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Well,  with Eve you can be infiltrated and months / years worth of work stolen and destroyed.   You are, however, left with a personal inventory of assets spread throughout the planets and systems and a bank account full of isk.  Reputation built up with AI factions, etc.

In Ark, you can be completely raided and wiped being forced to start 100% over naked as the day you were born with absolutely nothing but your character's build.  Months / years worth of work gone in minutes.   The fact that you can lose more time / effort,  have to risk more with every fight, and are often just raided by trolls,  makes me say it's more brutal.   

Tribe infiltration, insider sabotage, and mind games are all the required strategies if you're going to play PvP.  It seems like it would attract people from this community more than it seems to have. 

The game does need a bit more polish but it is completely playable.  Very few real bugs in comparison to other early access games, especially if you just want the PvP experience.


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I'm surprised this hasn't been more popular amongst the groups here.  The PvP in this game is absolutely brutal - I mean it puts Eve to shame really.

Does anyone play?  Official or Unofficial servers?



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Holy crap. People still play this game.


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Annihilator wrote:

well, i meant that regarding the disappointment of the majority of the backers of the listed games.

Dual Universe wants to combine "space engineers", "minecraft" and "mmo" into a single-shard server.
Especially the last one is something i want to see before i believe it, since Elite Dangerous was such a downer in that aspect.

EvE online works, because they have that huge server-farm and the dice-roll combat - and they could grow for ten years.

And you are looking forward to unleash the productive creativity of those voxel-construction games into an MMO on a single shard. -
- well, i am looking forwad to see the destructive creativity of players like Syndic or Styx beeng unleased on such a game.


Honestly, I have 0 faith that this will come to fruition in the way that is advertised. After Elite and SC, it's promising too much.  Even Space Engineers is still in beta. 

That being said, if it were to happen, I don't see it evolving past a giant pile of abandoned ruins from what were once space stations (for about 15 minutes) before being torn down by the pew pew crowd.   There will be optimal space ship configurations that everyone will crank out and then go knock all the care bear sandcastles down until there are no sandcastles and they'll just blow up each other.

I mean, good luck,  but I remain skeptical.


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Oh oh oh!   let's speculate on valuation since that's where this has fallen apart on the past.

Normal valuation methods:
- Sales valuation:  1.5 * last year's sales
- Cash flow valuation:   last 5 years of cash flow to project cash growth and value based upon future cash reserves.

Since we can pretty much guarantee no investor would touch this with a 10 foot pole because there really isn't an acceptable model for earn back,  that leaves the open source option. 

I personally believe the community could raise the funds to actually buy the game from the devs (based on a reasonable valuation) and crowdfund it to success.   Of course, this all would require the community to get along long enough to do it.

A few givens:
- we would HAVE to do a complete wipe.
- The inevitable game engine debate will probably take most of the time.
- artwork?


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Rovoc wrote:

I think its painfully obvious that the dev don't care about this game.  How about we have the war to end all wars so i can quit and go play another game.  I have around 75 seth mk2's and 100 mk2 arty's id like to blow up so i wouldn't have wasted all that time for nothing.  I would say lets just start brawling over saps but that's boring, as we already do this, but scheduled bang is even worse.  Any suggestions? before the trolling starts no im not gonna walk them into fleets to die or give them away.  looking for real suggestions.

P.S. idk about yall but the current state of the game is *** boring as poop.

You really think blowing up a bunch of pixels in crap animations is going to satisfy you?     The dev's do care, they just don't care about you.  They already have your money. You are no longer valuable. Go do something else.


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I did (and didn't) answer,  then my post got deleted and I got banned.  I just remembered this account still exists.

Inb4 ban in 5...4....3..