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Attalica : Fetches and Traps are in wrong order as you get a trap spawn before you get to the previous letter objective.  Unless its meant to have the order of evens out of order.  tongue


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The issue with the CO-CEO's is if they don't log in the Corp is still left abandoned by the people that were supposed to operate it.

After I posted this, something came to mind about the Stealth Bot  :

What if it was a masking robot?  A Generic breed of robot that was Syndicate.  So, when Machine Gun Bots come out they can add a utility robot.  It would have its own EP multiplier as the industrial bots do.  The more its leveled the higher the area of masking. 

It would be about average speed and provide a starting bubble radius based off of its size.  The bigger the bot the more it could have under its bubble protecting with its masking ability.  It would take upto 60 seconds to 'Anchor' and Un-Anchor'.  The more friendly bots its size and above the faster it would 'Anchor' and vice versa for 'Un-Anchoring'.

Or the 'Anchoring' could be modified by a point system.  Whereas the Lights are 1, Assaults are 2 ... and you would need x points to achieve maximum 'Anchoring' and 'Un-Anchoring'.  Then based off that point system the % of the x/x would be calculated to the timers. 

Something like that ...


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Currently this landmark at 868 , 843 shows up as :


That is until you click it and the name changes to Interactive Landmark ...


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--Earn Your Island--

What if while an island is left virtually untouched or with limited activity the npc's became stronger, more plentiful or just downright hostile?  They would chase players beyond their normal range.


If left alone they would begin attacking Outposts on beta, providing powerful resistance and removing control from Corps and instantly locking out players upon capture. 


Npc's get bored and begin forming large roving squads that will mine and harvest / destroy plants.  Upon death the provide NO / LOW tier'd items.

--NPC Standings--

Makes absolutely no sense that we cannot see the NPC standings while undocked.

--Corporation Inactivity--

When the CEO remains offline or does not provide a minimum of 1 hour per week of logged in time for 4 weeks consecutively they lose their position and are demoted to a regular Officer.  The player with the next amount of time that has been logged that is an Officer is then promoted to the CEO position. 

Upon going through this cycle, the Officers are then demoted to an Member and an Member is then promoted to CEO which is NOT an prior Officer or the CEO (as from the events above).  Eventually, the Corp will end up cycling through its members and if someone has been active they will be the new CEO. 

Every Corp needs a leader, if they are inactive they don't deserve the position.  Someone active does. 

--Robotic Painting--

This was previously talked about and was supposed to be in the works.  Where is it? 

--Syndicate Robots--

Something that uses Machine Guns and gets some sort of bonus.  It would freshen up the game and add more variance for players and npc combat.  Ofc there would be npc using utilizing the weapons too.

--NPC vs NPC--

I've played a few games where the npc's would begin fighting each other due to the Faction difference.  However, if the npc's did over 20% of the damage, no loot would drop if a player runs upon them and finishes the kill(s).

If Paper is running from a Blue and the npc's get engaged by another npc of the opposing faction (hostile towards npc? but not necessarily had to be hostile vs the player in order for them to engage the opposing faction?)  Upon the npc group doing 20% of the damage to the enemy npc, the player(s) would lose looting rights permanently.

--Stealth Bubbles--

A deployable Bubble that resembles a large 100m shield that dramatically lowers signal.  Used mainly for mining operations.  Any combat disrupts the Stealth Bubble and sends out large waves which ping on the radar.  It continuously provides an interference factor modifier which lowers targeting speed.  Which does not affect targeting tiles for mining / harvesting.

--Spark Teleport--

The location of the ability is terrible.  It really needs to be moved to the top bar where all the other clickable icons are when you're docked. 

--Industry Timers--

I am quite a noob when it comes to industry.  I know nothing about it beyond what I do for the assignments which I still don't exactly grasp ... 

I did notice while undocked I was unable to check the time left on the Prototyping and Manufacturing timers.  Can this be changed?

--Automatically Unlocking Tiles--

I don't personally consider myself lazy, however ... Combat targets when obliterated automatically become untargeted.  It makes sense to me that when a tile that is being mined or harvested becomes empty it would automatically drop target on it.  After all, the target of the miner / harvestor module is no longer there.

