Thanks devs, was a great game and I met nice people on it.


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They are happy with the pocket money they are getting from Steam.

Join us in Albion!


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If you are not a troll you are very cute yikes


API access is restricted so you'll have to wait Zoom's coming out anyway.

I wouldn't bother because of that.


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ADFormer wrote:

So also I want to see, if you guys manage to buy the game and "fix" it (which disagree with a ffew things that have been discussed here) and you guys wipe everyone of everything, for those of us who got the bonus packets for perpetuum, do we at least get the300k ep and ~9k and mods from them? If not can you give refunds? because I spent $45 on all the packets combined for my 6 characters!

You on crack bro.


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That is peanut:

Gives you allergies if you are weak.


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ADFormer wrote:

So Leary I thought that at first because of his user name..... Now I could be wrong, but I remember one day he did say he was hungarian. And if you guys are going to shut down the game, could you give everything back to players when your done because I gave this game nearly 2 years of work and around $77 to get all of my 6 characters and with the state they are in, and I JUST got a preatorian gropho and I don't want to get rid of it already. So I would really like it if (if this all even happens) that some folder saves what players have with them and that is returned once the game is brought back. And also, why do we have to take over the game, why can't we work for the current devs and be advisors and more programmers and such? Also another thing about the industrials being in more danger, I have a thought for this, what if all the miners, harvesters, and artifact scanners quit because they were tired of being blown up, who would construct those combat bots for PvP???

He says Hungarian but he is in fact Indian from Jaipur.


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Inda is Indian.


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Great game.


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Pretty sure Zoom is gonna wake up from his grave just to publish a new balance patch lol


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I agree

Baglodush: lol


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At Steam launch there was like ~500 players in general chat.

If you want a better idea, check this graph: … ph_600.png

You can still find a few people to do whatever PvE you want but PvP is dead.


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As active as my mojo when I see Baglodush.

It's empty.


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Ville wrote:

its free to play on launch.

Afaik they changed their plan, it's not gonna be free to play.
I think it's buy to play with a premium and will stay like that at release. … ix-months/


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EVE is an MMO game with a truly persistent world in space, Ark is a multiplayer survival game with dinosaurs, so Ark can be as brutal as it is, it's not about putting EVE to shame in any way because they are completely different games. Better compare it to the other 50-100 survival games that went out the past few years and are still in early access. A bunch of us played most of them.

As of PvP itself, most survivals are too buggy to have a pleasant and competitive experience over time. It's fun for a while then you switch to the new popular survival game, rinse and repeat. Then you realise you played 30 of them the past year and say *** off to early access games.

What is really working in Ark are the dinosaurs tbh, they are amazing and a lot of us dreamed of a game like that when kids. Also it came after The Stomping Land cool


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If you are looking for PvE you could have some fun joining ETHOS.
[ … recruiting ]

If you are looking for PvP you better play something else.


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Played a bit a few months ago, had my own server but also tried official ones.

Great game, still need more polish IMO.

I think they went a bit crazy with it, haven't played in a while but I saw some stupid stuff being added to the game.

Otherwise I think your comparison with EVE is ridiculous.


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Who are you?

Sadly the main barrier is that there is only 20 guys playing the game atm, and most of them are just doing (afk) PvE.

I'm sad that you didn't mention how good I'm in a green bot but "A true hero" is totally me. yarr

Anyway, amazing people in Joke.


Gekko wrote:

Bots are against EULA.
Prove you're not a robot.


Testing my bot.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

is there anything in the channel motd in Eve?

Yes, there is something about Beastmode and a Mexican wall.

Don't forget the [], channel to join is:


We do not use the [jokers] channel anymore in EVE but feel free to join the Discord.