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What happens if you try to view http://content.perpetuum-online.com/images/www2/bg.jpg?


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Okay so I added a new rule to bugreporting: Put concise problem description in topic subject.

I'm very happy that we got on Extra Credits - I have mad respect for them.

The game used to build up a torrent like connection to the server

Yeah, back in beta...


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It's hard to tell.

The most important clue here is the graph - you can see that the mode of the data is pretty much the lowest possible datapoint, I'm guessing around 40-50ms. In other words, some of the game data can go as fast as the ICMP traceroute shows.

Unfortunately as you can see on the spikes, there's an occasional problem: This can be because quite a few things. Computer not loading packets fast enough (e.g. NIC driver), routing (either your own or your provider) holding down certain data streams and prioritizing others (ICMP over TCP). Really no telling.

My tip would be to kill all other networking software on your LAN, disable wireless, shut off all other computers, see if it helps.


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Yes, you have to move around after you've opened the profiler - you will see it filling up with data.


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Can you post a screenshot of the Network tab of the profiler window?

We don't have, use or need a "settings.txt". Must be something else.


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I pushed out a fix for the error message.


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Does it produce any DMP files when it crashes?


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There's a red dot at the bottom right if you're streaming.



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_Noru_ wrote:

And what if I would like to continue with my account I already have, but not bought the game on steam. It won't let me connect unless I buy it, and if I buy on steam I get a different account asociated with it... or not?

In that case you can just buy the game for that account in the Perpetuum store.

I've been jumping back and forth through teleports and couldn't reproduce it - upload the crash or else I have no chance to fix it.

I'll fix that in a minute.


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We've been tweaking some more on it on the test server. Take a look.


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The test server + client is back online; if you tried using the vanilla test client in the last ~24-36 hours, please install it again because it may have permanently reverted into a live client. Steam test clients should be unaffected.


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Test client + server will be back in a few hours, be patient.


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We're working on this issue and will probably release a fix by tomorrow.


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Test server is disabled for a few hours still.

DEV Zoom wrote:

We're back, don't see any problems as of now, come and tell us how your ping is smile

Note: your lagmeter uses a rolling average, so it's always high when you start. Walk around for a minute for it to settle to what your average lag is.


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I know, I messed up. Fix is on the way.

...aaaaaaaaaalmost done...

Miyiki wrote:

I don't do TwitFace, and I notice you won't be able to email me when the servers are back online, but that's OK, I wasn't playing anyway. wink

Our posts will be publicly readable, you don't need an account to either.