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All of the old mission stuff either has placeholder names, and/or is unactivateable.


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I'm having a tough time getting mission drops from missions like 'amarok-1' for example. not sure if im just freakishly unlucky or if mission kill drops are broken.


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If you try to reload a geoscanner with artifact charges, and none are in your inventory it throws the geoscanner into a very strange, and slightly annoying reload loop.


I had charges in my cargo, it threw it into the strange loop anyway. It's a mystery.

** edit edit **

And now the charges have completely disappeared.


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would you take trades of other mk2 CTs?

I nominate myself for combat role.

Where are my other combatants / producers / miners at?

If you're worried about farming, having NPCs cycle through spawn points all over the map would make the game more realistic and immersive.  I like this as well because it would require you to actually do work to farm NPCs, not sit in one place and just fire off rounds. 

Mining is already difficult as all hell with having to hunt down fields on the opposit side of the map, why not make combat the same way.

In every island above alpha there is a danger of hostile NPCs sitting on fields and instantly respawning. The roamers and hostile NPCs for the most part are a reasonable issue that i expect to encounter.

Even with a healthy population it would be a problem, you shouldnt have to rally the entire population of most small corps to get mine a little titan.

Make it so that one or two lowbies at the most can do this, atleast on alpha, and alpha-beta.  As it stands right now on alpha-beta two assault mech class people cant even mine titan ore in some instances.

And this isnt even getting into the roamers, which i think are pretty cool, once again not calling for easy mode, calling for playability.

I supposed if you're intention as a developer is to make it so you need 8 people to clear out a field so that it can respawn in a reasonable location then atleast keep that action to gamma and beta, give the alpha players a fighting chance to mine our minuscule amount of crappy ores.

Edit : Once again don't think that i'm for 'easy mode', i think every mine field should be guarded by spawns of various strength, but after they die they just shouldnt insta-respawn, a random 3-15 minute timer would be infinitely more appropriate.

It's not about wanting to make things extremely easy, its that there arent a enough people around in general to make it so that an average person, or pair of people can control instantly respawning NPCs.

I think you guys might be losing touch with your less than elite playerbase and your small corporations.

What you're doing is making mineral camps unminable for the average player, you might as well remove them from alpha.

OOoo the first time i went through that i thought it had to do more with some sort of actual sensor / targetting strength, thank you for that

My idea starts with a piece of equipment, a personal cloaking device, probably fitted to the leg slot of a robot.  This piece of equipment has a high cpu and reactor usage and a high accumulator cost, but the pay back is that you are rendered invisible to all enemy players and npcs.

The idea continues with a stealth assassin bot who gets a bonus when using this piece of equipment, probably an assault bot, who can surprise and assassinate enemy bots. 

Another smaller bot that can also use this bonus and be used in a scouting role would also be a possibility.

Of course a nexus module and / or deployable item should also be included, for larger scale cloaking fields,  for ambushes and what not.

And then a counter deployable item that reveals invisible units would also be a possibility.  Let me know what you guys think!

A line of code could also be introduced to a mining node that would decrease the spawn rate of NPC within a certain radius as well.

So on the fields that are guarded by red bots i believe the respawn time should be decreased significantly.  The reason being even with an assault bot constantly guarding a field guarded by 3 3rd star red bots its tough to mine without being swarmed.

At the moment it appears the the respawn time for bots is less than a minute, i propose this be increased to several minutes, possibly around 3 minutes, this would allow people to clear the camp and safely mine for atleast a small amount of time without needing a medium sized armed escort.