We've deployed a new version, plz try.

Rage Blackout wrote:

I cant come in to a multiplayer game and play solo and pvp solo

who are these people?  lol

They certainly exist.

Rage Blackout wrote:

I was being sarcastic related to them putting movement server side.

The movement has always been server-side, we've been just getting stricter about it.

So just to clear up the air, in case anyone is wondering: This idea has been shelved for the time being.


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We're going to revert later today - this was a mistake due to miscommunication.

More on this later.

Fixed now.

We're putting out the fix on the test server now; take a look.

Ozy wrote:

The error burial described above happens consistently between clients--i.e., bots are shown as moving to new positions after stopping. None of the movement markers are being drawn, but the bot's still moving.

Yup, that is an issue and we're currently fixing it.


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We're out of posters, but we're considering doing a Teespring campaign.

Syndic wrote:

Sorry brosef you know I love you the most, but I gotta say what needs to be said.

I honestly don't think the ad hominem part needed to be said - it's not like adding insult to an argument makes it stronger.

We had an idea, because it's a new possibility. Not always a good idea, but it's an idea. If it's collectively shot down, I'll just be happy that I don't need to write more code for it. We've backed down on ideas before.

Also, a few things to consider:
- The Steam economy is two-tiered: One is the trading, the other is the market. It is entirely possible to allow trading (which is pretty much identical to the in-game one, and we can make sure that we have the same restrictions), and not allowing the items to be sold.
- Because of the differences of how our item system and their item system works, there would need to be a buffer area between the two. This means that even if we go for the market we could place restrictions on which items can be traded, and even more restrictions of which items can be sold on the market. This essentially means that we could narrow down the market to e.g. vanity items.

Syndic wrote:

You're being greedy short-sighted pigdogs over pennies.



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For the right mind: this is not on the live/test server yet; I'm also working mostly on assumption because I haven't managed to reproduce it.


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What it does is that first it does a path based on the data it has at that moment. Then as it goes on the path it periodically does a check to see if the path has been obstructed since, and if it has been, it does a relatively quick re-pathfinding of that part of the path. The problem is that if that short section fails, it will continually retry doing it.

I just changed it so that in that case it just re-calculates the whole path again - shouldn't be too noticable.


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I'll look into it, pretty sure I know why this happens.

Sorry about that, some debug function was forgotten in; fixing now.


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I'm currently pushing out a test client that has Twitch integration for everyone enabled; feel free to try:
1. The Twitch options are in the Options menu. Make sure that...
1a. Your account is connected - if it's not, do it now and I'll sync it at some point
1b. You're logged in to your account - sadly you won't be able to stream the login screen this way but it's a grave risk we have to take.
2. You can start streaming after you assigned a key to the Start / Stop function in the Keyboard section.

Couple of problems I know of:
- Yes we were too lazy to translate anything yet.
- Could put a severe performance hit on some systems; will consider alternative solutions for this.
- No signal or feedback whether you're streaming or not, can't tell if you disconnected.
[to be expanded]

Post your Twitch URLs here as well!

You can rightclick on the map to do so.


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If your current accounts are not associated to Steam, then buying the game on Steam will give you another account.


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This is probably best to be delegated to an external API.


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http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/05/19 … le_outage/


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The issue here is that the export function doesn't really process what's in the grids, it just dumps the data out straight as it is.


I'll take a looksie to see if I can do it.


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Anniversary tournament is certainly on the table; earlier not sure.


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Client is out, let me know if it's any better.