I know nothing about terraforming, so my input is not related to that unless it could be utilized the saem way.

--Geoscanner CPU and Reactor--

It seems a bit expensive that the Geoscanner requires 60 cpu and 53 reactor.  I feel that somewhere around 1/2 that would make more sense.  Just to give a little more freedom to equip ourselves.  Or provide an extension we can dump points into which I don't like but would give the same result.  There are items that should be linked to cpu / reactor reduction Extensions that aren't.  Like the industrial tunings ... it says industrial on it; yet it is not considered an industrial module ... why?

--Player Names in Chat--

Can we PLEASE gain the ability to right click on a name to PM someone?  Being forced to open another window to pm is (how was it said before) ... obtuse.  It's an outdated form of punishment.  We water board now you know.  tongue

Added : I understand we can scroll through the right hand portrait area to find the person to pm, that still seems outdated.  Same with the inability to link items, though, without any quality modifiers that would increase the effectiveness of the items in some way (up to 200% where you would get a 50% buff like in Earth and Beyond) item linking is about pointless (though I heard people wanting such a thing)

--More to come--


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While approaching the target area, when within range of the turn in location on the field, the landmark window states it as follows 'def_mission_objective'

Just saying  smile


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okay this sounds like a good idea.

i would like to add that they break components up in to their separate raw mat erials like they do with titan ore refining in to titanium.  why make it so difficult to refine raw mat erials by adding other garbage in to the mix before being able to refine it.  it is dumb!

Ok, but you get my idea, maybe not Titan but i do not build so i do not know what is needed, but something to make the market valuable on different islands instead of just 1.


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I like that Norrdec!

i do not see it as moving eprton to alpha as a fix

i see having specific resources only on specific islands.  titan ore should not be available on all islands, only one color.  the only way to make the markets better is to make it more cut throat and more value for the alpha miners.


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I seriously think is is most important for Corp and Squad to know who is afk, disable for other chat channels should be optional.


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When there is a good idea you must adapt it in order to survive.  Would you eat raw meat if your neighbor were cooking his?  learn and grow do not and die.

I agree with Rex booo on ccp!


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I think it is crazy that there is no afk flag on our portraits.  it would make sense to have a little flag appear in the corner or over the whole picture stating afk if inactive for 5 to 10 minutes.  Nothing like talking to yourself or expecting people in a channel to respond when they are not there.


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Oh interesting about plant deaths!  My poor babies! 

I think a geo scanner can still be used to see the area size, because the directional charge only takes you to it, it has one purpose and the tile charge can just show you how big the area is.  No need to change the current mechanics just add numbers or an skill that will help in identifying how long to mine that spot before removing all but 1 miner gun.  I do not like inefficiency.



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I was hoping to not kill my babies by knowing what they were at while not having them specifically selected after they were already targeted.  It just makes sense to display the info on the targeting computer. 

I still do not grasp why they do not have that kind of amount info for mining.


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I do not understand why I need to have the plant selected in the Targeting Computer in order to see how many picks of that plant I can pick with out killing the poor thing according to the Landmark Information pane.

Would it not make sense to have the picking quantity showing on the Targeting Computer to the right of the angle / distance where the large blank space is? 

Why do you make it so hard to tell what plants are able to be picked with out killing them?  Is it intended to make a difficult job even more difficult?  Maybe we need an item that puts numbers above plant tops and gives the player the ability to disable showing numbers within specific ranges, then we could pick plants and click on ones we know are worth our time.  Some thing needs done because it is not rewarding enough for the trouble it is.

Why do mining tiles not have a counter like plants do?  Why do we need to mine each tile to 0 before a new patch of mining stuff appears some where else?  People intentionally leave a few tiles just to grief and cause issues for other miners. 

Maybe you could change it to 5% - 10% of the original created patch size.  This would make it so when sufficient amount of material is removed from the ground it would create a new patch some where else and keep people from going to spots that were only active because of a few tiles.  It is just a flaw on the idea behind it. 

Why not have the miner / plant picking guns numbered on what tile it is or on the targeting computer locked items picture?  So when you are picking or mining a tile, you know what gun is activated on what tile.  I am tired and can not remember why I thought this idea would be good.


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Superb Idea!