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BigCountry wrote:

so what happens when a corp joins an alliance and needs to move its fleet from point A to point B? There are not bots that can carry other bots correct? At least in bulk. So then wtf do I do? Move then all manually?

Sequer can load bots as well.  All you have to do is 'package' up the bot and load it in cargo.  I don't know the various packaged sizes, but I think there is space for like 10 light bots on a Sequer.


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Unless I'm not understanding your request, a Sequer can handle robot transport.  Just package them up and drop them in the cargo.

DEV Zoom wrote:

For 3. see options/gameplay/alternative control method

I have that on.  When you are in auto-run mode, if you turn left or right with the keyboard it stops auto-run.  The only way to keep auto-run on and steer is with the mouse.

There are a number of things that still need keyboard equivalents.

1.  Key mapping to cycle through (nearby) possible targets.
2.  Key mappings to control camera positioning.
3.  When in running mode I'd like to be able to steer via keyboard.