ty for fast response ,., so far all are facillities,. , still more thinking then.

Will names of deleted characters/corps be avaliable for the same account?

I dont like this very much., but almost forces u to do a respec, we all made small mistakes that where not important. Lots of thinking atm roll
will also deletion EP penalty be lifted for some time? (with no wasted ep reimbursed ofc).

Edit: " Since you have to delete all characters, obviously you will lose everything you have on them except for EP " i asume this anwser my thing.


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the question is ., . now with the respec will ppl change direct to mechs¿?..


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Siddy wrote:

i want town scrolls for all Stations, terminals and outposts.

no u just want to flame


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I had same feeling yesterday, maybe speed up the game a bit y


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u owe m 0.05 NIC Mr Boss smile
and 0.01 its not undercut, imo its plain copycat. Not even on big stacks anybody could get any significant saving from buying from a skilled merchant that only rises bids of last merchant, who maybe made some research on market.
0.01 its no risk, imo again.


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ok , .ill bite
You dont know a fun about the time i spend or i want to spend in market. I know the solution to my problem, wich starts by not listening such constructive opinions and passes by not buying anything with a difference of a 0.01 NIC since the game allows me to.
I could bet 0.05 nic that you are one of those skilled merchants that make proffitable and risky bussines with this uber method.
I just pointed a discussion subject and remeber people that if they get griefed they can react not buying from dealers who just will save you 0.01 NIC, if that does not like you im sincerily  sorry.


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4 u Sr, candies


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dont doubt its intended and does not seem a bug or alike, nor im asking for a oficial acction for such a niusance
it just a sugestion, if you dont like to be grieffed in market, dont buy form 0.01 bidders. smile
you are right "free" markets are free, but you also fight or encourage especulation and other economical unbalances.


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Well, im pretty sure most of you have noticed a problem here.
You think market pvp should be this sissy? put a minimum bet so little- wanabee- brokers dont screw the market adding 00.01 nic to a damn bid.
, anyhow, we players have the tools to stop this and my suggestion here is dont buy to those lamers, you have the choice to buy form the seller you want.
mayb i need to make my point more clear, you put a buy offer tetrachromin (or whatever) 45.00 Nic pay taxes,. and later on another guy bids for 45.01. I would definetlly sell or buy form the non exploiter.


Hello there ,.
It can be casual and solo friendly game; if you dont panic for being the top player ofc.
You can compete, and definettly make money playing no more than 3 or 2 h a day,. I hited 4 KK last night, and i am not a economic geek (calculator?).
BUT have to be realistic, target your oportunities wisely and dont worry over the big guys (you wont be the 1ºst one making big money selling Sequers at 6 KK); maybe you have acomplished more without any help, corps are pefect shelter for unskilled players. big_smile
PS. I have nothing against corps, and deffinetlly, solo players dont play alone, just dont have a clan.


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lasers ftw,
any confirmation for taller bots harder to loose LOS?


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Hi there .,
I have been lasering latelly quite a lot, and in plain terrain LOS is quite rare if you manage your timing efficiently, hold fire when you see a mob coming up a small bump so you wont loose your cycle. You can also try to use LOS in your advantage, know the terrain and so.
Its true you can experience wierd effects while shooting in a slope, i hope thou it will improve with some tweaks and when we move to taller bots and calculation can be done more properlly.


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,. congratulations! all. 
k33p it up!!:yarr: