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Ville wrote:

wow 26 whole kills!!

and there has been a whole 3 kills since... the arkhe doesn't count


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Inda wrote:

As I saw, Albion, Crowfall get a good amount of support.

So I think Perpetuum 2.0 will be also a viable option financially but you need to make a really good crowfounding campaign. if you are planning smaller than those ones. So if somebody feel the power or energy to try to make that happens that would be the best about this game (but have to owns the rights if the DEVS dont want to continue). I would really support that one, if that is not happens the plan B is there what Null mentioned. So we will try to sustain and tweak, and lets see how far we can get as a cumminty. (And I would support plan B for 2 year max then over.)

albion and crowfall have over 100,000 players......perp would be lucky to get 100 maybe 200 but that's stretching it a bit


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would need to be a reset at some point I have 2-300 billion nic in assets that's just my stuff. not to mention our corp has trillions


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put me down for 5k if they are willing to sell for a decent price its not worth 1 million zoom


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

What I am curious about is how missile damage apparently got so powerful, they only changed the rate of fire and should not have changed the damage capacity as far as I am aware.

fit one up and see. a 6 tuning gropho has 1465.25% damage and only costs 27.73 ap per missile

Rugerx > 819.44 damage > Artemis
Rugerx > 867.14 damage > Artemis
Rugerx > 924.25 damage > Artemis
Rugerx > 1631.59 critical damage > Artemis
Rugerx > 893.48 damage > Artemis
Rugerx > 831.94 damage > Artemis
Rugerx > Destroyed > Artemis


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and a full tuning gropho will one volley all npcs but elite bulls


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I don't think they can figure out how to make it diminishing returns which is why they ruined 2 factions trying something stupid... at least roll back to the previous balance it still wasn't great but better than it is now


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At least they pay attention to the *** game and how things are going


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Care Bears always want reward with no risk nothing new...


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I vote for perp 2

just chalk perp 1 up as an epic failure learn from your mistakes and try again

a few ideas some have already been mentioned

1. cosmetic shop- paint colors for robots stuff for avatars i.e hats, sunglasses, tattoos, shirts, eye patches etc. Making them take credits to unlock could bring money back to the game

2. bring back the old style artifact hunting but with new artifacts like ancient relic sites or something make them same rank l to rank lll that drop t2 to t4+ modules maybe a rank lV that drops new sparks tier 1 to tier 4 could even add a spark that lets you use 2 sparks at  a time (keep the new artifacting for the artifacts now add this as another way to find different artifacts)

3. cloaking robots- new robots in between light robots and assaults

4. a 3v3 arena where players que up teams. maybe 1,000 meters by 1,000 meters square with obstacles and hills based on a point system where each bot costs points toward the total amount allowed for a team or class based with lights vs lights and assault vs assault and so on. ewar bots would probably have to be excluded from 3v3 as a skilled ewar can knock 2-3 people out of a fight. and no more than 2 ewar modules per robot. winners and losers would get prizes maybe nic and faction (pvp) ammo of the type of robot they fought with (suggestions?)rounds would also have to be timed

had more but I got bored the game is dead anyway


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*** *** cant admit you suck monkey balls at coding or what?


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Bud Lightning > 682.86 damage > Artemis  Bud Lightning > 600.06 damage > Artemis  Bud Lightning > 634.06 damage > Artemis  Bud Lightning > 1214.97 critical damage > Artemis  Bud Lightning > 677.89 damage > Artemis  Bud Lightning > Destroyed > Artemis

and it only takes 18 accum to fire with 5 tunings you fellas have had 6 years to figure this *** out....

Why not just add daily assignments max of 5 and they pay out one of a few options between kernels, nic or ep


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Jita wrote:


Four jokers in this fight, we have a nice little Perpetuum group open.

I got hazed in my dread :-(

http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=19 … &t=CkZ

yep eve pvp still looks like complete sh*t

Inda wrote:

Do you guys use more than 1 account for that?

But I just asking, if another else is feels the same, then its not ok I will adapt somehow, even I think this is just a silly move atm.

just spend a little time playing around with fits and I'm sure you will find some good ones

if you want the high damage for pve you will need et bot on another account or do it in a group

BadAss wrote:

better delete game forever, get balance here with Zoom not realy. a not want talk about balance, i want play 1-2h after job... sad i spend time for this...s...t

thought it was just a game??? good bye anyways

we can haz ur stuff?


I cant PVE as efficeintly as before
I cant make Harvesting missions as effective as before (dont even talk about Noralgis farming.)

I need to change and test all my fittings on our PVP machines, and that is because of no real good changes just for the greens.

sounds like a you problem if you cant figure out how to change fits.

We all thought the patch was going to suck at first but after a week most of us like the changes

green bots are still cap stable with 4 tunings but blue and yellow are barely stable with 1

so lasers and mags need to be rebalanced a bit

Seems a bit high on the accum cost might need to half the penalty

Rovoc wrote:

I guess it's ok when it happens to us, but when it happens to you its the worst thing ever huh?

That's how it's always been they only want stuff changed when it's an inconvenience for them.

When are you going to add large robots? I mean who stops at medium weapons and calls the game complete?


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They need to do a 3 month sale the pop is already dropping off or just make it free to play then add paint colors you can buy with credits

while you are at it zoom fix the hit dispersion and the bonus would actually be a decent one

Could make a module that raises hit size so it has a counter and leave them as an interceptor class