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Link to blogo: https://community.sequer.nl/2018/01/18/ … ouncement/

http://steamcommunity.com/app/223410/di … 5894564424

Many would like to hear the details alluded to in this post.



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The community right now:  https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a2/dd/cc/a2dd … loween.jpg


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What was the issue?


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If anyone has issues registering on:  https://community.sequer.nl/meta/  let us know on discord https://discord.gg/e4gH9Ff

New Blag: https://community.sequer.nl/2017/10/13/ … olunteers/


https://community.sequer.nl/2017/09/24/ … m-project/

Better Balance wink
New Content cool
Server for whole community big_smile
Open-source (got an idea? make+submit! or volunteer on a team!) smile
Crowd-funding to pay server costs. tongue

More details in future blogs.
Join our discord: https://discord.gg/e4gH9Ff
Join our forums: https://community.sequer.nl/meta/
Like on FB, retweet us, tell your friends, tell strangers, tell your dog, spread the word! lol


Announcing the community effort and server for the new perpetuum:
https://community.sequer.nl/2017/09/24/ … m-project/

Our thanks to the devs for their continued efforts to provide all of us with this opportunity to recreate the perpetuum universe.

From the blog:

It’s important to note that existing non-Steam (e-mail based) accounts will continue to work with the Steam-based Perpetuum client, but you won’t be able to create a non-Steam account after the change.

The server application, and how that's distributed, no idea.  I assume anyone can get it(?).  Therefore anyone can make a server.  The only restriction is that new accounts can only be created via steam.  Everything else remains as-is.

Drizden, I share your concerns.
While we don't want to prevent others from making their own (some people that have fetishes best played on their own private servers) we hope that we can make one for everyone to play, and will be something they would prefer to play over the others.

Our goal is to provide this single, persistent universe, as you experienced on the official server.
We hope with innovative content changes, additions, and expert-tuned balance changes, that players will elect to join the community server, instead of spreading thin.

We are preparing and will hit the ground running as soon as the devs release the server application.
(Tell your friends)

I think everyone should join this discord:



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Thank you for the response.


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Blog time.


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Yes, I want to make you aware the game devs are dissolving the entity that has been developing the game.

The state of the official server is unknown.  It is being run outside of the corp that is liquidating, but out of the kindness of one of the Devs.

They may also release tools for players to make their own servers, and customize game parameters.
But we dont know details, there will be a blog soon.

For applications: they have to be done in-game.
Search for Ethos corp.
There is a button the the bottom of the corp info panel that says "Send application".


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http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … creations/

If you really want to join, put in an application.


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Thank you for responding even if you did not have time to draft the full blog post.

Thank you as well for the considerable effort in making the game portable and deployable, and releasing such tools to the community.  We all recognize you have no obligation to do so and are humbled that you would even take time to accomplish this.

I'm sure a number of community members will make great use of these tools.


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Naismith wrote:

Looks like the plug will be pulled without even a cursory "sorry we tried".

This is what gets me.
Why _no_ communication?

Are corporate officers legally bound to not discuss during their liquidation?
Are they hoping to grab whatever chance purchase that might be coming in randomly from steam before it all goes offline?
It seems strange for what is public information to not be explained, in any way, to the community and customers.

Perhaps they are dissolving the corporation and will go open-source/volunteer staff?
Perhaps now they can shed responsibilities to shareholders?

Perhaps they will turn the server off tomorrow, and say nothing.


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This is how I copied your killmails from your forum posts:
2218-07-30 09:54:13


Agent: Krage
Corporation: Dreamers
Robot: Sequer Mk2

Attacker 1
Agent: Doom Beamer
Corporation: Dome of York
Robot: Baphomet Mk2
Damage dealt: 1079.97 HP
*Killing blow*
ECM usage: 0 / 0
Demobilizer usage: 0
Sensor suppressor usage: 0
Energy drained/neutralized: 0.00
----------End of Copy-------------

The line* breaks are needed between the subsections.
I know it sucks, but I am not about to handle combinatorically explosive formatting edge-cases.

Basically the assumption is that any deviation from the canonical format is bad-input.
Again, not user friendly, but this is a remedial measure and demonstration of the datamodel (for later functionality) until I get the API key.

* emphasis for pun

And @Ville it will look better when I get permissions to use perpetuum media.


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Thanks for the feedback!
Line, can you attach the KM in question?  I used some of these to test before without issue.   Perhaps the selection picked up some other characters.


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Hello all,
Took a bit of the weekend but I threw together a killboard.
Since I do not have access to the API, this is going to have to kick it old-school.

Please post the Kill-mail details from your Agent>Career>Trophies/Losses right-click or double click Details
Then click Copy.
Paste into the text area unedited on the site.

Most ill-formed killmails will be rejected, duplicates, etc.
Please don't spam/post fraudulent mails.

The current platform I am using is free (but can scale with payment).
The webserver will sleep automatically when inactive, but can otherwise run for free with 99% uptime, and takes a second to wake from a sleep. (Be patient)
The database has a very low limit on entries for the free tier.  Which means we can not exhaustively post our historic kills, nor will kills posted to this service last forever.

Post here about bugs.  Don't try to break it, but if it does let me know.  I know there are edge cases I did not consider, nor do I have pretty user-feedback to help amend any errors.  Make sure your killmail is "complete" with the necessary data.  Using the in-game Copy button ensures the clipboard gets all of the text.  And the input is dependent on that formatting, do not change it. 

Also for non-English clients, I do not know if kill-mails are translated, and if they are: this will not work for you.  I have not internationalized my string-casing.

If all of these bugs and features get really involved I might push to github and do issue tracking there. 

Paste KMs.
Don't abuse.
Bugs-> Tell me 'bout em.
Better UI later.
More functionality later.
API maybe?!
Limited DB, data may be cleared.

Don't break it.
It is a shared resource, treat with care.


You're welcome.


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Broker wrote:

"291 all-time peak 3 years ago"
3 years ago but damn, 291. And it's Steam only.
That's what happens when devs give a damn and do real thing instead of licking butts with lower prices and easier EP progression.

Well remember 90% of those quit because with time-based EP they would "never catch up" and ragequit.
And now almost all of the players that did quit because of that don't even know that the devs implemented activity based EP.

I still see people logging in every 3 days, some never left tutorial, because they think they are passively generating EP.  None knowing that they could afk mine over night for a week and get ~1mil ep.


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Seems lots of people use discord, and it is a nice way to have a persistent communications/chat outside of the game with text or voice!

It is easy enough to get, and especially to add servers to your already running discord, so I thought, why not let players, new/old, past/present, connect together again and drive the community (forward) and meet and arrange to do things in game that would otherwise be difficult to coordinate otherwise.

There were several attempts to get a chat with community leaders, devs, etc. about the game its plans and the future.  So why not set up the infrastructure just in case such an event should occur?

I encourage all to join, invite friends, enemies, etc.


This is unofficial, but I welcome Devs to join and will give them admin privileges should they choose to join.

(There is a channel to discuss other games too... )


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Ah I see.

The DLC's are nice, special sparks, bulk EP, and lots of credits.
Credits might be the best because a EP booster (2400 credits) doubles your EP income, daily and activity-based EP.

If you are patient, you can achieve all the same with time of course.  So it depends what your time is worth, but I'd argue its a deal if you get it on sale.


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If you have an active account you can download the non-steam client and play.  If you want, you can link it to your steam account (irreversible) and play via steam, without a purchase I think.

I'd keep your steam separate, and wait for a $2.50 sale.  That's a cheap alt. smile