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A crit does 1.75 times the default damage. The maximum crit chance is 20% I believe (10% from robot bonus, 10% from extensions). That's 15% extra DPS at maximum.


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Light autocannons do more damage than medium HCL lasers. The damage difference between light and medium weapons isn't huge. 3 light bots do more damage and have more armor than 1 mech, and cost considerably less. I don't see them ever being redundant.

If you aren't supposed to get the cargo of players you kill, why bother dropping it at all? Just auto-destroy it.

And while you're at it, give Sequers carebear stares. We could have epic battles like this.


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Actual lore for dummies;

George Orwell was right, and the world has fractured into 3 giant countries who keep everyone miserable, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia (actually ICS, Trumark Holdson and the Weeaboos). They are supposed to be mega-corporations, but they own everything so I don't even know how that's supposed to work. They fill their time by making everyone on Earth miserable for no good reason.

Eventually they run out of energy because they burnt it all fueling Kitten Furnaces (the fuel was also kittens). They build a giant nuclear power plant IN SPACE over Earth so that when it explodes it will spread fallout over everyone, thus causing the most needless suffering.

It does explode, but in addition to causing cancer in infants the world over, it makes a wormhole. Somehow. With astounding sciency magic.

They do many tests on the wormhole, and when they eventually run out of puppies, they decide to throw a nanomachine in instead. The nanomachines discover the homeworld of the Transformers and immediately decide to destroy it as revenge for the Michael Bay movies. There's some excuse about the Transformer's homeworld having lots of energy, but the wormhole is the size of a molecule, so good luck with that.

Like a mechanical virus the nanomachines infect 3 of the Transformer's cities, turning the population into zombies. These are the 3 cities on the alpha isles. Then the *** back on Earth break out some joysticks and decide to control the robot zombies like they were playing some kind of multiplayer computer game. They also whine about how their zombie robot is too weak and how the other team is gay for being so gay.

So that's the story - you're an *** sitting on Earth, playing a computer game about an *** sitting on Earth, controlling a robot zombie apocalypse because you ran out of kittens to burn.


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Fair enough. If someone is handing over cash and getting any kind of bonus ingame for it, that's RMT as far as I'm concerned, but as you pointed out we're all getting 20k extra so I'll STFU.

I just hope it doesn't because a habit. I guess I have no reason to think it will be.


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They already did. It was a one time offer though, you must've missed it.

Don't worry, we were all new at some point.


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This should probably stand as a lesson why RMT is a bad idea.

How do you balance between those who you sold EP to for cash, against those unwilling to cheat?


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Lasers are effective in PvE for kiting. LoS can screw them up, but this is MMO AI we're talking about - it isn't hard to engineer a situation where you'll always have LoS.

Walk toward the AI to make it walk back, then walk back to break its target lock, keeping it in roughly the same spot. Repeat until dead. They never get a target lock on you, so you don't even need an armor rep.

That said I don't see what their use is in PvP. Most players aren't as stupid as the AI. They have the lowest mass and longest range, which would make them good for kiting still. Even if you don't have LoS you're faster so you can run until you do.

I changed to firearms myself.

Turrets, Missiles, Industrial and Misc slots all 'share' the same mid slots. How do you find out how many of these mid slots a bot has? It doesn't seem to be listed.

F.ex, a Baphomet has 5 Turret, 1 Missile, 2 Industrial, and 4 Misc slots. But it doesn't list how many mid slots there are to share between these choices. Is the number of mid slots the highest of the 4? So the above Baphomet would have 5 mid slots (from the 5 Turret slots) to share?

A seperate but related question - how do you work out how many medium weapons a bot can equip? F.ex, a Prometheus has 4 Turret slots. 2 of these Turret slots can equip medium weapons, and all 4 can equip small weapons.

Is there any way to figure all of the above out before buying a bot?

Thanks. Sorry if the above is confusing, I couldn't think of a better way to word it.


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BigCountry wrote:

How do you specialize in "Transport"?

Buy a Sequer, train relevant skills.


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It means you can specialise in transport, rather than having any smuck come along and do your job just as well.

Besides, I don't think Sequers will be considered that expensive after a few months. You can get one after a day or two of grinding as it is, and the economy is still teething.


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BigCountry wrote:

What this game needs atm is an easier way to transport goods. EvE had industry ships, which are easier to obtain. Not so easy in this game.....do they even exists? Bots with high cargo capacity and nothing else?



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You won't be forcing them, because there will always be some ore on the alpha isles. There needs to be a reason to go to the beta islands however. Risk vs reward. Abundant ore would be a good reward.

I recently read something about names being taken even if you delete the character, and that this was "a feature, not a bug". But I can't find the post.

Anyway the post also contained the support email; support@perpetuum-online.com

So I guess you could email them to free the name up if it gets stuck?

And I don't believe it's instant either, I think there's a 24 hour wait (possibly just 24 hours after creating the character, not sure).

It's because there's only one layer of shadow. If you're standing under a tree's shadow, your mech doesn't cast a shadow. If the tree is under a hill's shadow, the tree doesn't cast a shadow. If it's night, nothing casts a shadow.


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Or Darkfall, which is a sandbox but has universal banking. You must really like WoW to suggest it so readily!

Lupus Aurelius wrote:

Risk vs. Reward - those ppl who took the risk of getting early access on a new game release rewarded with an extra weeks access and 20K EP more than regular access.
However, said people also had to work like hell that first week to start getting the elements together to actually start producing raw materials and product for the markets, and also try and establish control/domination of area of their operations.

Itemshops reward players who risk their cash for ingame items. They should add RMT. £20 for a heavy mech anyone?

Bruce Lee wrote:

Not really.  It persuaded me to buy 3 accounts, so it was a good business decision on their part big_smile

Herp derp they should add an item shop too, that'd be a brilliant business decision.

This has disuaded me from buying 6 accounts because I'm not sure I can trust the devs now, so it was a terrible business decision on their part

If you want to encourage/allow attacking other players as a career (piracy), obviously the attacker needs to get something out of it. Put a limit on how fast you can trash objects or let trashed objects by lootable for X mins.

I dunno if piracy is supposed to be a legitimate career in this game though, just saying.


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Just discovered the game yesterday myself. I had never heard of the game, only spotted it because of the MMORPG.com article (that website is one giant popup).

It's like EVE! Only with goofy looking mechs and no RMT! Fair trade IMO.