progression, after all. You getting your EP and not giving a damn about grinding for it or buying it for cash. If you need to do something everyday - "write 10 times in chat", "4 hours online", "30 missions", "5 kills"... Daily, weekly... Then it'll just won't be a game for mature people.
Although these activities can be good if they'll be an alternatives for boosters, for those who really want it for free. As long as you don't bother the boosted people with these "incentives".

Well, let's wait and see. Maybe it'll actually be something interesting smile


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Jasdemi wrote:
JetNexus wrote:

Sounds scary smile
If it'll be ispired by some latest CCP ideas then i guess you won't see me anymore smile Anything but this pls smile
I've seen some new players in perp who quit eve because of that or decided not to return in it when they've heard the story.

They didn't mind character trading, but quit over the introduction of skill injectors? How is it any different?

Yes, they quit because of skill injectors, but didn't mind character trading.
There was also the another brilliant idea after it - grind for SP. To make sure they won't return.


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Sounds scary smile
If it'll be ispired by some latest CCP ideas then i guess you won't see me anymore smile Anything but this pls smile
I've seen some new players in perp who quit eve because of that or decided not to return in it when they've heard the story.

Dreamfall Chapters.
Waiting for the final episode for half a year now. Soon, soon, soon.
Also i really like Defiance mmo, a lot of fun, but there wasn't any good updates for a couple of years and when i've logged in last time i've seen a new crappy pack for $150 that is relatively average and expensive as hell, and the playerbase is dropping like a stone...

...and you all talking about slow development and balance stuff of Perpetuum like some sort of disaster. Cheeziz lol


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All of this is so boring.
Fix the playerbase, and use the General Chat. On all characters.
But...But...But... Don't care.
Most people just close the game when the chats are so dead. No matter new player or old.
Be useful, at least a little.

But yes, with the current course of events it won't change the trend, without such things as constant game improvement and marketing. This requires money, from kickstarter, bank loan, or forming a startup to start again with the new team(and some investments). Learn from the past mistakes and grow.
The current project will be a good start. Anounce a "beta" to warn about the time when everything can be changed to hell, and no need to wipe stuff, becase it'll give nothing good, but can be bad for reputation.

Although it won't be actually a "kickstarter", because the product is already launched, but there's anothergood thing instead: it'll show that you actually can and want to do something significant when the game have it's bad times. Rising and do things that should be done to make your business grow again. Unlike most of the other game developers who just allowing their games slowly die, squising the last proffits from it. Good thing to refer to later on smile


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Everytime i close the game with "x" button, it's just freezing. I'm always have to kill it in task manager, using keyboard because clicking on anything makes perp window active, but invisible.

Steam, Win10 x64

I can take operator role, if there is no objections.
1. I'm not the most active player, but i won't quit. I have ~5 years of subscription remaining, so it's hard to quit smile
2. Mostly for keeping channel topic up-to-date.
3. No one will ever get banned, no matter what. Not even temporary. Because it's the public channel. You can use "block" feature on people you don't like.

Russian chat room topic is outdated: tutorial tip is irrelevant now, and the link to fansite is also doesn't working.
But we have a good resource for new russian players who are not very good at English, so i suggest changing the topic to the following:
"Википедия на русском языке: http://ru.perpetuum.wikia.com/wiki/"


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That's ok, i felt the same way in EVE before i quit.
Lots of blogs, videos and updates, but it was still the same to me, nothing really new, nothing interesting left to do, terribly boring.
I guess you just can't play any game forever... roll

I think it is better to have new players, new stuff and the balancing, without excuses.
But that's just me smile

No differece


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In Soviet Perpetuum you don't have snow, snow has you.

I'd prefer omnibots, like we have now. It's more flexible and interesting this way, even if everyone will use the same modules for certain roles. And the same model for actually different robots will look as a terrible quality of product.

But of course, we want new toys. But they should be really new. Like flying robots, Larger, or modular ones...


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Sad to see such initiative gone to nowhere...


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So this is the list for the next month lol


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Ville wrote:

Zoom can we get a black variant for the Riveler, Symbiont, Scarab and Lithus?  We have combat heavies.  Why no Indy love?


