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Let me start with we would love to have something like this at some point.

The glaring problems I see with your suggestion:

1. Gammas must retain their incentives to go there. I know currently there are not many but still, simply not having colixum on these PvE islands is not enough. Personally I would only allow T1 buildings to maintain the industrial superiority of gammas.

2. Free building anywhere will go terribly wrong, the same thing will happen like now with gammas. Everyone who can quickly build a colony will occupy all the available space on day one, and the whole feature will be a toy of a handful of players, till the end of days. You surely know that a weekly tax of 1 million NIC is laughable for the veteran corps.

In order to let everyone participate in a totally free system, we would need to have infinite island space to make it future-proof, so this is a no go.

Islands divided into fixed land slots where a corporation can only own one would help, but then alt corps happen.

We could also have an auction system where corps are bidding blindly for two weeks of land ownership. The blind part is important because it leaves a lot of chance for those who don't have much NIC to burn on this. Unless of course big corps throw a LOT of money into it to bruteforce ownership, but in this case it's a very good NIC sink, and it probably can't be sustained for too long.

Auctions then happen in regular intervals and if the current owner can't pay the actual highest bid, they will lose the land slot, and the highest bidder can move in. (With a few days of grace period to deconstruct their buildings.)

This would basically create a market for land, where prices fluctuate based on demand and location. For example locations close to teleports would probably be more sought after, which would drive its price up.

Glad to see it's on your radar. There are some great ideas here to balance PVE vs PVP Gamma. To me the idea makes sense simply to expand the users of what must be a lot of coding. It feels like a lot of work went into Gamma and it's a shame more people can't/won't make use of it.


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You rule DEV Zoom!! Thank you!


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Aye Pod wrote:

Next server restart/reset will move all your trapped artifacts.

Is that still the case? I thought we went through one server reboot since the server move and that didn't reset the artifacts. They might have been added to the DB like field containers.


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There are a few inaccessible spots in that area. Maybe it's intentional.


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Can we please get an opening to this inaccessible spot on Hershfield? I've got two artifacts stuck in there now. If I play long enough I'll get em all in there!

Not sure if multiple clients are even supported but thought I'd report this strange bug.

When running 3 clients the forward button (W by default) is much slower than autorun (num-lock by default or double clicking W).

I did some timing and holding W is about 60% the speed as double-clicking W.

Annihilator wrote:

and what if you are the one and only coder that has to do the stuff on that roadmap alone?

That should only influence how much gets put on the roadmap. To me Gremrod's comment is about the development process, not the amount of development.


I did read! I can try and change their minds can't I smile

Edit: Thanks for the additional info.

I agree that if the island isn't tough enough it shouldn't have Epriton. I haven't played the game long enough to have a good sense of balance. Just throwing ideas out there.

Syndic, what would you think of the idea minus the Epriton?

I thought it would be interesting to hear people's ideas on a new island type for PvE. A PvE-Beta so to speak.

I personally think it's important that PvE players can progress without being forced into PvP. By progress I mean the ability to mine Epriton, find heavy mech cortexes, build structures, gain stronger syndicate relations (missions), etc.

The biggest challenge in implementing something like this is balancing. A PvE-Beta would need to be tough. You couldn't go mine Epriton without at least the chance of being attacked by hostile NPCs.

The biggest risk on a PvE-Beta would be roaming groups of NPCs. In fact I would suggest only roaming spawns should be included. Mine fields under static spawns would be (is?) a major problem.

The other threat would be random invasions. I see invasions being started on the shore and moving inland. In this way it's either stop the invasion at the coast or risk it reaching player-built bases or active mining operations. Warnings would be given as to the general time and area to give people a chance to prepare.

Base building would only be allowed is specific area. Land titles would need to be purchased to build on. These build-able areas would be close to the coast and would be vulnerable to invasions.

Perhaps only one terminal could be built per area but other buildings could be built around it. It would be cool if you could, for example, built a Calibration Lab and have the ability to charge NIC for its use.

The idea is that despite it being PvE, you will need good defenses and co-operation to defeat invasions or risk losing your structures. If no one was there to stop the invasion it might even advance to other bases. This would encourage all island residents to help out in the invasion.

Even though I'm more inclined to PvE over PvP, it seems clear a PvE-Beta should have less reward than a normal beta. Even with invasions, a PvE island will become somewhat predictable with players able to counter NPCs effectively. On the other hand it's possible for a normal Beta to avoid a lot of large-scale battles through truces so in some ways the PvE-Beta might be tougher.

Epriton could be more scarce, missions might offer less relation increase, invasion-robots might offer less-than-normal loot - just some of the ways that could make the risk-reward similar to normal Betas.

Well those are my idea, anyone else interested in a PvE-Beta type island?

Good discussion.

As a non-PvPer (so far), I would be anxious about the implementation of Gremrod's idea of police-towers and limited-PvP on Alpha 2s. I don't think progression in the game should necessarily depend on increased PvP.

A new island-type I'd love to see is a PvE Beta. Open world events (Invasions) with un-friendly static and roving NPCs would make a PvE Beta tough enough to justify some treats - maybe a small amount of Epriton or base building, etc.

Ideally we get a number of different island types representing different game-play - as long as they are somewhat balanced.

Isn't it native Nians you fight though the assignments?

Stranger Danger wrote:

The real problem comes when you go to the pvp areas and expect people to not pvp you...

A horrible assumption no matter what the game is!

I have no idea how this can work. Everything I've read says Steam games can't be loaded directly from their folder. As to King's question, I don't know if it's the only option but it worked for me and I'm happy - I rarely use the Steam overlay and am fine having it only on the one account.

Good to know - thanks all! I guess I'll be sticking to alpha for a while.

PS: I think my experience with Rust is a good indication that FFA-PVP is not a fail. That game has been pretty successful and shows that open pvp doesn't mean being shot at on sight. Maybe part of it is the relatively small difference between strength/power. When you come up on someone it's hard to know if they are better than you so it might be in both people's interest to refrain from fighting. Maybe in Perpetuum the weaker party is so obviously weaker it becomes too good an opportunity to pass up.

So what are the chances of a solo newbie being attacked on a beta or gamma?

I've played a lot of Rust lately which is full FFA PVP and in my experience when you encounter someone there is still a 60-70% chance they are friendly. How does this percentage compare to Perp?