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Same, can't connect


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Still buying all your 75% non-industrial mk2 ct's

Repeating stuff like a broken record does?

Nidhogg wrote:
Pyro craniac wrote:

Are you that terrible that you need 75% of the population allied to you in order to feel safe?

You are part of the reason this game is just not fun.

By your reasoning 75% of the population would not agree with you roll

Didnt this thread use to be longer?

Yup, seems you need to be loudmouth forum warrior to be counted in this game

Buying all kinds of combat and ewar mk2 75% CT's, just mail me ingame.

Yes please, reading this explains to me why i have such *** fps with 2 cards and 5 screens


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Termis are great shield tanks, just need to sacrifice some mining efficiency. I for 1 have always skilled my miners so i only need 2x rechargers max to get stable mining lasers, so i can fit tank in the other slots.

In the end it comes down to being super efficient and factor in a loss, or tank your miner and have lower yield.


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On the subject of trials:

I want to see who invited a new member to the corporation preferably  in "Corporation management > Members > Status History" or add an extra column the 1st Tab

Yes please


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http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x62eoy … s-down_fun

Yarren Rakarth wrote:
MoBIoS wrote:

PS: You were the guy on our teamspeak? Man, now I know why I didn´t understand a word you said.

No Not really dude, u wanna know who i wasbefore the patch.. Pm me and i will tell you ^^ i did accualy buy a T2 Em-gun proto from you guys about a month ago.

Hey Arachnix, bit weak changing your name after you got "uber troll rep"....

Sorry Kal, didnt get to replying your mail yet

  • Fix the random resorting of the targeting computer, assignments list, storages, inventory, basically remove that failing random auto sorting ingame. It seems to invent a new kind of order of things every time you touch a line/item

  • Remove the snapping back to top in the scanner window

  • Add multiple marker circles of specific sizes around waypoints, rather like the marker circle on the radar. This is to help with triangulating artifact scans. So you select a waypoint, right click, set waypoint marker range of e.g. 3241m and it appears on the map (or the radar).

  • Alternatively any other way that gives me some way to keep track of which module is being applied to which target (e.g. ECMs, sensor suppressors, remote armor repairers, miner/harvester mods, etc)

  • If i scroll up in a chat window to read back chat, don't have it auto scroll down every time a sentence gets added


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Contact me ingame for t4 modules or proto's.

Yup, we welcome new players to play around our glorious home, dont hesitate to ask me or any of my corporation members for advise.


I would like to see a corporation note feature, so we can for instance make note who is who with regards to alts or corporation roles like main prototyper, village fool etc


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Getting this forum error since this morning:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/ssl/accountstate.inc.php  on line 32

Using Firefox 3.6.3

Jekyl wrote:
Line wrote:

- Russian translation on all new stuff doesn't work - all names are look like [def_bottype_ictus_mk2] etc. However, it works correctly in enghlish interface.

I get alot of this while checking on NPC info while roaming around. The resistances in the info screen are missing too. So it's not exclusive to Russian, it's in the English interface as well.

Also happens on some of the artifacts in your scanning window

Campana wrote:

Intrusion start is delayed by 45s. The intrusion window counts down to 0, then shows the next intrusion countdown for approximately 45s before the current intrusion info kicks in.

We've noticed this too

Shares and interest received.


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Drahkar wrote:
GLiMPSE wrote:

Wouldn't most of the money being gained be lost in trade fee's? I guess if you were going to do this on a massive scale to get the price high and then blow them all up... but the pricing is done on an average over 2 weeks i believe?

As long as the transaction fee's are raping enough and the average price is long enough I don't see the issue really. But i haven't really thought this out and I need more coffee.. Off to the kitchen.

I'm speaking to people about it and some say the exploit part did not even happen, and was perhaps only attempted (without success). I still wanted to clarify a few facts and explain why a lot of honest players are discouraged by the unprofessional manner the devs went about this. Anyone who came from Eve (no one can deny there are a lot) will obviously think the insurance FRAUD part is not even against the rules.

If you own the outpost you will only loose 0.5% on tax, rest will return to your corp wallet. Thats why you  always saw the sequers up in Nauwy outpost.

I've bought 4 shares and i'll vouch for LethalRose as he is a trusted member of the New Hope alliance.

Light ewar need the extra base speed to compensate for the weight of ewar modules. If you would just give them a weight reducing bonus for ewar modules, the base speed can be reduced to prevent the excessive speed imbalance.

A t1 fitted intakt with 2 suppressors and nav 10 goes 88 kph.
If you give them a 66% weight reduction bonus on ewar mods, you can reduce the base speed to 66 kph and still make it go 88 kph fitted with ewar mods.

Thank you.

DEV Zoom wrote:

... In our next episode we'll try to cook something in the refining facility.

Cant be to hard to test, this 10k ep i just wasted makes me emo. sad