Thanks for all the comments!
Really appreciate everyone's good input and assistance so far.

We look forward to building a fighting force soon but will need to build up funds/ships and learn more about the pvp techniques.

To answer your question Gunner - no we don't have a killboard yet - but ill create one tonight

Thanks again,

Decepticons Corp

Hello all,

I am Skymarshal Brandon from my corp Decepticons.
My corp and I have recently come over from a game that most of us have been playing since beta so a little over 10 years. Most of us have closed our accounts and have jumped with both feet into this game. We are still very new to the game and are still figuring out all of the new tools and how the mechanics of the game as most of you see when I lose a robot on my stream. roll But there is one constant that we have come to love about our new home. THIS COMMUNITY. You guys are so awesome, so helpful, and to be honest, there is no other gaming community on this planet like you guys. I have to certainly give a huge hand to the devs as well as they have made this transition so much easier for us. This is not because they just answer tickets in a timely manor but because they care. - About the community, about growth, and most of all (about their game). There is nothing like these guys found anywhere else in the gaming world and I hope that no matter how large this game gets, that the core value of this game never changes.

As a pvper - I look forward to skilling up and getting my daily/hourly pew in (and I know my corp feels the same)

We appreciate all of the help from everyone and look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield - either looking down on our burning metal scraps or up from them.

Decepticons - Support Fallen Soldiers/Police/Fire