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I've been casually watching this game, and will likely be giving it a try.

Liking these. I wish EVE did something similar tbh. I may have to pick up some of these packs. cool


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how about that fozziesov eh?


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I put a good number of hours into it the first 2 weeks, but its on the shelf for now


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

Meanwhile in the middle of a random wormhole....

lol, blap phoenix is pretty legit though.


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Implying I ever quit EVE.  lol


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pleb smile


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Gunner wrote:

how many potatoes is that???

Enough to make a bottle of vodka?


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Race Drones wrote:

EVE introduced bombers not decloak each other, worst, any ship cloaked can't decloak another cloaked ship, but, is not his fail, the problem is isboxer. roll

All is about ignorance of how things work and the High DPS bomber's fleet.

Yep, its pretty obvious they wanted to remove it from pvp (bombers in particular). I like to quote one of my friends because he put it so well:

A lot of people these days are reveling in the multi-boxer tears, and casting hate at those who are different from themselves, jealous of the success of others. Not because they can’t do the same, but because they simply don’t want to. Even I’ll admit that multi-box bombing is kind of lame, but they could fix it in other ways than simply calling it cheating. Like adding a way to scan down cloaked ships, or add a module that pulses out an AOE that decloaks everything around you, but also roots you in place for a period of time (or some other negative consequence), prevent bombers from being able to warp for 5 seconds after launching, have defender missiles shoot down bombs, etc, etc.

You’ll get no tears from me, if anything this will make multi-box miners wealthier. Plex prices will decrease, mineral values will increase, and those of us skilled enough to carry on will be able to earn a great deal of profit from this. I believe CCP are just making the game more cumbersome in this regard, which is not the direction a company should take a game. If they made it difficult or impossible to multi-box because of exciting additions that require coordination and fast reflexes, then I say bring it on. But to simply decide that a portion of your legitimate player base will spontaneously be considered cheaters is poor form.


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Annihilator wrote:

I am curious how far they intend to go with that. AFAIK software solution had been prohibited until a few years ago and player circumvented it by mechanical solutions. With todays availiability of VM-ware and Proxy IP's, dedicated Multiboxer will find their ways to continue.

BUT - if they find a good way, AC hopefully can follow up.

Multiboxing software isn't banned, only certain functions of it.


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that would imply that i am not already insane. smile


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You got to admit, at least, it gives you some form of advantage. Otherwise you wouldn't be using it and much less make a thread when it breaks down.

Of course. Just like using t4 mods and mk2 bots. Just like a corp running a mining op.


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jita wrote:

I did enjoy that. Honestly though its not just because it's PHM - its wrong and its been stated to be wrong. Can you imagine in a ftp game what you could do with this?

"If I keep repeating myself and ignoring any evidence to the contrary, it will become true!"


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TIL opening 8 game clients and alt tabbing through them is equivalent to using hacks and macros. Oh boy you sure showed everyone!


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Before: http://i.imgur.com/z1fr046.jpg

After: http://i.imgur.com/49HGO4d.jpg


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Jita wrote:

It allows you to control more accounts than would usually be bearable. You have proven that by saying that without isboxer you don't want to play. It's the same as a macro - that doesn't generate more stuff it just extends your playtime by doing something when your mot there. Isboxer extends your playtime by making one action not have to be repeated up to nine times. One drag drop empties 9 cans.

@echo off

start "1" "E:\Perpetuum\Perpetuum.exe"
start "2" "E:\Perpetuum02\Perpetuum.exe"
start "3" "E:\Perpetuum03\Perpetuum.exe"
start "4" "E:\Perpetuum04\Perpetuum.exe"
start "5" "E:\Perpetuum05\Perpetuum.exe"
start "6" "E:\Perpetuum06\Perpetuum.exe"
start "7" "E:\Perpetuum07\Perpetuum.exe"
start "8" "E:\Perpetuum08\Perpetuum.exe"

The main thing ISboxer adds is convenience. Alt tabbing convenience, starting up the game, etc. I don't need ISboxer, and have already deviced methods to produce the same results.

As for emptying cans, I don't need to use broadcasting to do it. While it is convenient to do so, it is not neccessary. I can still mine in eve (if I ever felt crazy enough to do so again), and I can still do so here.


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Perceptor wrote:

You do realise in that thread he says its a gray area until you cross the line and then its not. Since its clear your using multiple clients and transporting mouse commands to them all in order to gain in game items at an accelerated rate than you would without isboxer then it's no longer a grey area and clearly against the EULA

You are very confusing. Accelerated rate? Do multiboxed miners somehow acquire ores faster than those that aren't? are their yields somehow modified? How would one of my characters mine faster than another? Please explain.


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Nice opinions, and thanks for the laughs, I'll just leave this here.


In the future, you should probably leave judgements about the rules to the DEVs.


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let me preface that I don't expect much assistance in regards to the use of innerspace; More or less I felt like typing this out.

Ever since I started playing the game in September, I have been running multiple game clients simultaneously with the help of Innerspace/ISboxer. If you don't know what that is, it is essentially an overlay (much like steam) that provides window management (alt-tabbing), system resource management, and multiboxing tools for the user.

Everything worked fine and dandy until a few days ago when I tried to load the game through innerspace - game crashes or simply fails to load. Its really quite puzzling to me considering I can load the game normally without issue. I'm not sure if its an issue with the game itself, or something with isboxer.

The most disappointing part is that multiboxing is truly how I enjoyed this game. I'm afraid if I can't get this resolved my playtime in Perpetuum will be greatly reduced sad

many tears, much sad. hopefully I get this crap sorted. hmm


probably more than i should

EVE online... smile


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Celebro wrote:

reason to fight

To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.