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Well I do admire your optimism. On a positive side there really isn't anything for players to quit with no sub etc, so maybe if things pick up and it looks to be going places things could always turn around, I hope it does, for now I'm off to enjoy the buzz of something happening like Elite D.

Maybe the guys are out finding a backer, can only hope.


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Who's gonna care about the history and lore when they suddenly switch the lights out?


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I guess each time you blew up a nub crossing into your islands and he welped in despair and quit you would have said something like htfu or get over it, well it looks like your games just done the same... so.

Many of us have built clans/corps/alliances etc from the ground up through thick and thin only to see a game die, it's knowing when to move on that is the most painful (esp while you still have members left), I do hope this game isn't in its final heartbeats but I think some of you more established guys need to step back and see the writing on the wall (or the lack of it). Not sure where the blame should really rest tbh, Steam and Amsterdam didn't save the game, I'm sorry.


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Sandbox strategies are a law in themselves and honestly really interesting, maybe that's the wargamer in me or maybe I'm just a bit sad.

I'd be interested in any Vets view regards how they would go about it if they were starting out now, let's say they know what they know and who they know combined with what they expect to happen with this game in the future.


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Rex Amelius wrote:

EP gap best resolved with more Islands, more diversity in bots and mods, and new skills to train.

The diminishing returns of the skill tree does a great job letting new players skill to decent levels relatively quickly.

Domination come from EXPERIENCE more than anything else. You cannot reset EXPERIENCE.

You CAN make it extremely painful to cross the entire world to dominate every corner.

I'm totally against a reset as a new player, if I was an old hand I'd stop playing but Rex's suggestion makes the most sense well that and forcing the big groups to actually fight one another somehow and get through some of their resources, maybe make infrastructure really expensive too.


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BandwagonX9000 wrote:
Biffa Buttocks wrote:

at the moment their choices are either join the big boys or become future cannon fodder

Nonsense. You pick your targets, you learn, you make friends. Fail in this and you will fail no matter how many EPs. You can go to a corner to sell drugs but if you don't know how the game is played it doesn't matter how big your missile launcher is because you are going to end up in a ditch.

Any simple google search will show I know a bit about picking targets and making friends...

My point was about learning and the availability of low level even sided PVP, someone suggested battlegrounds but I don't think that would be a good solution.


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As a nub I like to say I am actually enjoying the game!

I think any sandbox game dominated by a focused core of players will have issues, it's a lesson to developers that if you want active players early on to help you then they will obviously grow too powerful and organised (and entitled) to allow new players to think that they can get anywhere in the game. I said 'THINK' since I'm hoping that with the Gamma islands newer players will get a chance on the Betas to nurture competitive power blocks. One example is that Beta control points could be adjusted to make them more fluid and harder to own and so present a pinch-point for the flow of goods from Gamma to the markets in Alpha, this would mean that the established power blocks would have to overstretch themselves to dominate both.  Spark Teleport is a bit of a killer when it comes to projecting power but you can't use it to transport goods and materials. Anyway that's one way.

The immediate concern NOW is to give new players more of purpose to play, at the moment their choices are either join the big boys or become future cannon fodder. With the markets dying a lot of the point of PVE is also lost and the missions do seem a bit pointless after a while, PVP seems hopeless as a new player unless it's against someone with comparable skills and experience, at present there is no way of cutting your teeth or learning and nobody wants to fight if there is no chance of winning, because that simply isn't fun.

The other immediate concern is to engage the older players and set them against one another, I'm hoping the Gamma islands will do that but I fear that it is more likely that they will just carve up the Gamma islands among themselves and keep sucking up the best resources, you should be getting them instead to burn up their stockpiles by fighting one another and so level the playing field for the smaller groups, I'm sure everyone can think of plenty of ways of doing this.

As I said, as a new player I'm enjoying the game, especially following the meta game and to be honest I've had my moneys worth already!


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Just wow! Beta residents and gamma hopefuls trying to influence what Alpha islands should or shouldn't be, the shape and nature of these islands are critical for new players and their enjoyment of the initial experiences of the game.

I've lost a few assault mechs on Alpha they're tricky enough for new players especially the ambushes, it's been a big blow to funds each time with the market being so awful and manipulated. Also as a nub being confined to Alpha the absence of Red NPC's allows us to explore and enjoy at least some of the landmass that you guys bestride and anybody that thinks introducing reds will stop botting is even more of a nub than I am.