Russian hackers


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Dead your free time. You have brain and u cant play. Welcome to the future, new energy come tongue


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No have lags

Gropho king now, just use brain and range


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T4 modules always must be better, better then t3 t2 t1. Remember it


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give me back my perpetuum 2011-2012 balance

Your_banny_wrote Zoom lol


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up. R. back

suck nse

fu*k u Zoom with ur balance. ur game sh|t. smile

better delete game forever, get balance here with Zoom not realy. a not want talk about balance, i want play 1-2h after job... sad i spend time for this...s...t

I ask u change tuning modules? What u do ? Balance? big_smile sad...


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Me no need seth back. Me need solve the problem of dc. I want die in fight without dc


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crashlog_2016_11_04_09_43_03.dmp … _43_03.dmp
each 10min dc


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disconnect each 2min!!!


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Very soon... tongue


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make good mission for squad!!!
mission squad = beta live = pvp!


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(c) only nia


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No need eccm for mission. Use two sensors


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I'm leave game. I buy a new house, I have a lot of plans in real life. Thanks to everyone who played with me. if the game will return to the mass PvP, send me an email ( I do not exclude that I can return to the game after a year or in two years(anything is possible). good luck to all! smile

you are how girls after big party. live the present. not to discuss what was ...


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Ludlow Bursar wrote:
Hulk_Hogue wrote:

You mean that PHM proximity sensor I've walked past a couple times a day?

Shoot it. See what happens.

nothing happens, i always shoot it yarr

snot wipe. not want to play - not play.

pay to the station owner.


i wait online after this update