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With the influx of new players I decided to create a channel where they can work directly with older players to do anything that can be agreed upon.

No, not intended as a prostitution channel. It is intended to be used as a way to link players with other industrialists or combat characters who need goods or services for barter.

This is NOT a recruitment channel. If someone asks about a corporation please pm them and have a private discussion.

All are welcome.

As an example I have already given out 100m nic for various resources and also 20m for some basic pvp (scouting and probe killing).

I am willing to personally pay well above market for raw materials and I am very willing to provide bots and mods for pvp plus time paid.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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Im still enjoying explosion damage and terrain. Enjoy space monkeys who press f1 for pvp


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CONS are still the coolest cats around


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bumpin tongue

DEV CRM you are the best. Thank you for keeping us up to date and being thorough in your request.

Looking forward to the results of all the connection issues you have been going over.


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Falloff I thought. I like the debates though. Not in a sarrcastic way, I do enjoy seeing the difference on what people think is effective and what isn't

I doubt it is either but I'm asking anyways


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Blocker is always a logical guy. I don't think any new content has been added in my last year playing. It's always content being balanced or removed. I was excited for cool bases on gamma.


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I have heard a VPN solves 90% of the connection issues. Gonna try it this weekend.

Speaking of PvP, I seem to have missed the best fight in a while xD keep em coming and ill be recruiting all my friends to come to perp. We need more action like that!

I would gladly use all assets available for PvP but the only people I have run into in 16 hours playing peep the last few days are pakaw and opium. I see ten available players that post in the forums and can't organize to be on at the same time more than once per week.

10 could pve a base but if anyone is defending its quite the force multiplier. If that's all it takes why don't you attack any of the dozens of terminals around?

I don't ever agree with syndic normally, but he is right when he talks about the lack of demand for territory and the lack of demand for risking assets for anything other than epeen. Gamma is easy to defend because there aren't enough tools for small groups to siege with and there aren't enough people to zerg the bases with the small tools available. Gamma is fine as is but its because there isn't much risk. If the tools were made available to siege a gamma base then there needs to be benifit appropriate to the risk. Beta is too easy to block off or at least scout to where there is no risk farming. Even the smallest player could drop prox probes as eyes and mine epriton all day because of the low population. But if there is no risk of losing assets it just becomes a stockpile activity.


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Player: Why dont we advertise?

Dev: because, reasons.

Player: But it would make so much money and really bring life to this game?

Dev: You must not understand business. Reasons.

Player: Even eve is copying some of your mechanics. Why dont you just get off your horse and agree that some mechanics are *** and use other gaming experience to build your game up?

Dev: . . . because, potato.


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I get a free plex for getting others to play. Instead of being selfish I just give my stuff to whoever earned it. I don't horde like others lol


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I will have to look you up. Ign is druzlam there


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Dropped out of eve about four expansions ago. It's better than ever. I'm offering anyone who wants to resub or make an account there a free plex. As much as I love the concepts in perpetuum vs eve the sheer lack of developement on this game has saved me so much money that I have bought back into eve pretty hard. Leave me a pm if you want to go roaming with the new strategic destroyers when they come out in a couple weeks smile


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Syndic wrote:

It's always someone else's fault.

Is it jita or inda this time?

This game is totally a finished product and should have left Early Access long ago


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I like somewhat regular wipes. I would like a seasonal server for perp that is wiped once every year or every other year.


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I'm playing a game called travian.com

Put more into this game in last 3 days than 6 months in perp

Takes away from the risk factor to make it worth going there. Not the beat idea IMO

I'm in the same boat with my tickets...

Would be nice to just have a *** contract system like every other game but that's not happening

Your blog is 10 days over due