please read my above post and tell me. is my only option at this point to run one game from a non steam client. and the other game through steam?

Did everything as advised. linked my non steam acct to my steam acct. i now have two available accounts to log in through when the launcher comes up.

even made a second steam file in the correct location.... but copying the first perpetuum file names the second one "perpetuum_2" causing steam to not recognize the second file.

which is ok because as i was advised above the game should be ran from both perpetuum files individual exe's.

these exe's located in steamapps for perpetuum do not run the game. only errors come up and are somehow referenced by the main steam app. and ive never been able to manually use the perpetuum exe in the beforementioned folder as a way to launch the game. it simply doesnt allow it (even in admin)

the desktop shortcut which is connected to my steam id and a web address was automatically placed at installation via steam. it is not  linked to the perpetuum exe in the steam folder but instead the game server ip.

attempting to use the in folder exes does not launch my game. nor do any shortcuts associated with such.

i can only launch my perpetuum game via the steam library *play button* or the steam created shortcut.

by creating multiple perpetuum folders- and creating shortcuts to their contained exes- ive only accomplished two uneccessary shortcuts that refuse to launch my game.

any help?