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Although it can make you ignorant. I think he was being nice.


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No one is going to buy the game because zoom is never going to sell. Maybe they will default on loans and the game will have to be sold but if they can manage it they will keep the game going even if not a single new player joins in a year


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I'm no fan of jita but I bet his insult was probably justified.


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Where do I need to stage bots?
Can we do this on a beta like at icsb?

How much would it be to purchase it?


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If the game and all of its content in development could be sold for 300k USD or less they might find a studio to purchase it considering its current state of reviews and player population.

Sorry zoom, all the blood and tears put into building this great concept is still only as good as those willing to buy into it. At the moment there's no content release or balance that might be able to bring it back from the dead without previous players thinking it's under new management.


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Ville wrote:
Line wrote:

Actually, all together we can get some money and buy out the game, then develop it as we want and as fast as we can afford, hiring developers or participating personally, whatever

I can literally throw thousands of dollars at this.

logged in for first time in months to agree with this

It still comes down to showing up for saps regardless of how anyone wants to spin the mechanics.

I thought the point of gamma was to artifact? Fix this immediately zoom! Oh wait, they just aren't killing the terminals are they? Nvm, please continue to collect the tears in silence lol


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I'd like to see a skill that would raise the slope capability of a scarab per level so that it could fly over terrain even lights can't go on


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I like this idea

If you were doing exploration for example it might give you random junk you would normally pick up artifact in including cortex/kernals. Combat would drop damaged modules kernals fragments plasma etc.

I wouldn't mind seeing mission nic payout reduced significantly to instead get a portion of pay from a random pool of resources based on the mission you were doing.

Ex. Harvesting mission pays nic and posts the recovered materials on market at nearest alpha ii term if on beta and then random components and/or mods that could be produced with gathered materials.

Especially on harvesting missions, you are killing plants that take so long to respond that could be getting put into player production. I don't think you should get nearly as much goods by doing the missions as you could by taking half your resources and manufacture with them though.


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I like the concept and would mind seeing something like that but I don't like your layout of tele. I fear it would require another revamp that may take a year or more. There are more important things to be fixed.


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Gunner wrote:



Agreed. That would be abused in a hesrtbeat.


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I would make those specific destination beacons visible from anywhere on an island and require a 30 minute spool. Those would have a significant impact on pvp. It should cost a decent amount of resources and be player seeded from artifact ct.


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fixed op. I thought it was a ring of beta before gamma.


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If not a beta then another gamma. Gamma might be better

Can we add 3 beta islands one for each faction so that they can link all the factional betas.

Doesn't have to have advanced highways etc. Just put an island between each beta cluster to bridge the gap. Going to alpha to get to beta from beta is silly.


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What about a long cycle time? 60 seconds for t1 and goes to 30 seconds for t4?

You only get the fitting info after its complete.


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Let's remove content instead of making it so the existing module provides more content.

Making fitting cost for scanners high so you need an assault or mech at least to use. Arkhes make it easy to abuse such mods and scouting features but if it takes 100 reactor for a scanner then you would have to put it on a bot that might make someone want to flag to stop the scanning.

If someone wants to flag back on alpha then it puts their bot at risk also. The sky is the limit for escilation.

Removing them all together is silly.

Clever recruitment. Might have altera fix his recruitment post

Needs to be moved to recruitment


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No need for more teleports. Layout is bomb, if anything it needs adjusting for deployable walls on beta with tele/sap/terminal limiting locations where walls can be placed.

Want more ways on and off an island so scouts can't camp? Make inter zone effective again and so that you get 0 syndicate time and it throws you between 300 and 750 away from teleport. Might land out of range of pro probe or may land on a waiting camper with no protection.


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Flag is needed