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Well, its no secret now, that i have over the last few days, been involved in a forum battle with M2S.

I accept, that i have indeed been jousting with them here, and it has been fun while it lasted.

But it seems, some of M2S took it a step too far, by trying to find out my rl details, and once they obtained those, they have now been posted by several M2S members on these boards, and also in game.

I am a lawyer turned stock broker, and i live in Ilford UK. that is all correct. They have my facebook info, and hence my rl pics.  The children are indeed mine. The woman, is indeed my wife. The house is indeed mine. The Ferrari is indeed mine. I do work at the London Stock Exchange.

These details have been obtained, i am told, by meticulous research by M2S, and now that it is out in the open, i can't play with the shield of anonymity.

This is a game. Anything that happens, should stay ingame. My rl details, should never have been disclosed.  I find this an irrepairable breach.

People may say i am overeacting, but when after only 3 days of forum jousting, people are driven to conduct research on you, and then disclose their findings, and your rl details all over the boards and in game, it is clearly concerning.

This rivalry, and needle, would likely have continued, and if anything, later on when there is more to lose, i have no idea what someone is capable of, once they know everythign about me.

I asked the DEV's to give me a chance to reroll, with no EP Penalty, and a refund of the EP i have earned on my chrs, so that i can continue with a new chr. I dont mind if they just let me change my chr names.  But that has been refused.

Those who have threatened me, know who they are, and i think it is ingenious to have done it, via alts and Teamspeak, whereby there can be no direct link to mains.  I accept, it was probably just a joke, but i cannot take the risk.

Sorry to M2S for the grief caused.
Sorry to all i may have upset during my forum fun.

Thanks to all in game whom made my time here a laugh.

Thanks to all in game. This has a lot of potential, but please i cannot urge this enough, please do not disclose peoples real life details, as if you are throwing about a toy. 

Have a good day.



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i can start another one if you want.

<say hi to mommy from me>


for laser ammo, there are the geo missions from asintec alpha.

but the higher end missions, i would suggest if you';re strugglinh, then try teaming up with another player to do em.

<its a team game>


GLiMPSE wrote:
Messiyah wrote:
Chief Ubenor wrote:

You owe me a new keyboard Mess, cause mine has tea sprayed all over it now. lol lol lol




lol, i know, right?


<something witty goes here>


no, you fail..lol




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nice idea, to have a merc service. +1 to Vorador.

to the fools who can't read.  They are offering a service, not looking to recruit ppl, or join another corp..lol

you're so fking stupid, its funny...lol

<mommy whats this ?>



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lasers are awesome if you have ewar bots.

they will never lock you, you lock from miles, and you nuke till they die.

missiles are obviously the best when it comes to the big boys, but they are still some way off, but maybe you should start invest EP in the appropriate extensions.

EM guns are a nice go between.  When you pick the right slugs, they can do a'lot of dmg, as not many bots are resistent to the array of slugs on offer.

assault guns are good for close combat, and cheap to run.

have fun choosing what you want, but its more about your own style, than any particular weapon type.

<try and try again>



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Открытый набор в нашу корпорацию закончен. Вызвано тем, что мы набрали необходимое количество игроков. Теперь наша корпорация берет курс на укрепление внутренних связей и улучшения отношения с альянсом - то есть займемся непосредственно игрой.

<связей и улучшения>



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not really.

i agree with ppl who think that intakts are better suited for all out ewar, with the 4 headslots. 

however troiar's are probably a mroe balanced Bot, that is probably better in smaller groups, where some DPS is also necessary.

I have seen some well kitted out Troiar's running around ICS Alpha, most notably E-Corps seem to have a few good ones. Ask one of their players, who it was, and what kit they use.

<knowledge is power>


go kill rookies on Alpha.

video it.

add 'gangster rap music'.

use more words like 'bro', 'pew', 'pwn'.

refer to your corp mates as 'bro', 'homies'.

and PLZ PLZ tell us how cool you are.

then i am confident M2S will reconsider, as you would probably be ideal for them then.

<sorry kids, no more candy in the store>


Chief Ubenor wrote:
Messiyah wrote:

If you want to multibox and talk about gangsters and epeen all day then try M2S or Joker.

<good luck>


You owe me a new keyboard Mess, cause mine has tea sprayed all over it now. lol lol lol




Neoxx wrote:

I didn't know ICS-DC was a hard corp to get a spy into.

<Character creation is a ***>


Its harder than getting in M2S.

<keep copying me, you will never be this good>



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Saramara wrote:

Legend speaks of such a bot. An assault class with 80 units of cargo. Drunken old agents often claim to have seen one roaming between alpha outposts in their never ending hunger for nic and standings.

best post i read on these forums..lol

<sense of humour..what an extension that would be>



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nice idea Robo, i think the tickets are a tad overpriced, but meh..

<points mean prizes>


awesome work.




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3 x Arachnid Demob
2 x Eizbiogh - dfg20 lightweight frame
3 x MSD 'Filch' sensor suppressor

Post any offers here.


<money money money>


hmm, i had to ask players in Corp chat, who had the bots i was interested in, and then make a note in my BIO->NOTES section.

<helping hands>


posting all chrs would really cause a nightmare considering i have chrs in 3 corps hmm

<spying is the master of all arts>


If you want to pvp, then try ECorp or Axe.

If you want to PvE, then try Ecorp or IRS.

If you want to multibox and talk about gangsters and epeen all day then try M2S or Joker.

<good luck>



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<success is built on the failure of others>



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well i think M2S need to be able to create lots of agents, so that they can multibox to get high up the ranks in most dangerous agent.

NEoxx has already confessed that is how they do it..lol..multi box..lmao..so sad.

<anything for recognition>



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MadGelo wrote:
Messiyah wrote:

i feel bad for Neoxx

this post reeks of 'i lack self-confidence and attention'.


<my mommy says i am the best..lol>


I feel bad for you your parents, and IF somehow you manage ( doubt very much) your children

its ok son



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what i dont understand, is why are ppl complaining about the ep penalty, when it was announced SOMETIME before it was enforced ?

you knew the penalty would occur, so you had ample time to delete your 'test' chrs withou incurring any penalty...

strange...some ppl will never be happy.

<read the news>



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i feel bad for Neoxx

this post reeks of 'i lack self-confidence and attention'.


<my mommy says i am the best..lol>



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a few points for you to note :

1 - Are you sure you have replied in the correct forum/post ?
2 - Arkhas, i assume you mean Arkhe's
3 - Sitting at the safe-zone near the teleport, does not make you a hunter
4 - The strategy of using Arkhe's to fight, has been discussed at length in other posts, and the general consesus is, that it is the lowest form of the games current mechanics.  You have to be pretty lame to do it.
5 - Do not call yourself a game hunter, you have little or no skill, when you are playing with nothing on the line.  If you want to prove yourself, try to PvP in a bot that actually means something.

<the germs are always the first to scour the basin of the toilet>



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Certain Death - msg me in corp chat ^^

i got missions galore for to do smile