No he didn't click refresh....


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Sadly I do have to post behind a alt, I never hid this from day one, other then my true identity within the alliance.

There is true fear within as I personally have saw what happens when you go from a have, to a have not. 
Kicked booted, blacklisted.  There is a very rich community, if you can pierce the vail that surrounds it and become a "in" persona.

This saddens me that Zoom has not posted here at least confirming the problem exists, rather then the corporate line of "do nothing".


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Chicken or egg then.

Short term, fix the problem.  Not too hard.


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So anything related to combat balance you are stepping aside from, as per you have more then enough alts to offset any game balance?

How do players come up with such terrible ideas?


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I hear talk of, if I spark here or there, what if I forget something?

Were starting to get into the general games design.  Do the Dev's, or players, want open and free movement across thousands of KM of land mass without any draw backs? 

Why is the player sparking there in the first place?  For PVP, PVE, it must be one or the other.  So next question to answer the first, why do you need to NOT stay there for 20hours to complete your task?
Can you not already use a mobile tele to get across the game map very quickly as it is, more so with the speed increase?

We know, us within the holding alliance of most of the outposts, what this would attempt to curb.  Massive alliances holding land that they dont use, easily.

This is a change FOR the new players, restricting asset movement, and spreading out PVP characters of our, larger more player rich alliance.


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The balance of any mechanic in game shouldn't be around people with multiple accounts, rather, around single bots working in tandem.   

If we start to go down that balance route, how many accounts is acceptable?  5, 10, 7? 

I still see no one arguing against that sparks are completely broken, right now we have two sides.

Completely remove them, or add in a cool down of sorts. 

We have already had a first balance pass, resulting in very little change.


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Dev Zoom wrote:

Even those who play the game much more often than me can't reach a consensus so I don't see how this is relevant.

Ville wrote:

1 hr cooldown is beyond fair.

Goffer wrote:

+1 for beta/gamma
atm we need this badly for alpha
and I see no real abuse on alpha

Edit And I see a reason for cooldown, but 1h or 4h seems too much. 15 min would be fine thought

Jasdemi wrote:

1 hour limitation is good. No longer.


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It is a truly great thing to see everyone in the community come together and say that this is a issue, and a major problem.

We, together, have met Zooms requirements of "everyone must say so for change to happen". 

Hear us Zoom.  This needs fixed.  Simple fix, add a cool down.


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I appreciate you standing by your idea's Supremacy.


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Not a peep of for or against.

I will just assume you stand by your remarks nearly a year ago and stand with me in anonymity.


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Ville wrote:

@Zoom food for thought.  Name one pvp MMO that let's plays instantly travel across the entire world without a cool down?

I think I'm right.  I think.

Don't doubt, about the fears of mine of disagreeing with the winners.  It tends to get you on the blacklists, just look at STC.  I would rather make Nic in saftly then deal with the hardships.


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Gunner's with me!

Gunner wrote:

EVE has 24 hour timers on clone hopping and this game as 0 second timers and you can place 10 clones.

EVE had it right from the start.

There is still a kill yourself to medical clone option, but really..

It's ridiculous and it is the way it is because of concessions to players.

I can be anywhere I need to be with eight account and 10 locations each.

It needs to be fixed, somehow.

The 10 people left that are playing this game just abuse the mechanic for missions and PvP related moving etc.

fix it


I would be happy with 1 hour, even a half hour.      or    PvP = 30 minute wait

anything ---


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Rex on topic my man!  Its ok to not push just your ideas, and let others shine with in your own circle of influence.

I understand your hate for sparks and the entire system itself.  Sadly I am not as bold, nor am I in the "In" group that is aloud to make these statements.

Rex Amelius wrote:

You're right that nerfing sparks will not change attitudes or aggressiveness in pvp playstyles. It only makes it harder for dominating power to be everywhere ...and thats the whole *** point. The idea is to open up Beta to more people not change their playstyles or make them more effective pvpers. Otherwise Beta is only available to the very strongest. What kind of *** up game is that for all but the very strongest?

Sparks are broken so bad that the game is broken with it. Aside from the PVE disaster it's the single worst problem in the game.

Were on the same team. 

Ville wrote:

Need a cool down 1 hour or 4 hour.   Being round the world in 60 seconds is bad. … teleports/


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Walking sucks, pre speed increase.

Walking sucks, pre moble tele...err...nevermind

Both are against this critical endeavor to fix the actual problem, sadly I cannot do this in the open I must use anonymity so that no official action is taken against me.


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You would? 

Sure, right after we fix just about everything else that is just about 99% more important.


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I feel you, and agree completely. 

The test server is a service you provide us with, so that we can provide you the service of testing.  It is at your pleasure.


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Why are you attempting to attack my character, and your beloved game?  Zoom can see who I truly am, and he does respect. 

Everyone hates this idea, but in the back of there head they truly know it solves all the problems.  If you go to where ever your spark is, it can be for a kill, gank or opperation. (Reward)  It had just better be a prolonged one, as your stuck ( Risk).


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This is why I have to use a alt to post here, as I would probably get kicked out. 

We already own everything, because of sparks. 

No need to throw them out, just make them less useful.


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Just add a cool down timer.

Its not that hard, nor is it rocket science.  But please keep coming up with complicated ways to further entangle the issue.

24 hours would work.   No...No it will work.

* Spark Telleporting *
30-60Min for any Alpha 1 island
6-8Hours for any Alpha 2 island
20-24 Hours for Beta / Gamma 

If you want us all to agree, we already do.  I speak for all 25 people still currently playing with me.  It tickles and feels all good inside.

Edit: Amended * by these are not the droids you are looking for *


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The ticket system is broken, no point in playing now.

The test server is down, no point in making new things.

PVP flag follow bot mechanic was removed to combat multiple accounts with one user.  Inda, being a more so solo kinda guy was on the forefront of accepting this change, and generally blessing it.

Now out of the blue this come to us.  Do we realize that this will undo the last aforementioned change?

Gratefully, the DEV's can see past second base on this one, and it shouldn't ever happen.

Side note:
If your already driving your combat bot, why would this be needed?  Answer, its not!  Well, only if your running just one account.