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Annihilator wrote:

why the effort?

just start a kickstarter campaign for a game, write everything down you want to have in it, and search for coders to do it. The only point about "buying" this game is to buy the 3D assets.

since the grafics would need an upgrade anyway, even that would be pointless to aquire.

the backgroundstory of the game was pretty much mainstream scifi and is not ingame,
so making up a new one is a matter of a short brainstorming session and a few hours typing.

buying the name of the game? its still pretty unknown, so not much of a point either.

You'll argue with this,  but eh.

The same reason people buy failing businesses and turn them around vs just starting a new one.  It's because most of the annoying legwork is already done and the business does - at some level - have some value even if it's failing or nearly dead.

For example Perp:
- already has distribution
- already has a hosting infrastructure
- already has a player base that WILL follow it
- already on steam
- already has a market history (i.e you can google and see battles on youtube or discussions on other game forums)
- already has been released (no need to go through early access, beta, etc all over again)
- is actually a proven product.  Contrast to star citizen for example.  The confidence that a user has that they will get a game in exchange for their money is high, even if it's a *** game.

While these things seem stupid because a complete rework will effect them, the fact of the matter is that you start from a different position than if you were to start new and that *could* make a difference.  Whether or not it would is irrelevant,  the fact that it could is the value add.  Especially when securing capital to purchase it. ;-)



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Ville wrote:

?  Zoom, I think the NPCs are working great!  Keep them as is!  We need danger!

You need.... Stranger .. Danger? 

Thank you I'll be here all night.

Great presentation:

Great use of AWS.


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I would reinstall the game and pay a subscription fee if I got my own island that I could teraform and build my own *** on. 

Even if it was completely single player and independent from the multiplayer persistent game world.

Just saying.

Edit:  Put a timer with a countdown to the dumbest AI possible - a zerg rush of NPC bots.  Have turrets target NPCs.   Boom. Insta-game! 



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DEV Zoom wrote:

There is no way observers got faster but all the other NPCs are unaffected, because noone touched observers. Which ones are we talking about?

lol "that's impossible! nobody touched that part of the code!"

if I had a nickle for every time I heard that.. (and said that)


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Ville wrote:

You think we'll ever get a tablet client?

You're living in a dream world.

Bring all your bots to the mount of impasse.  Prostrate yourselves and worship the almighty Zoom.  Through much prayer and fasting only may you approach him.


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Hahaha.  That's some good stuff right there.

Rovoc wrote:

Did you test this *** before you put it in?

Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?  Yes, but not in context.  Always.

JetNexus wrote:
Ville wrote:

our squad chat was at 53 today.  General chat was at 19.

Secret society? roll

53 in squad,  only 2 actual humans.

They were 'mining' which basically means talking about other games on TS while looking at porn and occasionally clicking a new tile.


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Constantly losing battles really does make you want to stop playing the game. 

But there again just about everything you do in Perpetuum makes you want to stop playing it. :-\


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Ville wrote:

scarabs, but no.  I prefer low end functioning games.

You are not the norm of the industry my friend.

Though that should be obvious. You're still playing Perp.


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Mining needs to be fun.
Missions need to be fun.
PvE needs to be fun.
PvP needs to be balanced.
Beta and Alpha need to be balanced.
Graphics need updating.
World needs to be bigger.
Perpetuum needs to be rewritten...

Keep 'em comin boys.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

I'd love to say 2 weeks, but you'll multiply that by potato anyway so...

I can't help but read this in the tone of a man defeated, taken prisoner, and beaten repeatedly for many years.

Zoom, you can't possibly like your job. Tending to the forum potatoes all this time..


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Solution to mining:

Make the newbies do it.  It's called indentured servitude.  You're PoE.  You should know about this already. I am disappoint.

Oh wait, there aren't any newbies.  Ha nvm


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logicalNegation wrote:

I think (an opinion that can be dismissed) that the small-feature or balance patches that are on the roadmap should not get clumped together into one big patch. 

This way there are more, more frequent, small updates, that players can see is a consistent history of development.  This would also allow bugs to be addressed in a more modular way, addressing the issue that one update brought, instead of many at once.

Outside of player activity, dev-activity is the only thing to draw attention in newsfeeds that potential new and old players will see and attract them back to the game.

HOW DARE YOU EVEN HINT AT THE CONCEPT OF AGILE. How dare you sir! How dare you!   

Just because of the rest of the known world finds iteration to be successful does NOT mean that it'll work in Hungary.  I vote to ban you for such a suggestion. 

Gosh.  The audacity of some people.


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ITT we list all the things more fun.

For example:    http://www.twitch.tv/bobross

Watching Bob Ross painting pictures for a week straight.


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Ville wrote:

Seriously can I get unbanned I'd like to chat with people.

While you're at it, unban me from your TS.   Watching Trump run for president makes me nostalgic of Gunner.


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Giant PvE dungeon...  You're talking about a Raid. I don't think anyone's ever tried that in a full loot open PvP game before.

Even if it didn't work, it'd be unique enough that I'd come back to try it out.


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The steam reviews are discouraging me from trying it :-\


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^ It's - amazing.    I'm extremely impressed by the AI. It actually requires you to fly now! 

E:D finally has become the new Freelancer 3.0 IMO.  Big shoes to fill for Star Citizen.



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Jump on Elite and wing with me. We'll go pirate hunting smile  2 vultures vs 'conda or FDL is intense.


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I actually attribute his low k/d ratio to play style,  not necessarily lack of skill or 'balls' or any of that.

BMG just wants action. Often time in very unfavorable odds. It's not bravery, it's not stupidity, it's just the thrill he gets from the game.   It is a game after all.

That is why there should be a Beastmode Boss NPC in his honor. Something you can kill over and over all for the sake of senseless action.


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Naismith wrote:

It's not a job, it's an incentive to play a little every day in a continuity instead of grinding until your fingers bleed.

So instead of a giant poop log,  there will be poop spread out all over the wall.

No matter how you try to decorate your poop, it's still poop.

The incentive to play any game should be 'fun'.


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JetNexus wrote:

The marketing part of the game is heavily underdeveloped. I know it sounds boring, not as cool as an improvements to PvP/PvE, but without it there won't be many players, because it pushes people off. We're losing a large part of clients on a stage where they haven't seen a product yet.

It's not requires a lot of money and dev time to try a different sales model at least for a limited time. For example, make the game free, with premium stuff like booster, give the current players a booster for a few months. If it won't work, revert the changes, without deleting any new accounts to not damage the reputation.

Price for buying the game which you may delete after a few hours is too high for some. BUT the price for 50% booster for a main account in the game you like - is cheap. Think about it. It's much more easier to buy a booster for some months than buy the game in a first place.

Marketing doesn't mean anything if your game sucks.  Look at League of Angels. That piece of junk has probably the largest ad campaign I've ever seen in a game and still nobody plays it. Why? It sucks. 

You're starting to figure it out though. Player loss has a very low impact on the Buy 2 Play business model.  Typically B2P games will capitalize on ongoing player participation through a vanity item cash shop (robot skins). The red flags are when you see B2P games and there ISN'T a cash shop. That usually means the population is too low to warrant the expense of creating one. Which in turn means players have no reason to keep playing.  Which indicates the game isn't fun.


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Most gamers already have a job and don't need another one.
The ones that don't have a job don't want a job.

The game needs to be fun. Not a job.