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I heard, it's obama's plan


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Sorry, guys, we are continue ideological fight here, but i must show my old comrades the truth:

Here is an evidence from beloved Russian Citizen with a surname of Strelkov.

Strelkow is a war criminal, officially supported bu Russia and officialy are russian military. He took his SWAT and organized anexation of Crimea and initiation of Donbass conflict. He currently lives in Russia.


In a few words he say: he (Strelkov) now still supports russian empire, and his actions are fully excused by the term of "Russian Wold" (fiction union of all russian-speaking people, in all world) but Putin not fully support empire intentions recently on Donbass (Donbass still not annexed by Russia) so anexation of Donbass failed and transformed into semi-frozen conflict.


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DAYV wrote:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plwZKKI … e=youtu.be
  Вы молодой человек после сего дидео будете пиздеть? Ты Алексадар хоть раз стрелял? Ты трупы горелые и разорваные видел? Чмо ты ты вонючее.

Translation: "Here is a video from one of the sides, bla-bla, people dying, you are the idiot, because!!! "

Davy, here is a list of wars what Russia began from 1991y.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_w … ng_Russia, see Russian Federation (1991–present)

Alot of wars from this list began from "Krimea-Donbas" scenario: local "rebels" claim their "government" and proclaiming "loyalty" to overlords.

"Rebels" supoorts Russia because, somehow, in Russia there is a better life: http://copypast.ru/2014/08/19/khudozhni … _foto.html

War is an ideal excuse for governments. Its a common practice for a "strong and mean" countries like Russia, III Reich, USA and so on.

My friend, i saw enough here. You think why i'm not plying this game anymore for a long time?

Currently, more than tens of  thouthands people died in the east of my country. When mass media informed about 10 people dead, in a fact few hundreds of my comrades died from self-propellant artillery supplied by russian federation.

Thank you for paying your bills and trolling me here, you help very much.


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Ville, it's pointless to argue)

btw, could i join ur corp?


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lf corp big_smile


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umad bro
Lets refer to history https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ … r_1877.jpg


I was instantly kicked form Chaos because i support my country, not russian empire big_smile


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Be strong, comrades!
People of Ukraine on your side.

We suffer from terrorist attacks too. Each day russian and pro-russian terrorists killing people on my land...

Field rescue
Losing robots once and for all is a bit too hardcore

Yes it was and it was very fun.
My opinion is to leave this awesome mechanic and add new one over it:

1. Reworked insurance
There will be several types of insurances:
Best one will teleport your robot after critical mailfunction to your home base with 50% of damage/destruction to all modules.
Next one will teleport your bot w\o modules and with huge hull damage. Excellent for Hmk2 hobos.
And cheapest one will give you money for your bot, like old good times.

2. Click-n-roam bots
New weak bot types with built in "ohshit teleport" but without racial bonuses. For example kain without bonuses but with 5 lives.
Imagine. Just imagine how beautiful it is: you do some farming for 2 hours on alpha island and just for 100 perpetuum credits you buy Kain "LE" (Light edition) fully loaded with hardwired t3 modules. Extra awesome for casuals. Click-n-go.
Just a hint: direct KainLE pursaches for 1 dollar.
You cannot sell it to anyone, or even put to corp storage.
I hope i should not explain you why it should be without bonuses.

This will leave old mechanics active and will add excellent feature for casual players.


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How many agents in GC?

Zoom, they won't stop.


U do wat? I will cut your wires, revert my Iktus now:mad:


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Scarab still w\o "reduced accumulator usage for building modules" racial bonus.



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Purge them all

I f*p sometimes
Thats a good game to play irl

Some kind of "decaying" mechanics, what requires weekly manual maintenance for your base.
F.E. buildings require some kind of fuel, fixing of random mailfunctions etc. etc.

It will solve two problems:

1. Pointless capturing of large citiesjust "because we can".

2. Pointless building of large cities just "because we can".

Corps will work to maintain bases, rather than mine/shoot for "because we can easily ***".

Corps will buildonly what they can afford to maintain.

Ghost towns will dissapear by themselves.

Ability to buld destroyable turrets and boosters(factories) in some prdefined zones around outposts will bring much more divercity and fun ver than OP idea.
Am i wrong, players?


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Жостко Хант) Тоненько и в точку.


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I know what should hook players in game:

1. City with walking NPC :


2. :


It will make gameworld fullfilled by something more than dumb NPC and players (i mean not dumb ,... most of them... i guess)




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DEV ALF please add one leg slot for vagabond. It will do EW stuff better with it.
Look: now its a paperbot, you will have some ballancing issues when real mass pvp will happen.


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I would like to suggest to extend masking mchanics instead of rebalance current one. In my opinion everything is fine with current one besides few possible tweaks.

It would be wonderfull if bot will see the "?" mark on radar when masking robot appears on detcting edge of detecting bot.

"small" or "large" row will appear on radar if masking bot will come closer and then if enemy bot will be in closest detecting range, detecting bot will see full info about robot.

Its just an example. the point is to have several different detecting radiuses in detecting range.

It will bring more divercity in pvp, obviously.


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My Tyranos hails tournament

I prefer launchpad.
Superdevs could you please make midi support with midiout state so we can use zis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlMDf5u4ATQ ?

Хочешь мира: готовся к войне.
ХАОС готов.
Подумай и ты два раза перед тем как вступишь в наши ряды: ты краб мобов или воин...