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Celebro wrote:

Zoom says March is a busy time, moving house I think, not sure what that means for development. I bet he is the only one trying to get the game going. roll

Impossible for one man... roll


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Rolafen Azec wrote:

Consider a system of 4 EP tiers instead of the 1 we have now:
tier 0 - log in within 3 days  - 1440 EP
tier 1 - consume tier 1 EP item in 3 days, found in alpha, manufactured from mainly cryoperine, 500 EP
tier 2 - consume tier 2 EP item in 2 days, found in beta, manufactured from mainly epriton, 200 EP
tier 3 - consume tier 3 EP item in 1 days, found in gamma, manufactured from mainly colixium, 100 EP

The difference between a pure waiter only doing tier 0 waiting and one that did all 4 ouf them would be 600 EP about +50% from the baseline. The effect of booster would be to allow the premature consumption of the item to go to queue instead of waste and an additional tier $ - 720 EP income (exactly 50% of tier 0).

As long as we can buy boosters and have maximum possible EP/day, everything will be fine.
If someone don't mind playing for free but logging in everyday to get the same results as waiter with booster - it's fine.
But only if not more than with booster, or booster+grinding.

It's actually might be a good thing then.
Because some people already doing such insane thing as logging in every day to get free EP.


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Crepitus wrote:

First, this doesn't belong in General Chat it belongs in Feature discussions and Requests where it can be more easily, and rightfully, ignored.

You readily admit that the current system kept you logging in for a year for "free" EP which is exactly what it was designed to do.

There is already a *** ton of ICE out there. I don't have any but I know that some people have hundreds. Increasing their efficacy is *** and does not benefit either the game nor AC in any way.

The account upgrades are borderline P2W (especially the sparks), but because they're limited to one time per account purchases it's not that bad and it gives newbies like Mroq the ability to not have to wait 3 months up front - it's exactly what it was designed and intended for - while also giving enough credits to fix mistakes or buy more premium EP time. It was the first thing I did when I came back to the game was purchased all the upgrades on all of my accounts, not all of which have years worth of stockpiled EP.

It's also a fallacy that this is the reason the player base is small is just the waiting. There needs to be a laser focus on PvE - especially SOLO - because it's carebears growing hair on their balls that usually brings people to Beta/Gamma. I personally like the low system requirements - however I do think at the very least AC could provide a high-res texture pack with a config toggle because a lot of people won't play games that aren't shiny - especially if they bought the game based on the trailer...

TL;DR - All of the OPs ideas are *** and ignore the root problems with population - namely lack of PvE *** to do (by actual lack of *** and mechanics that favor locking people out of things with the senseless removal of other existing things) and lack of advertising. AC can't rely solely on Steam and Facebook.

So true...


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Mroq wrote:

Well You still have the choice to either wait or grind to speed it up.
Larger bots in the future? I would rather expect a retextured ones with some kind of mk3 and unique abilities. And requiring more EP to push the completion goal that so many already achieved further away.
The second question tho is fairly simple, since You can accumulate EP you can have a stock ready for when it is needed for the new stuff - so still those who buy EP can't get advantage over You if prepared accordingly.

It's not really about someone's advantage.
It's about the game mature philosophy, where you can choose what to do, when and how much you want. Instead of being online and do things to progress faster like some teenager with all the time in the world.

But i understand that waiting is sometimes very frustrating and may cause people to quit because they've tired of waiting. But active training is not cool at all. Need a better option.

Actually, i don't see a big problem, because there is DLC that can be bought, and player can pilot heavy mech shortly after start, skipping all light and assault bots.

My solution for those who want more EP:
"3rd DLC", for credits, not money. Quite expensive, 500k EP.
It's the first part. Can be obtained through online time without spending money.
The second part is that "DLC" can be bought partially. For example, 10k EP for 200 credits. Up to maximum 500k for account.
It's the second part. Players can grind quite a lot of EP doing things they've choosed. It's affordable, because players can get additional EP every day instead of saving for one big purchase. By the way, i've heard that there's mini-ICE planned, which gives 200 credits, which will be very handy in this case.
At the same time, it's not breaking anything, because for not the grindy, mature person it's just a 3rd DLC pack.

500k may be too much. if so, then 300k.


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It's not perfect, but even Wait 2 Win is better than Grind 2 Win.
By the way, what about larger bots in the future? They gonna wait to pilot them right away?

Jita wrote:

Does anyone know of a new player who joined the game because of these cards?

The badges are shown in Steam profiles, and maybe the wallpaper. People can find out about this game by this.
Relatively good advertising smile

Ville wrote:

So you get three cards and done?

By default, you always get 50% of cards for any game.
But with in-game purchases you can get more "free" cards.
I've got 6 free cards because of previous purchases. And it's says i can get more for additional purchases.