Aha! Found an option to opt in under steam profile, settings, account, beta participation.

In the betas tab of the steam properties I do not have an option for test server, it only says "NONE - opt out of all beta programs". Is there a way to opt in?


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I'm hoping I get to be involved in a push in to Beta once the servers are moved. I hear from fellow players that we'd like to push in to Beta, but until the lag/stability gets fixed some of us dont feel the need to risk our bot to lag. I'm fine with dying a fiery death from YOUR ammo when I have a fighting chance. I'm not fine when it takes 3 minutes just to select a target in landmark window. Then another 2 minutes to acquire lock. And finally 5 minutes more to see my pile of fiery ashes.

I'm a recently returned player looking to pvp. This is my perspective.


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I found Perpetuum way back in 2010. Pretty sure it was beta back then. Played, loved it. Now I'm returning. Question is how to get familiar with the game again? It's been years. Would you recommend starting a new pilot to redo the tutorial? Asking this because I'm at work now. Downloaded Perp last night but looking forward to logging in this evening.