Very nice little overview guide here, thank you for posting.

At this rate, corp leaders are going to start wanting screen-shots of applicant's character selection screen.  Ugh.  Let the absolute paranoia begin.

Strobe-lights lie...


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Try to relax, the developers are still getting a feel for the issues and they need time to make the proper corrections.

Wow, did you come stock with such egos or did you have to upgrade halfway through life?  tongue

Missile Swords?  A sword that shoots missiles?!? tongue


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I know that this answer will be frustrating but with a game like this it really applies: what you should do is really up to you.  At the moment we need to kinda make our own content and in the spirit of a "sandbox" game, this is pretty normal.  You obviously have a good idea of how things work in-game so now really the only limits are in-game content and your imagination.
  In regards to whether or not Assignments are worth it, I personally have heard that at the moment they are not really worth the time.  However, I have not run any assignments above lvl 1 so I am not sure how good the rewards are for the higher levels.


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Good information about Auto-cannons here, thank you for your input.


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BizzyBeast wrote:

Im tired of having to read such *** ideas, when mine are the only ones worth a ***.

Here.. Everyone starts maxed out on everything and you use EP to lower you skill to be unique.

BAM fixed everything.

  Brilliant!  You better capitalize on this idea quick before someone else does!


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The game was literally just released and you have already stolen from a corp?  You guys might not want his stuff, just in case...  tongue


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At this point it would probably be more beneficial to either bring someone with you to help out, or to head back to some easier mobs.  Since the game just released I am sure it will take some time to figure out the balance issues as the community reaches the higher tiers.

Not sure if there is an option to do that yet.  However, the small text certainly seems to go with the theme.  tongue

Does anyone else find it rather entertaining that simply because there are many similarities to Eve, that so many people feel it should be played exactly as one would play Eve?

I was under the impression that attributes only affected the amount of EP needed to purchase an extension?  If someone wished to have a hybrid character, couldn't they do so if they were willing to take the extra time for the extra EP needed?  It seems that many people are concerned with making their characters perfect, when we are not even sure if the mechanics will stay the same in the long term.


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L1fe3looD wrote:

First off, the game literally just started. Let the devs get everything squared away first, and then let them plan on new/different things. This game is already light years ahead of even the largest MMO's in terms of being well thought out and balanced and whatnot. Granted, it's got some rough edges, but I'm certain that if the fact that they've implemented several fixes and intelligent changes almost immediately isn't enough to prove to people it's a great company and a great game, then nothing will.

Also, @ Soldur you might try finding a corp that has some goals. This is a sandbox game, so no goals = head banging into a wall. It's not WoW where your goal is to mission till you're glowing and purple and then start over again. I think if you find yourself a place where you're actually working towards a greater goal with a bunch of people you like you'll see the shine in this game a lot more.

  Definitely have to agree with this post.  The game was literally just released and it is far more polished than several of the larger games out there in the market at the moment.  Also as stated above, for a game like this it is extremely beneficial to have some goals which you want to work toward.