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Miyiki wrote:

Your 'missions' are boring and lackluster, and, exceedingly repetitive ... you get the same mission 5 times in a row. They soon become another reason not to play!

This *1000, if I didn't PvP, I would have unsubscribed a LONG time ago, PvE is terrible in this game, pointless infact.


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BTW Burial, your new Avatar suits your persona far better than the previous one. big_smile


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Your avoidance of actually answering the question is though.


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Burial wrote:
Syndic wrote:

Repeating your view doesn't make it true. It just means you're prepared to repeat it until you manage to fool Dev Alf into nuking the game balance so you can run around without the necessary ECCMs and still not worry about EWar.

I want ECCM-s to be stronger to run around without any ECCMs?

I have given some figures without the new skill from a heavy fitted with 2*T4 Amps V Cam Mk2 4*T4 ECM

0 ECCM 23% total DPS
1 ECCM 58% total DPS
2 ECCM 70% total DPS

What do you feel those figures should be to be ~balanced~ ?

Xira Indy Production wrote:

I don't PVP in this game. Blah blah blah.

ECM/Suppressors/Enwar are all varieties of stun-lock. I support the notion of drastically reducing them all to mere nuisances.

Your opinion is not valid, actually, tell me also what the above values should be in your estimation please?


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Answer my question then, with a figure.


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Burial wrote:

Repeating your view doesn't make it any more true. The problem is ECCM. It NEEDS a giant boost.

Why, please give figures like I have, fitting 1 ECCM in a heavy V a Cam mk 2 with 4 ECMs allows that heavy to put out 58% over time, of it's total DPS, what figure do you think that should be?


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We are not talking about tuners, that has been conceded that they have problems and need looking at.

Look at my revised calcs plz, fits are there using maxed skills, I edited my post, alongside % timings of 1 ECCM and 2 ECCM.


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Tonnik wrote:

I think its fair to see a cameleon shouldn't be able to permajam a heavy even if the heavy doesn't have ECCM's.

I personally think that this is a problem with heavy and mech base sensor strength rather than ECM.


I am now testing this on test server, with as best perfect timing of cycles, using a stop watch, I get about 23%, to me that is balanced if you want to pack damage in your heavy, use one ECCM and it is reduced to  about 58%, 2 ECCMs 70%  those are lock time v jammed out.

A Mech with 41% increase in sensor strength that lock time would be increased by that amount

ATM there is NO 100% permajam in that scenario, those that say there is, are lying.

Seth/2*T4 sensor amps V chameleon Mk2/4*T4 ECM/1*T4 sensor amps

Edited for bad maths xD

BadAss wrote:

create 3 alpha-2 island, NO PLACE FOR FARM! always occupied a place, where to get resources for stock? mad

If you want Epriton with no risk, either buy it off market or trade your alpha ores for it...


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Burial wrote:

We are in the topic because even if someone spares 2-3 headslots for ECCM it doesn't work nearly as good as it should.

Yes it does.

ECCM increases sensor strength by 75 for one, that is between 62-88% depending on bot.

8/15 jams on a yagel with no ECCM from a maxed out Cameleon Mk2?


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Every time players complain about walking hours for no reason?

I had to walk 7 miles each way to school with no shoes when I was a bairn.


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Would just like to put this up here, A maxed skill (by his own admission) Cameleon Mk2 pilot getting 8/15 Jams on a Yagel.


How in the world can you say that it is overpowered.

Now that we have fitting presets, I would like to suggest a keyboard function presets ability, I would like to be able to jump into a bot, use a fitting preset and also to select the functions mapped to the keys of my choice from a saved preset for that particular bot.


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Merkle wrote:

Shoot there Mass WAY Up.

That would fix some things.

On both Detectors AND Maskers?


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Celebro wrote:

So what? does that light Ewar pose any threat?

P.S Eve has cloaked ships and  even harder to catch.

You have Local in Eve, free intel.

If you want to nerf Detectors, nerf Maskers, or get rid of both, atm they are balanced.


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Nerf Ewar, Nerf detection, jeez guys, you're too transparent.


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Ensireka wrote:

I am happy to see positive remarks.  However, I am unable to understand why a beneficial idea such as this is getting a "-1" from Scyylla ... if you explode ... you don't think it would be nice to recover some of your equipment?

Perhaps then, you can recover it and donate it to a local newbie if you really don't want it.  Sure beats it expiring to the void of nothingness.  That way you are helping someone out willingly.  It'd show good character.  smile


After you have just died in PvP, making the victor having to wait 10 mins to scoop their prize while the fight moves on will not work.


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Mr Swine wrote:

Because imagine newbie assault doing tier 3 mission, then red appears = newbie got screwed for AFK miner sins. Pretty bad.

Roaming spawns are slow and need to be pretty close to detect a player and aggress them, once red Npc's appear on Radar/Landmarks, that player has a choice, either pull back to allow the Reds to pass or to engage them, rewards are better than static orange spawns and at the moment there is absolutely no risk to players on either Alpha 1 or 2, I agree with most suggestions otherwise.


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Tux wrote:

Sensor amp and Sensor suppressor should cancel each other out completely
ECM and ECCM should cancel each other out completely

So you want to negate a whole class of Robots, may as well delete them from game and reimburse that EP.


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BadAss wrote:

make so that gamma islands not worked ewar. i want see new tactical attack

So alongside the not showing on Killmails for years( which is probably the main reason the majority of players never trained ewars) you now want to exclude these players from being involved in endgame battles.

Not sure if serious.


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Hello 600m waspish fleet of doom yarr