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*** that.. Travel is the most annoying thing about this game.

I agree with this.. And can we for all things good in the world be able to keep crafting mats in a container..


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The video made me laugh.

Espionage is part of the game.. Seems like you're trying to avoid all the risk of that part of the game so while I am not a fan of it , I wouldn't want it to not exist.


I also support this .. I would hate to run out of probes to shoot. Let those donations flow

SunnyJester wrote:
Kurios wrote:

Hi, I'm a spy. And I'd like to spy on YOU!

Please let me into your corp. I promise to be gentle.

I heard JOKES, CHAOS, REMEDY, NEW DAWN, DOY and XTS are all looking for spies!  No wait, we are all looking FOR JOKES, CHAOS, REMEDY, NEW DAWN, DOY and XTS.  If anyone sees them, please report back.  We are offering a finders fee.

Hi , I am the one saying hello to your probes.. Nice little probes.. Where is my finders fee?


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If I hadn't seen RL pictures of you wearing your"outside helmet" and drool cup this may have offended me.. Now I can only feel sorry for you little guy..


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Ok let's make this clear: changes to the game are NOT decided by the players, no petition or poll or whatever will help if we don't think it's a good idea. Players only provide feedback, but development is not a democracy.

I don't normally poke at the dev team but I would have to ask , if the above is true , why would you feel the need to post this?

DEV Zoom wrote:

I have said this at the time of the change but I'll say it again then: I have received multiple requests from various corps and individuals over a timespan of 1 year to change mobile teleports. Whatever political agenda you have in this I don't care, but leave the devs out of it please.

edit: also the way you posted this will make this more of a corporation dialogue topic than anything else. I can see the future.

Yeah Ville , wtf do you need bloodsparks for? Don't you remember " Being round the world in 60 seconds is bad."

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Burial wrote:

How about contacting few MMO sites and letting them do coverage about NPE? wink

why not wait for steam to do that ?

If you don't wait , not all eggs are in the steam basket.. As the game is now without an influx of players it will soon be dead...Steam may be to late..

I am still at a loss as to how making it take longer to get around is better for this game.There are many facets that bore the hell out of me and many others and travel is up there with the worst of them.. Spark trans is the new Nav 10.. I am currently at 7 and can get one beta , one alpha 2 and one gamma. Now I need more alts to which I thought the devs were trying to fix issues of needing more alts..


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What do you guys expect , this is early access.. Don't worry , this will be cleared up once we get to gold launch


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*** that. Any POS that dupes/cheats should be banned. I didn't know the guy but I am glad he is gone..  You guys want to play with him , join another game , kkthx bia bia.

Give us Nia style wall units and you can keep terraforming big_smile


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Sorry I did not articulate my thoughts properly.  My concern is not the range itself but the fact that this will be a huge buff to erp fit bots. One more armor rep tuning for god mode reps or more damage to a fit that has one damn good tank. So to say it was a nerf was wrong . I just fear the range fits will be obsolete. Again I am very short sighted in these things because I lack a lot of combat experience.


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Would this not also be a nerf to range fit Seth/grophos?

I don't mind the not following pvp flagged but the dropping follow because main was locked is a bit much.. Busting by a red spawn moving *** around will be even more annoying.Hanging around Alphas locking every train just to mess with people(ok that does sound funny).. Its not like the travel system in this game is that great to start with..  Many of the active pilots run 2, 3 , 4 accounts for indi , mining and what not and I see this only hurting that.. just my .02$


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Lemon: the teleport tweaks you talk about happened to fix the issue where we don't know how long the client is loading, and only put you on the terrain when it's done. The problem we have now is exactly because of this.

Removing this would get us back to square one, where players are only secure for the length of the syndicate protection timer. If they don't load during that time, tough luck.

How do these island to island jumps differ from internals.. This exploit only works isle to isle from my small bit of testing.. Even dropping people on the island instantly and just increasing Syndicate protection will work.

I think this is *** stupid..


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With so much *** and moaning I am starting to think Az isn't the only female on your side that played.. It gets rather old to be honest.. In my short time in this game and on Dom I can tell you with certainty if the numbers were even STC/Nebs ext were given the sap while the others sat near station waiting for more numbers.. By the time you guys had a 2 to 1 advantage we had already gotten the sap , dropped beacons and were on our way.. To which we got comments like "You guys *** out TP like rabbits " when it was the *** *** on the 12 cir ext.. side not willing to engage without numbers on your side..

        When we would pass on an engagement due to 2 to 1 or worse odds we were deemed cowards and talked *** about . When you had even numbers and sat waiting for more while we took your saps some how you were the victims .. It is this very line of *** bullshit that pushes new people away.. Myself being one of them.. But I am hanging around , for when the *** get tired of hacking Darkfall and come back.. I will be more than happy to shove a missile up each and every one of those bigot's ***.


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Necro strikes..

dead post activate!

It's not true that noone suggested the change. I got a few reports that some people are playing teleport games on the internal teleport loops using mobile teleports.

So people use an in-game mechanic to maneuver a fleet , you get a few reports of it and you decide to eff over haulers? The game doesn't need any more added time sink to an already bloated travel system.


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Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I will go green for now. With enough money thrown at them the dps isn't to bad either.. Trying different LoS shots , over a short wall kills are fun .


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Well I am not exactly a trial account but am coming close the the end of my downgrade options and figure some more info in the trial section of the forums couldn't hurt.

    At some point I plan on venturing out and engaging in some pvp fun.. Looking for info is a bit hard because of the changes to bots from early stages to now. So if a few vets wouldn't mind adding to this thread some of their opinions on which bots they like and why it would help not only myself but others that are at or nearing this crossroad. Also I am not looking for builds just basics of what you use and why you think it works better for you.

currently I can run both Artemis(yellow mech) and Tyrannos(green mech).

Yellow: I find their lasers to be awesome , almost never miss(thou the ground takes a beating at times)
           Hp is great but also they seem a bit slow..

Green: missiles are fun but miss kinda often.. I get more sunrise killers than I would think with base 90% guidance.

Blue : I tried up to Assault.. EM have nice alpha strikes. Quick bots...

So I guess I am hoping to see what others chose and why and use some of your experience to guide me to my final choice..